After tonight part 2
By Clare

Disclaimer: See part 1.



Sam unlike Donna had had time to shower so when he
heard a pounding on his door he answered in a towel.
Seeing who it was he said instinctively, "What did he
do now?"

"He's being Josh."

"Oh well that's 'cause he is...You know, Josh. Normally
your pretty good at handling him."

"Well, I'm a little tipsy which leads to a shortened
temper and you saw how he was acting so I left." Sam
looked at her a moment longer before shaking his head.

"Well, I'm gonna go put some clothes on." Donnas eyes
widened for a second as she realised just what Sam was
wearing and sat down on the bed.

"Yeah, you should probably do that." She blushed
slightly and tried to look anywhere but at Sam. He
smiled again before grabbing some clothes and heading
for the bathroom. When he cam out he found Donna
watching CNN which was showing footage of the
President entering Ted Marcus' house. Looking up she
smiled and turned off the TV and stood up.

Sam grabbed his bag and they left the room in silence
and headed for the lobby stopping at Donnas room on
the way so that she could get her stuff as well. Sam
subconsciously grabbed the bigger of Donnas two bags
off her as they stepped out of the elevator where they
found the rest of the senior staff along with Zoey and
Charlie waiting for them.

Josh, as Sam had suspected he would be was glaring at
him. He'd have to point out to him later that he and
Donna were just friends and that Donnas loyalty was
still to Josh. Slowly the group headed to the
motorcade where the President was waiting for them.
Usually most staffers wanted to ride with the
President but tonight none felt that they could handle
all the trivia about LA the President must know.

"Come on people, Leos starting to get lonely at the
White House by himself!" The President shouted
sarcastically. Grabbing CJ, Toby walked towards the
Presidents car "If I have to suffer so do you." He
said as CJ groaned. Josh gave Sam another glare before
climbing into the car after CJ and Toby closing the
door behind him. While Donna, Sam, Zoey and Charlie
headed for the second car.

The President spent most of the trip to the airport
discussing the fundraiser with CJ and Toby while Josh
was quite and CJ made a mental note to talk to him
later and find out what was wrong.

The second car however, was a lot more cheerful with
Sam and Donna still being a little tipsy and Donna
retelling how she'd shouted at Josh while Sam, Charlie
and Zoey just laughed.

After half an hour the motorcade reached the airport
and the group climbed aboard Air Force One. Josh
headed to the back of the plane and sat down on his
own while the others huddled together and CJ started a
game of poker while the President retired to his
office to call Leo and the Vice President.


Josh was severely pissed. He'd spent the time between
Joey telling him she with someone else to the end of
the party searching for Donna and Sam until Toby said
he's seen them leave together arm in arm. He'd
realised something while searching for Donna. He'd
been terrified that she'd done something stupid
considering how drunk she was and he had come to the
realisation that he'd be lost without her, not just on
a professional level but a personal one to. Now all he
had to do was figure out a way to tell her that he
loved her.


As it got later the staff all fell asleep and before
they knew it Charlie was going around waking them up
to prepare for landing. Donna had fallen asleep with
her head on Sams shoulder and his arm around her and
as they disembarked she was pleased that he kept a
hand on her back until they got to the car which would
take them to the White House.

She smiled at him slightly at him as he helped her
into the car and they sat down. Charlie and Zoey then
got in and they sped off towards the White House. As
Zoey and Charlie started getting into a debate about
something neither Sam or Donna knew anything about he
leaned over and whispered in her ear "Would you like
to go out for dinner tonight?"

Smiling she nodded. "Pick me up at eight?"

"Sure." They then sat back in silence and watched Zoey
and Charlie banter till they reached the White House
where they all went their separate ways with Sam
giving Donna a hug and promising to see her that

She took her time walking back to the West Wing not
really looking forward to facing Josh. Now that the
alcohol had worn off she was quite embarrassed about
shouting at him. The Presidents car had arrived first
so it was a pretty safe bet that Josh was already in
his office already, so Donna made every detour
possible until she had no choice but to enter the West

Sure enough as soon as she sat down she heard
"Donnatella Moss!"

To be continued.



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