Title: Initiative
Author: Cindy Brewer
email: cindybre74@a...
Disclaimer: I don't own them so please don't sue :)
Archive: Sure just let me know where so I can visit
Couple: J/D
Summary: Donna comes up with a plan to make Josh see the light :)
Spoilers: General second season
Notes: This is set between "The Drop In" and "Bartlet's 3rd State of the Union". I can't remember what month 'The Drop in' is set during but if it conflicts with the show's timeline just consider it a plot device.:) Many thanks to Amanda for betaing.

At one a.m. Sam stood in front of a crowded holding cell of a downtown metro police station. Sam spotted Josh sitting in the farthest back corner of the cell, leaning back against the wall.

"Josh?" Sam called as he stepped up to the cell.

Josh groaned as he saw Sam. If Sam was here that meant CJ knew. If CJ knew Leo knew. He was a dead man.

Josh straightened and rose to his feet stepping past several drunks as he walked toward the front of the cell.

"Sam, get me out of here." Josh pleaded wincing as pain shot through his bruised left rib.

Sam sighed remembering CJ's threat to let Josh rot. "Normally it wouldn't be a problem if Marbury had been the one to press charges against you."

Josh blinked in surprise as he gripped the bars. "Marbury didn't press charges?" he asked. The police hadn't told him too much when they brought him in.

Sam shook his head. "No, the restaurant and the police chief did."

Josh leaned his head against the bars. "He must've been at one of the tables I crashed into."

Sam raised an eyebrow. "How many tables did you crash into?"


"Think the restaurant's security camera caught this because I'd love to see it."Sam continued with a smile. "I bet Leo would too. He's been dying to deck Marbury."

"How mad is Leo?" Josh asked quietly as his hands gripped the bars.

"Not quite as mad as the Mary Marsh incident." Sam hedged shifting from one foot to the other.

"That bad huh?" Josh replied resting his head against the bars closing his eyes briefly. "Do I still have a job?"

"Barely." Sam stated as he glanced at his watch. "My time's almost up. I'll get you out as soon as possible."

"Sam?" Josh called as Seaborn started to turn away.

"Yeah?" Sam replied as he glanced back.

"Does Donna know?" Josh asked hoping against hope that he hadn't destroyed one of the best friendships he'd ever had.

Sam walked back toward him ignoring the glare from the guard. "I don't think anybody's told her."

"Could you do me a favor and tell her?" Josh pleaded.


"I know it's late but I don't want her to hear this from Marbury or the news." Josh replied.

"I'll do what I can." Sam promised as he started to walk away. "Just try not to get into any more trouble."

"Thanks Sam." Josh acknowledged as he watched his old friend leave.

Chapter 12



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