Cold Blast - 14

By Cathy



Sam was about to step in to his office when she called out to him. "Hey Sam we're famous."

"What are we famous for Donna?"

"I was waiting for you to ask me that. Look." Donna handed Sam the Washington Post. Sam looked at the front page of the Post and couldn't' believe his eyes. The big picture was of the two of them goofing around with the interactive information screen. They were standing slightly slanted so they could both see the screen. The picture managed to capture both of their smiling faces and Donnas' bare back.

"Wow we look good."

"Yeah your arm is distracting from the full effect of my dress but I'll forgive you this time. I like the caption."

Sam read it out loud "White House Senior Staffers Donna Moss and Sam Seaborn have some fun in the Smithsonian Institute's Visitor Center. Funds raised at the gala in years past have gone to improvements such as these interactive screens."

"You don't get it do you?" Donna pouted.

Sam read it again and smiled. "You mean that you and I share equal billing. You aren't the assistant you are the senior staffer."

Donna's smile lit up the room and she gave Sam a big hug. "I knew you'd get it Sam." She whispered.

"Now cut that out or rent a room." Toby teased.

"Did you see the..."

"Yes Donna I saw the paper. You look beautiful and Sam looks goofy."

"He does not, he looks cute." Donna said absentmindedly running her finger nail along Sam's shirt.

"Thanks Donna I'm just glad we aren't in any kind of trouble. One more strike and I think I'm out."

"Please Sam if that was true Josh would have been gone eons ago." Donna laughed.

"Did I jut hear my name?"

"Yeah we were discussing the fast that you should have been fired long ago." Toby replied.


"You know three strikes and you are out." Donna said with a grin.

"Right and where would you be if I was fired.?" Josh asked smugly.

"In your office with her name on the door." Leo said from behind. "Nice picture Donna and Sam thank you for behaving like adults unlike Dumb and Dumber here."

"Hey I resent that remark." Toby argued.

"Well maybe you should try not to resemble it next time." Sam deadpanned.

"Nice one Sam." Donna said and gave him a high five.

"Hey who's side are you on?" Josh asked.

"I'm on the side that doesn't get in to trouble every five minutes."

"If that's the case Donna you don't want to hook up with these ding dongs you want to be on my team."

"Who invited you to play with us C.J.?"

"Now, now children play nicely." Leo warned.

(Wow Leo must be in a great mood he's standing here listening to childish teasing and not yelling at us to get back to work.) "See I get to play too."

"Let's see Leo is Josh's boss, Leo is Toby's boss. I think I'm on Leo's side. Now all of you get back to work!" Donna said with a huge grin.

Sam and Josh mouthed traitor to Donna, C.J swatted her one and Toby just glared. "That folks is the real reason we keep Josh around. The President and I figure if he was smart enough to hire Donna there might be another good idea in him. By the way Josh we are still waiting for that idea."

"What did you all promise Mara to abuse me in her absence?"

"Yeah Josh that's it. Forget about having a country to run, we spend our days thinking of ways to abuse you." C.J said sarcastically.

"Leo shall I just send the President down to have a meeting here in the bull pen?" Margaret asked.

"No we are all on our way. Donna would you join us?"

"Umm sure Leo I'd love to." Donna took the steaming cup of coffee out of Josh's hand and sipped on it while they walked down the hall. She gave it back to Josh just before they walked in to the Oval Office giving him just enough time to take a small gulp before Mrs. Landingham confiscated it.

"Morning all. Ah good Donna's here. Donna the director of the Smithsonian was very impressed with you last night. I want you to be our liaison with them for a Presidential exhibit."

"Thank you Sir I'll do my very best."

"I know you will Donna."

"Sam how are you enjoying the silence?"

"I can't stand it actually."

"I hated it after about an hour myself. Josh how are we doing with 620?"

"It will pass Sir I'm fighting to keep it from being watered down any further."

"See that you do. C.J Abbey wants me to do The View when they are taping here in December."

"I'll get right on it Sir. I imagine Ron isn't thrilled with the idea."

"No see if they would mind doing the segment here with out an audience."


"Toby how is the speech coming along?"

"I'm putting punctuation in it." Toby replied giving Sam a look.

"You know Sam if you ever feel the need to tell him where he can stick that red pen make sure I'm around." Jed laughed.

"My pleasure Sir."

