Cold Blood

Summary: That would ruin it.

Classification: Josh/Donna, crisis

Rating: PG

Josh Lymanís Office: The West Wing 8:38 p.m.

"Josh, letís go. Itís been a very, very long day." Donna said wearily. I looked up from the mountains of work on my desk. "Have you lost the capability to drive?" I asked. Donna glared at me. I hate it when she glares at me. "My car broke down, remember? You said youíd drive me home," she informed me. I sighed. "Thatís right, you did tell me that. Um, is there anyone else who could drive you?"


"Well, then, whatís the problem?"

"I donít want to go asking around; besides, theyíre all watching C.J.ís briefing."

"Oh my God, is that tonight?"


"Letís go. Iíll drive you home afterwards." Donna and I headed towards the Briefing Room. We stood in the doorway and listened to C.J., who was about to make one of the biggest announcements of the term. "And finally, the rumors you have been hearing are true. We are proposing a new gun control bill. It will require background checks, safety locks, and stiff fines to salespeople who do not do checks. Iím not going to answer any questions on this tonight; we will have a briefing on it tomorrow. Any quest"- I jumped backwards as I heard gunshots. Not a car backfiring, but real, killing gunshots. I stood in horror as C.J. hit the ground behind the podium- I couldnít tell if sheíd been hit or not. I heard Donna scream behind me. I whipped around to see SS agents running towards us. I jumped out of the way as they ran in. When the shots stopped I rushed in. It was chaos. Smoke drifted through the air as people screamed and shouted for help. C.J. was holding her arm just above the elbow as blood came around her fingers. She was sobbing and frantically scanning the room. "C.J.!" I shouted. She looked at me and carefully climbed off the stand. "Josh, Josh, youíre okay," she sobbed. I nodded. "Were you hit?" I asked fearfully. She shook her head. "It just grazed my arm. Have you seen Danny?" I shook my head. Then the paramedics rushed in. One of them came over to C.J. and led her over to a chair. I found an agent standing near the door. "What the hell happened?" I asked. He shook his head. "The two guards up at the gate were dead- knife. I guess thatís how they got in. After that they tagged in with a tourist group and got over here. Theyíre both dead now. Itís who youíre thinking," he finished. I walked over to the door to find Donna leaning against the wall for support. She was deathly white. As soon as she spotted me, she ran over and flung her arms around me. "Oh God, itís happening again. Oh, God," she sobbed into my shoulder. "Iím okay, Iím okay," I reassured her. "Who was hit?" she asked, not looking up. "I donít know. A bullet grazed C.J.ís arm, and the two shooters are down, but I donít know about anyone else." Gina Toscano, looking very shaken, grabbed my arm and led Donna and I out of the room. "I have orders to take you to the Chief of Staffís office." I nodded as we walked, my arm still around Donna.

We got to Leoís office the same time as Sam did. Leo was already there, along with Ron Butterfield. Toby came in moments later, followed by Charlie. The secretaries were gathered just outside the open door in Margaretís office- minus Carol. The President came in silently, followed by Zoey. She ran over to Charlie. "Oh, God, youíre okay," she sobbed. Charlie looked scared and worried. The President went over to him and told him, "This is not you fault Charlie. You cannot blame yourself, okay? This isnít your fault." Sam looked around and asked, "Whereís C.J.? Is she hit?" I shook my head. "A bullet grazed her arm," I said quietly. Ron stood. "We still donít know how they got in, so donít ask. The two guards at the front gate are dead, along with the two shooters. We think they snuck in with a tour. I donít know how they got the weapons in either, so"- "Who the hell got shot?" Toby demanded, cutting him off. "Arthur Leeds was shot in the shoulder. C.J. Cregg had a bullet graze her arm, and Sandy King broke her wrist when another reporter pushed her down. Danny Concannon was shot in the back as he jumped up right after the shooting started. Heís in surgery now. Carol Sanders was shot in the shoulder and is being treated for blood loss," Ron paused. "Iíd recommend that you stay here for the time being." The President looked up. "Here as in this office, here as in this building, or here as in Iím going to the hospital and no one can stop me?"

"Well, I meant here in this wing, butÖ"

"Fine, then, Iím going. Leo, I want you to come. Sam, you handle any briefings that will take place- you can use the Oval. Toby- get a statement put together. Charlie and Josh- you two are forbidden from work. I want you to stay in your respective offices for a while, okay? Zoey"-

"Iím coming with you, Dad. You cannot make me stay."

"Fine. Iím not gonna argue with you. Also, guys, give your assistants a break. If they wanna work, fine, but if not, let Ďem go home or just relax, okay?"

Everyone nodded at the Presidentís word, then departed towards there various assignments. I walked slowly back to my office, Donna close behind. I sank into my chair and stared out the window. "How did this happen?" I asked, more to myself than Donna who had followed me. "Theyíre not happy with shooting me and the President, so they shoot the Press Corp. How the hell did they get in? The Secret Service is supposed to be able to stop things like this from happening. How did this happen?" My voice broke and I buried my head in my hands. I heard Donna get up. She pulled me up and into her embrace as I cried.



Cold Blood - 2




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