Big Brother: West Wing style.
By Clare

Rated PG-13, Pairings: Mild J/D

I know. I'm deeply ashamed, this is what happens when
you watch a night of Paul/Helen sexual tension after
reading WW fic. The attitudes of the housemates more
resemble those from the UK versions of Big Brother
than the characters on the show. Big Brother belongs
to someone in Holland I think. WW characters are
Aarons. The audience can hear Announcer guy while the
housemates can't.

Fade in to a profile view of the house

Announcer guy: Day 46 11:30am. Today the Big Brother
house will make their nominations for the second to
last time.

Cut to housemates sitting on sofas.

Sam: I hate nomination day!

Toby Looking bored: We *All* do Sam.

CJ: Guys shut up. Why did we agree to be on this show!

Big Brother: Charlie, would you please come to the
diary room.

All: Good luck Charlie!

Cut to diary room.

Big brother: Charlie could you tell me the two people
your nominating and why.

Charlie: I'm nominating Toby and Donna...because I feel
that I don't connect with them as well as the others
in the house.

Big Brother: Thank you Charlie you may now leave the
diary room.

Charlie: Thank you.

Charlie leaves and the camera follows him back to the

Big Brother: CJ could you please make your way to the
diary room.

Cut to diary room.

CJ: Hello.

Big Brother: Could I please have the names of your
nominees and your reasons for nominating them.

CJ: I'm nominating Charlie and Sam...because Charlie
never lets me in the kitchen and Sam never shuts up.

Big Brother: Thank you CJ you may now re join the

CJ leaves.

Big Brother: Donna will you please come to the diary

Donna: Hi!

Big Brother: Donna could I have your nominations

Donna: I'm nominating Toby and Charlie.

Big Brother: And your reasons why?

Donna: Toby's very hard to talk to and I don't know
Charlie as well as the rest of the group.

Big Brother: Thank you Donna.

Donna: Thanks.

She leaves.

Announcer guy: Charlie and Toby both have two
nominations while Donna and Sam have one each and Josh
and CJ don't have any.

Big Brother: Josh could you please come to the diary

Josh: Hi.

Big Brother: Hello Josh could you please tell me your

Josh: CJ because she keeps nagging me and Toby because
he's getting a bit lonely in the house and wants to

Big Brother: Thank you Josh you may now exit the diary

Announcer guy: Toby will defiantly face the public
vote. His and Sams vote will decide who joins him.

Big Brother: Sam will you please come to the diary

Sam: Hey.

Big Brother: Who are your nominations for this week
and why.

Sam: I'm nominating Josh and Donna because they have
basically isolated themselves from the rest of the
group this week.

Big Brother: Thank you. You may now rejoin the others.

Sam leaves.

Big Brother: Toby will you please come to the diary

Toby: Can we get this over with.

Big Brother: Could you please tell me the names of
your nominations.

Toby: Josh cause he and Donna are getting a little
annoying and Charlie as I talk to the others more.

Big Brother: Please rejoin the others Toby.

Toby walks out the camera follows him as he sits down
with the others.

Announcer guy: Charlie and Toby will now face the
public vote.

Captions appear on screen: After the break tears and
the nominations are revealed.

End of part one.



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