Title: After tonight
Rating: PG
Description: Sam and Donna get to know each other
Categories:Romance (S/D, J/D)Episode tag(?)Series
Disclamior: None of these charcters are mine.
Authors notes: Thanks to Kirsty and All on jetcjr10
and sam4donna. I'd love to know what you all think of
my story.

Donna sighed and downed the rest of her glass of
champagne. Josh had told her to stop drinking just
before he'd gone off to flirt with Joey Lucas. It
wasn't fair she'd concluded. Here she was all dressed
up for him and the only time he'd paid any attention
to her was when she'd been momentarily star struck by
David Hasselhoff. Oh well, at the least the champagne
was still flowing she thought as she set off in search
of another glass.


He couldn't believe it. He hadn't seen or heard from
Lisa since he'd joined the Bartlets presidential
campaign, yet there she was across the room hanging
off the arm of her soap star fiancée who he couldn't
remember what show he was in let alone his name. Sam
had always let people believe the reason Lisa had left
him was the campaign in truth she'd left him at the
alter for an actor and in Sams opinion, a bad one at
that. So that's how he came to be sitting at a bar on
his fourth whisky and still not feeling the least bit

"Champagne please." Sam looked across at the leggy
blonde and it took a moment for his blurred vision to
clear long enough for him to see it was Donna.

"Hey Donnatella." She looked at Sam who looked about
as bad as she felt. She smiled at the barman before
accepting her drink and sitting down on the stool next
to Sam.

"Only Josh is allowed to call me that." She chided
softy and Sam didn't miss the sadness that he saw I
her eyes when she said Joshs name. He watched as she
took a gulp from her drink before asking "What's he
done now?" And swallowing some of his own drink which
he was now starting to feel a little giddy from after
drinking all four drinks in such quick succession.
Donna sighed again before answering.

"He's off flirting with Joey Lucas." She thought
quickly that maybe telling Joshs best friend that she
was upset by this was probably a bad idea but the
thought disappeared quickly as she took another
mouthful of champagne. Sam had now finished his and
motioned for another and waited for Donna to continue.
"I got all dressed up tonight and he didn't even

He took a moment to take in Donnas appearance. She
wore a simple black dress that reached her knees and
contrasted nicely with her now slightly tanned
alabaster skin. "Well in my opinion you look
gorgeous." He smiled at her again before asking "Yu
feel like dancing?"

Donna looked at him surprised. Sam had never been much
of a dancer. The few dances he'd been forced into over
that years balls had resulted in severe injury to his
partners feet. No one ever danced with Sam Seaborn

"No. I think I'll pass. But I do want ice cream. You
wanna go find an ice cream parlour?" She downed the
rest of her drink before standing up and swaying
slightly. "Sure, why not." He to finished his drink
and stood offering Donna his arm and together they
left the party.


"...and then I just sorta... fell." Donna dissolved into
giggles as Sam finished telling how he'd fallen off a
boat while talking to a major player in the Democratic
Party, who the Bartlet campaign had been desperate to
get money out of. Which sufficed to say they didn't

"Okay Donna? It really wasn't THAT funny...Donna? Yeah,
okay, fine. Have a laugh at my expence." Sam looked
down at his half melted chocolate ice cream then
chanced a look at Donnas face. Then he too started
laughing. Once they'd calmed down Donna took a bite of
her coconut ice cream and saw Sam staring at her.

Sam shook his head before replying, "Nothing. Come on
it's after one, We've got to catch a plane in 2
hours." Both finished their ice cream before rising
from the steps they were sat on and headed back in the
direction of the hotel. "Sam?"


"Why were you so miserable tonight?" Sam took a deep
breath before answering.

"My ex- fiancée was there with her new guy and it just
threw me a bit that's all." Donna stopped walking and
turned looking him in the eye. "Lisa?" Sam just
nodded. "That sucks. During the primaries when we all
went to Wisconsin? I saw my ex with the girl he was
cheating on me with."

"Doctor Freeride? Josh never mentioned it."

"I never told him. Both he and CJ had this protective
thing already going on and they probably would have
beaten him senseless...Not that I'd would have minded
but it might have looked bad you know? Press secretary
and Chief of staff of the Bartlet campaign attack un
armed doctor." She finished with a little laugh and
they continued to walk back to the hotel in silence
until they reached the lobby where they found Josh
waiting for them.

"Where the heel did you two go! I've been looking
everywhere!" Donna rolled her eyes and walked strait
past him heading for the desk where she grabbed her
key card. "Sam and I went for ice cream." The two men
followed her Into the elevator and Sam had to hold
back a smirk as Josh carried on. "I was worried sick
about you Donnatella, No one knew where you'd gone and
Margaret made me promise to keep you out of the way of
strange men!"

"Okay Josh? First your not my mother, second since you
looked around and realised Sam was gone to then you
should have been able to figure out I was with him and
there for not with strange men and by the way, I know
that's just you talking and not Margaret." Donna
finished her little rant and stepped out of the
elevator and stopped by her door. "Now, have you both
packed?" Sam and Josh nodded sensing that assistant
Donna was now in charge.

"I've just gotta shower and change my suit so I'm
gonna go back to my room. I'll meet you guys in an
hour in the lobby. See ya later." Sam walked into his
room and then closed the door. He'd surprised him self
by having such a great time with Donna and hoped that
it wasn't just the alcohol talking and that maybe they
could go out again when they got home. He smiled to
himself and headed for the shower.

Mean while, Donna had discovered that when Josh said
he had packed, he had in fact put all his clothes on
the bed and left it for Donna to do, so instead of
being able th shower like she wanted to, there she was
having had to change quickly and now she was packing
Joshs clothes which considering that they were there
for under 24 hours, he had way to many of. While Josh
continued to rant about her leaving the party until
she snapped.

"For gods sake Josh! You were busy with Joey and you
really don't need me to hold your hand for that! I was
bored, Sam was bored and I wanted ice cream so we
left. And now you can finish your own damn packing!"
With that she walked out and slammed the door leaving
Josh open mouthed while she headed for Sam's room.

End of Part 1



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