Title: Initiative
Author: Cindy Brewer
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Disclaimer: I don't own them so please don't sue :)
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Couple: J/D
Summary: Donna comes up with a plan to make Josh see the light :)
Spoilers: General second season
Notes: This is set between "The Drop In" and "Bartlet's 3rd State of the Union". I can't remember what month 'The Drop in' is set during but if it conflicts with the show's timeline just consider it a plot device.:) Many thanks to Amanda for betaing.

Sam ran a weary hand along the back of his neck as he walked down the hallway to Donna's apartment. It was now almost two a.m. Sam couldn't remember the last time he had gotten to bed before midnight.

Sam raised his hand to knock hoping that Donna's roommate was out of town. He didn't want two irritated women on his hands at this hour of the morning.


Donna pulled the quilt tighter around her wondering what had awakened her. It had been a rough night. Her eyes were puffy and red from crying. After Josh had left she had laid on her bed staring at the ceiling. She had dragged herself out of her room about nine and ordered a pizza for dinner.

Most of it however had gone untouched and Donna had put it, box and all in the refrigerator. She knew Sarah would eat some of it when she got back on Monday.

It was only then that Donna heard the knocking. With a sigh Donna pulled herself into a sitting position and kicked off the covers. As she got out of bed Donna glanced at the clock on the nightstand, 2:03. If this was Josh, drunk, she was going to kill him.

"Sam?"Donna said in surprise as she opened the door.

Sam glanced warily behind her into the dark apartment. "Is your roommate home?"

Donna's eyes widened with worry. "No, Sarah's in New York on a business trip. What's going on?"

Sam stepped into the apartment as Donna flipped on the lights. A white and orange tabby cat wrapped itself around Sam's legs as Donna shut the door and turned to face him.

"Sam, what's going on?"Donna asked anxiously varying images of Josh mangled and hurt somewhere flashed through her mind. Sam never came to her apartment at this time of night unless it was to retrieve a drunk Josh.

Sam absently reached down and scratched the cat's ears before replying. "You're wearing duck covered flannel pajamas?"

"It's February and you're avoiding the question."Donna replied her fear rising by the minute.

Sam met Donna's gaze deciding the best way was just to say it. "He's fine, Donna."he assured her not missing Donna's red rimmed eyes. Looked like Josh wasn't the only one having a rough night.

Donna's hand flew to her mouth. "Oh God, Sam, he's hurt isn't he?"

Sam quickly moved forward and placed an arm around Donna's shoulders guiding her to the sofa. "No, Donna, he's fine, a little bruised maybe but he's in one piece."

"What happened?"Donna inquired as she turned to face Sam.

Sam sighed. "He was arrested earlier tonight."

Donna's eyes widened. "He's in jail?"


"For what?"Donna asked even though she had an inkling of what Josh had done.

"Public nuisance, disorderly conduct, assault, battery."Sam replied as he met her gaze."And I'm sure the restaurant will sue for damages!."

"What happened, Sam?"Donna demanded hoping it wasn't what she thought.

"He got into a fight at Galileo's."

"With who?"


"Who, Sam?"

"Your fiancÚ."

Donna slumped forward and buried her head in her hands. "Was John hurt?"she asked in a muffled voice.

Sam placed an awkward hand on her shoulder as he replied. "No, he's okay and he didn't press charges against Josh."

Donna sat up and stared at Sam with surprise. "If he didn't press charges why is Josh sitting in jail?"

"Let's just say the police chief was a little annoyed that Josh interrupted his anniversary dinner."Sam replied with a shake of his head. "Leo and Toby are working to get all charges dropped and get Josh released but it could take a few hours."

Donna stood and walked slowly over to the window not quite believing the way her plan was turning out. "Oh God, Sam, this is all my fault."

Chapter 13



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