"Sir you've never seen a first draft Sam Seaborn speech. Think of a ten page run on sentence and you'll get the picture."

"Toby how many times do I have to tell you in a first draft I put all the ideas I have down then I go back and organize them. If you didn't insist on seeing my first draft you might get better punctuation and presentation. I think you are just a frustrated English teacher."

"You might have something there Sam except he'd actually have to teach people and since Toby doesn't like people...."

"We got stuck with him." Josh finished.

Toby scowled at Josh while everyone else including the President chuckled. After a few more questions Jed dismissed his staff and asked Sam to stay behind.

"Sammy's in trouble." Josh joked.

Donna swatted him in the back of the head. "Oh would you grow up!"

Josh looked at her strangely and handed her his coffee when they left. "Drink this you seem to need it."

"Sam, Abbey wanted me to invite you over for lunch on Sunday but I figured you would rather have lunch with Mara. You should go check out Ottawa before Mara's gone. If you are willing to put in a few hours on the speech while you're gone you can leave at noon on Friday."

"Thank you Sir that's very kind and of course I wouldn't mind doing some work. I want to surprise Mara how can I make sure she'll be in when I get there?"

"Call her assistant, Mrs. Landingham has the number."

"Thanks Sir I'll bring you back a dozen of those French Mint bars."

"Only bring in six on Monday so if they are confiscated you can still smuggle one or two at a time to me."

"Yes Sir. I better get back to the speech."

"See you later Sam."

"See you later Sir." Sam waked out of the office whistling a happy tune and headed straight over to CJ's office.

"Yeah Sam."

"We're going to have to cancel Friday night and I was wondering if you want to join Donna and I for dinner and dancing Thursday night?"

"Will you dance with me?"


"Then count me in. Geez I haven't going out dancing since college."

"What were you doing the Hustle?" Sam teased.

"No but it beats the hell out of waking like an Egyptian."

"I never did that."

"That makes us even then. Why the change in plans?"

"I'm going to visit Mara. Well surprise her actually. Do you know what her favourite flower is?"

"Yeah, you're out of luck it only blooms in May. I prefer blush coloured roses and if say half a dozen of them appear on my desk before the end of the day I'll help you."

"Nothing is ever easy with you is it?"

"Now where would the fun be in that."

"I've got work to do."

"Then I suggest you get to it."

Sam wandered back to his office and ordered six long stem blush roses to be delivered to C.J by two. He picked up the phone, amended his order and got back to the speech. Just after lunch Kathy put through the call he had been waiting for.

"Sam Seaborn."

"Hi Sam this is Cheryl I got your voice message. Mara just finished telling me about you. I have one question do you have a brother?"

Sam laughed. "No just a younger sister. So you didn't get her to sing like a canary last night?"

"No she was too tired, in fact I sent her home she was starting to get a headache. I told her I'd handle things so she could go home and get some sleep."

"She went? She must be tired. Can you help me?"

"I'll make sure she's here. In fact I'll make the plane reservations for you if you want."

"Thanks but my assistant can do that for me. I need to know how to get to her office and I need you to get me security clearance."

"Give me your e-mail addy, I'll send directions and I'll go arrange the security pass today."
"Thanks so much Cheryl., I've got a meeting to get to. I'm looking forward to meeting you."

"It's no problem and I'm looking forward to meeting you too Sam bye."

Sam picked up the files Kathy had left for him and was on his way across the street to the EEOB. The meeting was long and boring but it provided an escape from Toby and the rubber ball so Sam lingered. As soon as he returned to the West Wing he was summoned over to the First Lady's office. Lily glared at Sam the entire time reminding him she still didn't like him. Abbey opened the door smiling warmly.

"Thanks for coming Sam. Can Lily get you anything?"

Sam was half tempted to ask for something until he saw the look on Lily's face. He didn't feel like being poisoned. "No thanks Ma'am."

Abbey closed the door and motioned for Sam to have a seat. "Sam thank you for the flowers that was very sweet of you."

"You're welcome, I just wanted you to know that I appreciate how you've supported my relationship with Mara."

"I've always liked you Sam and you are great for her. Has she told you anything about her childhood?"


"Give her time, her Mother was pretty miserable to her. She never supported her. She wanted a pretty little daughter with nothing but fluff in her head and social aspirations like herself."

"Instead she got a gorgeous Rhodes Scholar."

