After tonight part 4.

By Clare
For disclimers see part 1

Thank you to Hillary for her help with this part. All
characters are Aarons (I still keep wanted to say
their Joss'. I'm never gonna get Buffy and co out of
my head) Olivia's mine.


Josh stood at the door to his office and stared in at
the corridor Donna had just run down. He'd come out
when he heard her yell but he hadn't been quick enough
to the door so she'd gone. Sighing he wondered back
over to his desk and sat down. He'd been a real
jackass to Donna that day and had badly wanted to
apologise for his actions and now it was too late. He
could go to her apartment but there were probably a
hundred reasons why he shouldn't, well, no not really,
In actual fact he was a little scared of what Donna
was gonna say to him.

On the other hand, he thought it was probably no worse
than what she would say if he left it till tomorrow.
Grabbing his jacket he turned off the lights and
headed towards the parking lot.


As Donna predicted by the time she got home she had 45
minutes to get ready and now with only 30 minutes to
go, she stood in front of her wardrobe with Olivia
her room mate, trying to decide what to wear.

"I like the blue dress. It's sexy." Olivia said
flopping down on to Donnas bed. "Plus I can put your
hair in a French twist and it'll look great."

Frowning Donna looked over at her room mate. "You
don't think it's a little over the top just for

"Nope. It'll be perfect. Do you know where he'd taking

"I don't have a clue but knowing Sam it'll be
somewhere up market."

Olivia, who had met Sam, CJ and Josh on several
occasions agreed. "Come on, if I'm gonna do your hair
we'd better start now."

Donna did as she was told and sat down on the floor in
front of Olivia before beginning to speak. "You know
Josh is still mad at me over leaving the party with
Sam. He didn't speak to me all day unless he had to."

Rolling her eyes, Olivia replied "He's just jealous
because you're showing a concern for someone other
than him...and you stood up to him, that by the way, I'm
proud of you for." Smiling slightly Donna took a sip
of the white wine which Olivia had poured out for her
earlier and thought for a minute.

"What do I do about him?"

"Nothing for now. Forget about him, go out with Sam
and have a good time." Both women stood up when they
heard a knock at the front door. "Sams early."

Olivia made her way to the door while Donna hastily
pulled on her dress but stopped when she heard her
room mate say "Josh." Her brow furrowed in confusion
she finished dressing and walked out into the lunge
where Josh was stood looking at his feet.

"Josh, what are you doing here?"

Looking up Josh holding out to her the yellow rose
which he had picked up from a florist on his way from
the White House to her apartment. "I came to apologise
for acting like a complete jerk today... I guess I was
just a bit jealous of you spending so much time over
the last couple of days with Sam."

Donna smiled slightly and took the rose from Josh and
turning to Olivia "Could you put this in some water
for me?" Taking the hint Olivia took the rose and went
into the kitchen leaving Josh and Donna alone. "You
know I am allowed to have friends other than you
right? I don't control who you see and you shouldn't
try to control who I see."

Joshs head jerked up slightly and looked at her "Your
seeing Sam?" Shrugging Donna sat down. "I might decide
to, I'm going to dinner with him tonight and I like
him." Nodding slightly Josh indicated to the door.

"I should probably go, you need to finish getting
ready." He walked over the door and opened it before
turning back to her "Hey, have a good time tonight."
Donna smiled at him again before he closed the door
behind him and walked down the stairs and Donna went
back to getting ready for her date with Sam.

Sam arrived 20 minutes after Josh left and Donna was
ready and waiting. He took her to a small Italian
restaurant near to where he lived where they enjoyed
the food, wine and each others company before Sam gave
Donna a lift home and they sat up talking and drinking
coffee on her sofa. They talked about pretty much
everything before the subject turned to Josh.

"He came to visit me earlier and apologised for the
way he's been acting and I told him I was going out
with you tonight and he said he was okay about it."
Sam smiled and heaved a sigh of relief he really liked
to Donna and would have hated it if his best friend
were against the relationship, thank god he wasn't.

Sam moved put his coffee cup down and moved closer to
her and asked "So... It would probably be okay for me to
kiss you?" Donna smiled slightly and leaned towards

"I think so." The kiss was soft and over far too soon
for Donna so she leaned forward again and engaged him
in another kiss, this one much more passionate than
the last. After a few minutes they reluctantly pulled
away from each other and Sam got up to leave.

"It's pretty late and I haven't slept since we were on
the plane so I should get home." Donna nodded slightly
and opened the door for him.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Sam lightly brushed his lips
against hers and before Donna could respond he was
gone. Closing the door, she sank against it and closed
her eyes before running into Olivia's room and
bouncing on the bed. "Olivia wake up!"

Rubbing her eyes Olivia sat up and turned on the
light, "Donna, what are you doing in here?" Donna
stopped bouncing on the bed and sat down with her feet
curled under her.

"I had a great time tonight. We talked for hours and
about 10 minutes ago he gave me the most amazing

"Donna sweetie, I'm really happy for you but would it
be possible for me to get exited about this at a time
when it isn't the middle of the night?"

Laughing Donna stood up before replying "Sure, I have
to be up in three hours so I should get some sleep.
I'll give you all the details tomorrow." Nodding
Olivia turned the light off and lay back down again.
"Now go away! I want to sleep."

Closing the door Donna went into her own room and got
ready for bed and set the alarm to go off at 6am that
morning before getting into bed and shutting off the
light. Donna went to sleep thinking that night
thinking about Sam and what she hoped would be their
future together.

The end. Continued in "I Wanna Know"



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