Title: If you guys could think of any I'd be grateful :) 

Author: Cindy Brewer 

email: cindyryan7@yahoo.com 

Disclaimer: I don't own them 

Catagory: Finale fic small JAG crossover Sam/Mac 

Author's notes: I've had this sitting unfinished for a couple months. It's not really a sequel to my previous crossover Broken Dreams since there's no mention of Zoey's kidnapping but it does deal with Sam and Mac's relationship and her reaction to the shooting at the Newsum.:) This is unbeta read so forgive any errors.


Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mackenzie and Lieutenant Bud Roberts wearily moved through the corridors of Washington's airport. The two JAG officers had just got off a six hour flight from San Diego and now it was nearly two in the morning Washington time.

"Boy am I glad that case is over."Bud stated as he tried to stifle a yawn as they made their way to the baggage claim.

Sarah grinned as she glanced over at her friend. "What's the matter, Bud? You didn't like being the lead defense attorney?"

The young brown haired man shook his head as he returned her smile. "It's not that....it's just this case was so bizarre. Two army sergeants getting into a huge bar fight just because one didn't guess the right answer on a game show they were watching."

Sarah chuckled as she recalled the expression on the Judge's face. "Gambling can be a strong addiction, Bud."

"I know, Ma'am, but a game show....."Roberts replied as they came to a stop in front of their airline's baggage carousel.

"We've dealt with stranger things...."Mac began but was interrupted by the ringing of her cellular phone.

It took Sarah a few minutes to find the small device in her carryon bag. By the time she did the phone was on it's fourth ring.

"Mackenzie?"Sarah greeted as Bud kept a watchful eye out for their luggage.

"Mac, it's Harm. I'm glad I finally caught you."Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rabb Jr. replied grimly as he stood in his office at JAG headquarters.

Sarah frowned. "What's going on, Harm?"

"You haven't seen the news?"Rabb asked with surprise as he glanced at the small tv sitting on the corner of the bookcase.

"No, we've been stuck on a plane for the past six hours. What's happened?"Sarah replied as she glanced at Bud who was watching her anxiously.

Harm rubbed a weary hand along the back of his neck. "About two and a half hours ago President Bartlet was giving a town hall speech in Arlington. As he and his staff were leaving some nutcase opened fire on the crowd."

"Was the President shot?"Mac asked causing Bud to take a step forward but Mac held out her hand and placed it on his shoulder.

"Bartlet and his daughter are unhurt but several people in the crowd and members of his senior staff were hurt before the Secret Service could subdue the snipers."Harm continued wishing he didn't have to be the one to tell her bad news....especially over the phone.

Sarah froze and she felt icy fear creep up her spine. "No, Harm....please tell me that Sam isn't....."

Rabb sat down on the corner of his desk. "He's alive, Mac, but that's about all we know. I'm sorry I wish I had more details for you. But the White House has clamped down hard....putting out both a media blackout and a security lock down."

"Thanks for letting me know, Harm."Sarah replied quietly as she struggled to keep her emotions in check. "I'll call you as soon as I know anything."

"Mac."Harm warned gently. "They more than likely won't let you into the hospital."

"I have to try,Harm."Mac replied as she ended the conversation.

"Colonel?"Bud prompted anxiously.

Mac shook her head as she put her phone back in her shoulder bag. "Nobody in the President's family was hurt, Bud. I have to go over to the hospital. Can you drop my luggage back at the office and I'll pick it up later?"

Bud heard the tremor in her voice and moved closer to her. "Of course."He paused as Mac turned away. "I hope Mr. Seaborn is all right."

Sarah turned back to her friend with a weak smile. "So do I, Bud."She replied softly as she walked away and moved through the crowd toward the exit.


When Mac had arrived at George Washington University Hospital she had been surprised that she had only had to show her JAG ID once. Could also be the fact that I haven't changed out of my uniform.Mac thought wrily as she walked quickly down the empty corridors of the fifth floor.

Sarah paused in the doorway of a waiting room that the nurses had told her was where the White House staffers had been waiting. She was surprised to see that no one was there.

Wearily Sarah sat down on the small loveseat. She had tried to get information on Sam's condition from the nurses but they didn't know anything more than he had been shot and was being treated. Sarah didn't know if that meant he was in surgery or had been looked at and was only being kept for observation.

Mac glanced up as footfalls approached the waiting room.

"Sarah?"Sam asked with surprise as he stood in the doorway, arm in a sling. Not that he should've been surprised to see her there....she always seemed to know when he needed her. "I thought you were in California."

Mac quickly stood and closed the space between them enveloping Sam in a huge hug. "Bud and I just got back. I hadn't heard about the shooting until Harm called me about a half hour ago.....he didn't know anything about you."She pulled back slightly to look at his sling. "How are you?"

"Extremely glad to see you."Sam replied softly as he pulled her close. "A bullet grazed my shoulder and I broke my wrist when I hit the ground.....hence the sling."

"I'm so glad you're okay."Mac whispered into his chest. "When Harm told me what had happened.....all I could think of was I might have lost you."

Sam stepped back so he could see her face. "You'll never lose me, Sarah."

"I love you."Mac whispered as she felt tears start to form.

"I love you too."Sam replied quietly just before his lips captured hers.




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