"I'd be thrilled but Mara's mother is a piece of work. Mara use to play teaching games with her little sister and give her the encouragement and support she never got. Dani is the head of her Med school class."

"Mar's Dad is a doctor right?"

"Yes he's the COS at Montreal General. Mara likes her Dad but he was always so busy she rarely saw him."

"Why did she go to high school in Toronto?"

"Her Dad accepted a five year COS position. The General lured him back with more money once the contract was over."
"Ah, her Mother stayed in Montreal right."

"Yup Mara loved her high school years even though she had to run a house and raise her sister she loved it."

"You must be thrilled as I am that she's staying."

"Yes Mara always lets me mother her and with Zoey wanting to be independent I'm more than happy to still be playing Mom."

"It's a good thing I like you since I have this feeling I'm going to be seeing you every Sunday afternoon from now on."

"Sam she'll love you even more because you don't mind. Your a good guy Sam I'm glad my other daughter is dating you."

Sam smiled, "Thanks I like Mara's other Mom a lot myself."

"Sam you better get back to work before Jed starts thinking I'm trying to seduce you."

"Or Leo thinks I'm trying to seduce you." Sam gave Abbey his most charming grin and walked out the door.

Sam was sitting at his desk wiping the lipstick off his face from Bonnie and Ginger's kiss of thanks for their rose. Margaret walked in with a chocolate chip muffin, put it in front of Sam leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek and left without so much as a word. Sam grinned and devoured the muffin before starting an e-mail to Mara.. Sam was half way through his second speech revision when Donna knocked on his window.

"Hey Sam time to go I'm getting hungry."

"Be with you in a minute Donna just let me finish this paragraph and save it."

"I've decided what I want to watch."

"Fine have you decided what we are going to eat?"

"Yup it's all ready all I need is my date."

"Date? Donna what gomer are you going out with now." Josh snorted.

Sam quickly hit save. "Ignore him Donna. Your date lives near me how about I drop you off."

"That would be wonderful Sam thank you. Good night Deputy Downer." Donna made a face at Josh and looped her arm around Sam's. Josh could hear her giggle as they turned the corner.
(Why must I always insult her instead of just wishing her good night. I'm jealous as hell perhaps? Hey where did that come from? Donna is my friend, my assistant and nothing more. Josh even we don't buy it. Shut up conscience who asked you?)

C.J watched Josh carrying out a conversation in his head and couldn't resist. "So who's winning?"

Josh jumped a foot in the air and turned around to glare at C.J.

"Geez woman would you stop doing that?"

"Sorry I couldn't resist. Where was Donna off to?"

"A date. She's going out with another local gomer."

(She was going to Sam's. I have to have a talk with those two in the morning.) "Give her a break Josh. I'm going home want to buy me dinner?"



"Well you asked. Want to buy me dinner?"

"Hell no."

"How about I buy dinner and you buy yourself dinner."

"You are so cheap Josh."

"It's part of my charm."

"Hey C.J want to go grab dinner with me?" Leo asked. on his way out.

"Wow you're leaving early Leo. I'd love to. You snooze you lose Josh." C.J grinned and walked away with Leo.

"Why do I have the feeling I'm the only one not having fun tonight." Josh muttered as he headed home.

Mara woke up after a long nap, glanced at her alarm clock and picked up the phone. Killer raised his head and upon discovering Mara didn't intend to move he settled back down to sleep. The phone barely ran before it was picked up.

"Hello." Sam said quietly.

"Hi Handsome."

"How's my favourite fire breathing dragon tonight."

"Sam why are you whispering?"

"Donna's using me as a pillow and I don't want to wake her up."

"Oh yeah tonight was movie night. What did you see?"

"American President."

"I love that movie, I own it but I still have to watch it anytime it's on."

"It's pretty good. Donna fell asleep just before the big speech though."

"She must have been tired. So how was your day?"

"Didn't you read my e-mail?"

"No Cheryl sent me home after lunch and I sort off dozed off until now."

"My day was busy and Mrs. B called me in to thank me for the roses I sent her."

"Ah Sam that was so sweet of you."

"Yeah that's me sweet Sam Seaborn."

"I miss you."

"I miss you too. I think I can make it two more weeks any chance you can be down here earlier?"

"I'll try but I doubt it. I still haven't told my Dad or Sister I'm moving. I was suppose to check out moving companies tonight but I slept instead."

