Title: Initiative
Author: Cindy Brewer
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Disclaimer: I don't own them so please don't sue :)
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Couple: J/D
Summary: Donna comes up with a plan to make Josh see the light :)
Spoilers: General second season
Notes: This is set between "The Drop In" and "Bartlet's 3rd State of the Union". I can't remember what month 'The Drop in' is set during but if it conflicts with the show's timeline just consider it a plot device.:) Many thanks to Amanda for betaing.

Twenty five minutes later Sam stood and offered Donna his hand. "Come on let's grab something to eat."

Donna shook her head. "I'm not hungry, Sam."

Sam took her arm and pulled her to her feet. "You haven't eaten anything since lunch have you?"


"Let's grab some dinner and figure out what your next move is."

Donna followed him toward the door. "Haven't you been listening to me, Sam? I don't have a next move....I screwed everything up. It's over."

Sam opened the door and placed an arm around her shoulders. "We'll figure something out, Donna. You two belong together even if Josh is too pig headed to see it right now."


"From where I sit Joshua, you left her no choice." CJ replied caustiously as she took a sip of beer.

Josh whirled to face the press secratary nearly spilling his beer in the process. "How do you figure this is my fault?"

"Because my friend you're denser than a ton of bricks." CJ replied as she stood and walked to the small kitchen.

Josh trailed behind her his beer forgotten on the coffee table. "How is Donna lying to a newspaper reporter my fault?"

CJ sighed and shook her head. "Joshua I love you like a brother but I can't believe that you haven't figured this out yet."

Josh leaned against the counter. "Just spit it out, Claudia Jean."

CJ fought the urge to bop him over the head with a rolling pin. How men got through life on their own was amazing sometimes. "Okay Josh I'll spell it out...you and Donna have been in love with one another since the first time you met."


Sam watched Donna with concern as she picked at the plate of chicken fried rice in front of her.

"Do you want to order something else?"Sam asked just to have something to say. The conversation had been none existant. Everything he tried had ended up with a distant stare or a one word reply.

"No, it's fine."Donna replied not looking up.

Well at least that was more than one word. Sam thought wrily as he turned his attention back to his own meal.

After a few moments Donna put down the chopsticks and stood. "Sam, thank you but I think I'm just going to catch a cab home..."

Sam set down his own chopsticks and snagged her left elbow. "Sit down, Donna, please. Let's talk about..."

Donna broke his grasp and slumped into her seat her blue eyes lifeless. "You didn't see his face, Sam."

"You know Josh better than anyone Donna."Sam replied as he took a sip of water. "Once he calms down he'll realize your good intentions behind this."

Donna supported her chin with her hands as she leaned against the table. "I don't think I can work...."

Sam quickly interupted her hoping that it would keep her from thinking about resigning again. "I'll talk to Leo....maybe he can transfer you to work for me....I could use the help, with Kathy on vacation the next few days."

"I don't know."Donna replied as she glanced at the crowded Georgetown resturant. That was the reason she had typed up her resignation....she didn't think she'd be able to face Josh in a work enviorment.

"Give me three days, Donna."Sam pleaded. After everything Josh and Donna had been through this year they deserved some happiness. It was just a matter of getting them to see what was in front of their faces. "I'll talk to Josh and we'll work this out."

Donna met her friend's gaze. She knew Sam was only trying to help and she loved him for it. What the hell...three days couldn't make this mess any worse than it already was. "Okay Sam, three days."

* * *

Chapter 20



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