Title: Initiative
Author: Cindy Brewer
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Disclaimer: I don't own them so please don't sue :)
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Couple: J/D
Summary: Donna comes up with a plan to make Josh see the light :)
Spoilers: General second season
Notes: This is set between "The Drop In" and "Bartlet's 3rd State of the Union". I can't remember what month 'The Drop in' is set during but if it conflicts with the show's timeline just consider it a plot device.:) Many thanks to Amanda for betaing.

"Now we need to keep you two apart until we can clear this mess up."Sam suggested as he absently tapped a ball point pen against a legal pad he was holding.

Donna stared at him increadously as she shook her head. They were strategizing in Sam's office. Josh had been released about an hour before but Leo had ordered him to take the day off.

"Unless I transfer, Sam, that idea's not going to work."

Donna stood and began to pace. This whole plan had fallen apart miserably. Worse than anything Donna had foreseen in a worse case scenario.

"Maybe I should just quit."

Sam's eyes widened."And leave us to 'disorganized Josh'? Never."

"He'll be furious."Donna protested. Josh would think she lied to him on purpose. That she lied to him to be cruel....she couldn't handle looking into his big brown eyes and see the anger and hate.

"He'll get over it."Sam assured her as he stood.


Josh felt the curious stares as he walked through the bullpen around noon and headed toward his office. He knew Leo would kill him for disobeying an order but he had to come here. He had to make things right with Donna.

Josh had stopped by her apartment thinking that Leo might also have given her the day off. But her roommate had said that Donna had gone to work early.

Finding his office dark and empty Josh turned and headed toward Sam's.

"Cathy, have you seen Donna?"

"She was in talking with Sam about an hour ago."The dark haired woman replied as she saved the file she was working on and turned away from the computer.

Josh frowned. "What was she talking with Sam about?"

Cathy shook her head. "I don't know but you can relax Josh I don't think she was looking to transfer."

"I'm surprised she hasn't already."Josh muttered as he ran a hand through his hair.

Cathy stood and gathered some messages she had taken for Sam. "I think I overheard her say that she was going to see Margaret. She might still be there."

"Thanks Cathy."

"Did you really throw Ambassador Marbury into the police commissioner's table?"Cathy asked with a grin as Josh started to walk by her desk.

"I didn't know the commissioner was there until after I was arrested."Josh replied quietly.

"If you say so."

"I didn't."


"Don't you have work to do?"Josh asked with a tired grin.

"I think I can find something."Cathy replied with a smile as she headed toward Toby's office where Sam and Toby were working on a speech.


Margaret looked up from her desk with surprise as Josh stepped into the office. "Josh, you aren't supposed to be here."she said quietly as she cast a wary glance back at Leo's closed door.

"I know."Josh replied trying to hide his disappointment. "I was hoping to find Donna here."

Margaret avoided his gaze and started to busy herself with a pile of files.

Josh moved forward and leaned his hands against the front of the desk. "Level with me Margaret how mad is she?"

"I wouldn't say she was mad..."Margaret hedged as she turned her attention to her computer.

Josh winced. "Okay would furious and not speaking to me be a better way to put it?"

Margaret finally met his gaze. "I've never seen her like this, Josh. She's distant and quiet. She wouldn't say anything about Ambassador Marbury...I think that relationship might be in trouble."

"Because of the fight?"Josh inquired part of him was glad that Donna wouldn't be spending the rest of her life with a flake like Marbury but the other part was sad that he might have cost her happiness.

Margaret glanced back toward Leo's door for a moment before replying. "You'll have to talk to her, Josh."

"I would if I could find her."Josh replied as he pushed away from the desk. "Did she say where she was going?"

Margaret nodded. "I think she and Bonnie were planning on having lunch at O'Brien's."

"Thanks Margaret."

"Fix this, Josh."Margaret urged as she stood. "Donna deserves some happiness."

"That's all I want for her, Margaret."Josh replied as he left.

Chapter 16



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