"Lazy bones."

"That's me. So exactly what part of your anatomy is Donna using as a pillow?"

"My shoulder, get your mind out of the gutter."

"My mind isn't in the gutter. I can go there if you want."

"No, not when you aren't around to take care of the condition you'll undoubtedly create."

"Fine I'll behave for now. I guess I better let you go. Be gentle with Donna and she won't wake up. I'll call you tomorrow night."

"I don't know when I'll be home I'm going out with C.J and Donna tomorrow night."

"Call me when you get in then. I don't care if you wake me up."

"Think you can manage to remember that until tomorrow night?" Sam laughed.

"Good night Samuel." She sighed.

"Sweet dreams my sweet."

Sam carefully hung up the phone, turned the TV off, ejected the movie and looked over at Donna who was still sleeping peacefully. He sat there in silence for several minutes plotting how he could get Donna's head from his shoulder to the couch without waking her up or giving her a very sore neck in the morning. Ten minutes of skillful moving later Sam covered Donna with the quilt that sat on the back of the couch. He finished his glass of juice and headed to his room to change for bed. An hour later he was still staring at the ceiling so he pulled out the report he'd been meaning to read for a month now. Twenty minutes later he was asleep with the report balanced on his chest.

Donna shifted positions and heard a muffled cry. She opened her eyes, taking a second to adjust to the blackness and followed the sounds. She found Sam thrashing in bed mumbling incoherently. Donna gingerly sat down on the edge of bed and Sam quieted down. She wondered what nightmare he was having. She got up, walked over to the closet and grabbed a shirt to change in to. She carefully moved the report setting it on the bed side table and covered Sam up leaving a soft kiss on his forehead. Donna had just crossed the threshold when she heard Sam thrashing again. She sat back down on the bed and with in seconds Sam settled back down.

"I adore you Sam but I'm not sitting up all night for even you." Donna whispered before turning back the cover and sliding in to the far edge of the bed.

A groggy half awake Sam started playing with the blonde hair resting against his chest. He moved his arm from around her waist and leaned over to leave a kiss on her neck. The shoulder was higher than he remembered when it dawned on him that it couldn't be Mara. Sam was rubbing his eyes wondering how Donna got in his bed when the alarm went off. The sound startled Donna and she turned around hitting Sam in the jaw with her elbow.


"Sorry Sam, you weren't that close to me last night. I hope you don't mind you were having a nightmare and you seemed to calm down when I sat on the bed."

"Thanks Donna I would have killed you if you sat up all night long."

"Like that would have happened. What were you dreaming about?"

"I'm not sure but I guess it's the nightmare I have every so often. Promise you won't tell a sole if I tell you."

"I promise Sam." Donna rolled over to face him fully.

"It always goes blurry on me but basically I hear someone crying and I want to go see if I can help them but I can't get out of the room I'm in. The room sort of morphs and starts to fill with water and I'm struggling to find a way out before I drown."

"That's definitely a nightmare do you have any idea what it means?"

"Yeah I'm never going in a room that is near a body of water." Sam deadpanned.

"Sam I'm serious. I have a friend at Georgetown who is doing her senior thesis on dream interruption. You should go talk to her."

"I'll think about it Donna."

"Mind if I go take a shower first?"

"No go ahead I'll make us some toast."

When Sam heard the shower turn off he stood at the threshold of his room. "Hey Donna do you like football?"

"I like looking at the player's butts. Why?"

"You should go to the game with Josh. I'm going to be in Ottawa. The President is letting me off early Friday to go surprise Mara for the weekend."

Donna opened the bathroom door wrapped in a bath sheet. "Mara will be thrilled. Yeah I guess I can go with Josh. My toast ready yet?"


"Well you go take your shower and I'll eat. You know I didn't think you'd have Green Tea shower gel figured you were more the bar of soap type."

"I was but Mara uses nothing but that stuff. If you look in the cabinet I think you'll find purple L'oreal face stuff."

"I think you mean Lancome Sam."

"Whatever. I don't use it I don't care."

Donna laughed. She walked up to Sam and held his face in her hands and pretended to be studying him. "You know Sam I don't think it would hurt. You have some fine lines especially around your lips."

"They are called laugh lines Donna."

"I know what laugh lines look like and it's premature aging. Do you ever exfoliate Sam?"

"Donna I'm a guy you're lucky I take a shower every morning." Sam laughed.

"You're going to be what 35 on your birthday. It's time you look after that face of yours."

"Hello I'll be 33 thank you very much."

"See you are already looking older Sam I'd be using that Lancome if I were you."

"Donna go eat and leave my face alone."

"I'm giving you a facial tonight. I'll make you all pretty for Mara."

Sam pulled her hands away and dropped them to her side. He walked quickly towards the bathroom. "Donna thanks but no thanks Mara is already in love I don't need to capture her."

"I've already made up my mind Sam and you're getting a facial tonight." Donna said to the toaster.

She ate a couple of slices, had a glass of orange juice and went searching through Sam's closet to see if Mara left anything behind she could wear. When she didn't find anything she borrowed one of Sam's shirts and had just finished tucking it in when Sam came out of the bathroom.

"You don't mind do you?"

"No it's a bit big on you though. It's pretty obvious you're wearing a mans shirt."

"No one will notice." Donna left the room so Sam could change. She pulled a small brush out of her purse and used the stereo cabinet as a mirror. She was sitting on the couch using a small compact to put on lipstick when Sam walked out ready to go.

"Got your face on?"

"I'm almost done. You see the things women do just to look good for you."

"Please you do it more for each other and yourselves than men I think. You know one of the first things I noticed and liked about Mara was that she had no makeup on besides lipstick."

"She doesn't wear makeup?"

"No she says if she's going out to some fancy party she'll do her eyes but that's it. She puts on this 45 sunscreen that is slightly tinted that's it."

"If I didn't like her I'd hate her." Donna sighed as she dropped her lipstick in to her purse. "Well I'm ready. Think we have time to stop for a coffee?"

"If we leave right now."

They chatted to the car which made Sam think about how different Donna and Mara were. Mara naturally oozed self confidence while the only reason Donna was teasing him was because she was comfortable enough with him. Donna often second guessed herself at work which Sam always thought was strange since on any given day she knew more about what was going on than three quarters of the west wing. He had to admit that he preferred Donna's talkative pleasant disposition in the morning over Mara's sleepy grumpy silence.

"Sam why do you think I pick losers to date?"

"Donna you don't want to hear it."

"Yeah I do. Come on Sam you're my friend you can tell me."


"Go on tell me."

"I think you pick losers because you want to be part of a couple too much. Not to mention the fact that you are in love with someone else but you refuse to admit it."

"Oh Sam we aren't back on Josh again are we?"

"Why as a matter of a fact we are. You're too stubborn to admit it and Josh is too dense to realize it. Mara was in a room with both of you for less than thirty seconds and commented on it."

"She was?"

"Uhuh we all see it Donna we just wonder how long it's going to take you both to clue in and do something about it."

"He's my boss, not that he's smarter than me but the fact still remains that Joshua Lyman is my boss."

"You are both adults and even C.J. isn't worried about how it would look to the press. I'm not saying you should rush in to anything just that if I ever get a invitation to your wedding and Josh isn't the groom I think I'll have heart failure. You've got something very special that doesn't come along to often. As your friend I just hope you don't close yourself off to the idea."

"You really think so?"

"Yeah I do. Josh is a jerk, a bumbling, rumpled egomaniac but you just can't help loving the fool. He's my best friend Donna and you're the only one I know who can make him happy for the rest of his life. He doesn't deserve you but you are the one for him. Can you picture Jed being married to anyone other than Abbey?

"No they are perfect for each other."

"Mara's perfect for me and sorry kiddo but you are perfect for Josh. You have my deepest sympathies." Sam said with a grin.

"Why couldn't I have made this easy and fallen for you Sam?"

"Ah so you admit you've fallen for Josh."

"Samuel Norman Seaborn I swear to God that if that goes beyond this car Mara will look like a pussy cat compared to the revenge I'll enact on you."

"You wouldn't."

"Oh I would Sam promise me."

"I promise."

"Smart choice there Seaborn." Donna laughed.

Ginger gave Sam and Donna a strange look when they walked in to the bull pen laughing away. She smiled at Sam and followed Donna in to the Ladies bathroom. She checked for feet in the stalls, satisfied that they were alone she got right down to business.

"All right Moss spill it what exactly is the nature of your relationship with Sam."


"Start talking Donna."

"The nature of my relationship with Sam is really none of your damn business."
"Can I quote you on that?"

"Ginger give me a break. My private life is private and I really do not think the West Wing is the appropriate place to be gossiping. You know how many strangers walk through these halls on a daily basis."

"None of them are in here now. I checked."

"That does it I'm never telling you about my weekend with Jon now."

"So is Sam good in bed?" (That will get the real story out of her .)

"Ginger!!!" Donna flushed the toilet and stormed out of the stall. "I wouldn't know about that. OK now could we just drop this."

"My God Donna you did sleep with him."

"I did not sleep with Sam. Well I did... but I mean Urggh! Sam was asleep when I decided his bed was more comfortable than the couch. I forgot where I was this morning rolled over and smashed him in the jaw with my elbow. That was the extent of our physical contact."( You don't need to know that I was a teddy bear last night.)


"Yeah. You know Ginger I say this as your friend but you really need to go out and get yourself a life so you can stop living vicariously through gossip. I care deeply for Sam but he's like the best older brother a girl could ever want. I feel completely relaxed and ease with him which means we can have and do have a lot of fun together. He really misses Mara so I'm keeping him busy till she's here permanently in a few weeks."

"He's really in love with her?"

"Yeah he is and she loves him. They don't need the gossip Ginger so just let this drop."

"Fine. I didn't think you slept with Sam for the record."

"Then why the hell did you ask me?"

"Inquiring minds want to know."

"Ginger, Ginger, Ginger what am I going to do with you?"

"Find me an intelligent, good looking man and I'll leave you alone."

"Can I find one of those for me first?" Donna laughed.
(Why bother it's Josh you want.)" Yeah sure whatever. I guess we better get back to work."

"That's the smartest thing you've said in five minutes."

Donna went back to her cube and spent most of the morning on the phone working with the Smithsonian finding out exactly what type of exhibit they wanted and what items they would like. She asked the director to fax her a dream list and she'd see what she could do. Donna enjoyed telling Josh to go find his own files.

Sam laughed when Josh asked if he could borrow Kathy because Donna was too busy working on her pet project to do her job. Kathy overheard Josh, walked in and told him to go to hell. Sam tired but he couldn't contain his laughter.

"Thanks for backing me up buddy."

"I'm sorry Josh but I am never crossing Kathy again. Last time was painful enough."

"Hello I was the one who suffered the most."

"Yeah and you deserved it for eating the entire pan of brownies."

"I still maintain that Kathy should be charged with treason for baking brownies with Ex Lax.."

"Sorry Josh but I haven't laughed so hard since I saw Donna slipping your phone messages under the bathroom door. Maybe it's time for her to try baking again."

"It will be a cold day in hell before I touch anything your evil assistant makes."

"I suggest before Kathy starts giving Donna ideas that you be nice to Donna. Try to go the rest of the day without insulting her."

"Where's the fun in that?"


"Oh all right I'll give it a try. I'll talk to you later."

Sam returned a few phone calls and found himself in the midst of an argument between Ainsley and Ginger over the ERA. It boggled his mind that Ainsley would be against a bill that gave women rights. He could have listened to why she was against it but instead he stood there wondering if she just took the opposite opinion on everything because she liked the sound of her own voice. He gave Ginger a sympathetic smile and continued down to the mess to get something to drink. Donna had brought him back a bags of salt and vinegar chips which left him thirsty. He laughed when he noticed Fresca in the fridge and bought a can for Ainsley. He knew she'd still be standing on the landing debating. He handed it to her and went back to his office without a word. Toby was no where to be found so he settled back in to his chair and got online to check his e-mail. He was just about to disconnect when he noticed a e-mail had just been received. He clicked on it and smiled.
Subject:Where's Whitford Now?
Hi ya Sexy,
Remember those Where's Waldo books well I can start my own series. I'm enroute to one of my favourite Canadian cities. I swear a few more flights and I'll own Air Canada. By 3:30 I'll be sitting at Salty's looking out in to the Halifax Harbour perusing the menu before settling on what I always order the grilled chicken sandwich. Tonight I'm presenting a Rhodes Scholarship to an exceptional Dalhousie History major. She wrote this fascinating thesis on what Canada would be like if our currency stayed dominate over yours. (Believe it or not it once was. My Dad can remember it. Sometime during the 50's, ask Jed about it.) She rewrote and reinterpreted history with a distinctive Canadian slant. She backed everything up with examples from both of our histories. I'm hanging on to my copy and I'll bring it for you to read.

I think I just figured out why Jean has me traveling around, he doesn't' know what else to do with me. He can't get me involved with a new project because I won't be around to finish it. For a change things are pretty quiet on the International front (Well for us anyway. As a nation you should really try not to tick so many countries off! VBEG) I'll probably take the last flight out tonight. I've got some very important meeting at four tomorrow but Cheryl won't tell me what's going on. My theory is that they are throwing me a surprise going away party. One of my little peon's remarked that he'd miss me only because my office is the candy store. Can I help the fact that I have an enormous sweet tooth? I've got so much to do this weekend or I'd be waiting for you with a hot dinner Friday night. I keep telling myself that this too shall pass and I'll be back in your arms again but I've got such little patience as it is. Well I better go the flight attendant is giving me a dirty look since she told me to shut this down five minutes ago. Like my little computer is going to make us crash. I love you and have fun tonight.

Sam hit reply and wondered exactly what he'd be preventing Mara from doing over the weekend. Not that he really cared because he knew she would be as thrilled to see him. He heard a knock on his door and looked up at Donna.


"Hey, is they something wrong with Josh?"

"There are a lot of things wrong with Josh but I haven't detected something new." Sam quipped.

"Kay he's acting weird that's all."

"Define weird."

"He brought me back a slice of chocolate truffle cake from his lunch and a chocolate mocha chino. He hasn't bellowed at me once and I just caught him sniffing the rose you got me."

Sam laughed, "He ticked Kathy off and I told him maybe he should be nice to you for the rest of the day before Kathy starts planning a coup with you."

"Ah, next time tell him to give me a raise."

"Never satisfied are you Donna." Sam joked.

Donna got up, stood behind Sam wrapping her arms around his neck and bent over to whisper in his ear. "It takes a lot to satisfy me Sam."

Donna could see the blush on his face rising to the tip of his ears. She paused at the door and grinned evilly. "My job here is done."

Josh stood outside the window to Sam's office wondering what Donna was doing whispering in Sam's ear and why it produced such a blush on his best friends face. He stood back a bit and Donna didn't even notice him as she walked by. He peeked in Sam's window again to see him shaking his head with a big goofy grin on his face.



"Have you seen Donna ?"



"Yeah she was going back to her desk."

"Kay thanks."
Subject: Hey Jet Setter
So where are you going to take me with all those frequent flier miles? I hear Maui is beautiful this time of year. Donna just asked me if something was wrong with Josh because he is being nice to her. I swear I'm giving up trying to understand the female species cause you are all whacko! I think Josh is jealous of the time Donna is spending working on an exhibit for the Smithsonian. The President put her in charge of it and she's loving the responsibility. Did C.J ever tell you about the time I ticked Kathy off big time by telling her she was acting like one of those willy nilly females that drove me insane. I made some crack about thinking she had a brain but maybe I was wrong. Kathy didn't get mad she decided to get even. Two days later she baked me a batch of brownies. I put them in my office to have them after lunch but Josh got his hands on them first and ate every single one. About thirty minutes later Josh sprints to the bathroom and spends the rest of his day in there. Kathy had laced the brownies with Ex Lax to get me back but because Josh was such a piggy he suffered it's full effects. Josh reminded me about that incident earlier.

Ask Josiah Bartlet about the Canadian dollar being worth more than the American? Are you out of your beautiful mind? I thought you loved me but I'm not so sure if you suggested I start that little lecture. Good Lord woman I'd still be there on Christmas day!! Well I better go I have a meeting in the Mural room in ten minutes. I'll try calling you tonight. I love you.

How surprised will you be when you find out I'm your four o'clock meeting Sam thought as he made his way to the Mural Room. The rest of the day past quickly and before Sam knew it two beautiful women dressed in black were standing at his office door.

"Hey there good looking. Wanna have some fun?" C.J flirted.

"Sure who are you setting me up with." Sam deadpanned.

"Just for that Mr. I'm ordering the most expensive thing on the menu."

"I thought we were ordering one of everything?" Donna teased.

"No that was for dessert. Move it Seaborn before we go out for a good time without you."

"OK I'm ready."

Sam closed his computer down, straightened his desk, grabbed his coat and walked out of the office with Donna on one arm and C.J on the other. Sam had no idea what the morning would bring.

Chapter 15



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