Harry Potter and Sam
P-13 (light swearing later in story)
Mallory, Harry Potter and an accident change Sam's life.
Author: Cora

Hello! First time writing West Wing and new to reading the fic. I am enjoying it greatly. I am a totally Sam fan and now somewhat of a Mallory. Sam needs someone!
I do not own any of the characters and give all credit to Aaron Sorkin the brilliant writer of the show. Anything else I forgot sorry. And, no this is not beta-ed so sorry for any mistakes they are all mine!



It's all Harry Potter's Fault

Sam leaned back in his chair. He was on a dry spell, it was two o'clock in the afternoon and he had nothing to do. Everyone else did, but not him. The two speeches the president was making this week were already written and typed. Toby had taken all the extra work so he would not be bored, so now Sam was.

"Hey Donna, is Josh in?" Sam asked as he approached Josh's office.

"Yeah, but he's real busy, Sam."

"Good." Sam walked in to find Josh buried in paperwork. "Hey Josh.'

Josh looked up not even hearing Sam enter. "Hey Sam, I can't get lunch I am really behind."

"Uh, that's okay, I came to ask if you wanted some help."

Josh looked up surprised. "Really! Not even Donna offered to help...DONNA!"

"No, Josh. I will not help you!" Donna yelled back, overhearing their conversation.

"You sure Sam? I have a lot."

"Yes, I have nothing."

"Why don't you go home, take advantage of the day."

"And do what? I haven't had a day off in months, I don't even know if I have other friends!'

"Okay, okay...here take these folders," Josh said motioning to an arms length stack, "and fill in the blanks will these codes and letters and then stamp them with my signature stamp, k?"

"You have a signature stamp?"

"Look at all those folders do you think I want to go through and actually sign all of those? The stamp is much easier. Can you handle that?" Josh asked teasing.

"I think so, boss. I shall return". Sam saluted as he took the folders and headed out.

"And Sam? Thanks."

"No problem, get back to work."

Sam sat down in his office and didn't take a break until his finished the last folder. It had been easy but time consuming, his clock read six now. Sam looked at the stack and decided to be more helpful.

When Sam came back carrying the stack of folders, Josh was in the same position as before, surrounded by papers but this time a cup of coffee and a sandwich sat nearby.

"Sam, you done?" Josh asked surprised, it would have taken him half a day to do those folders.

"Yeah, not too bad, here you go." Sam said dumping the files onto Josh's desk.

"Sam...you kept these files in the order I gave them to you right?

"No, I alphabetized them for you!" Sam smiled.

"What!!? They were in the order they were in so at tomorrow's meeting they could just be passed out in the order they were in!! Josh was seeing red, more work!


"Sam just leave, go home."

"No, Josh I can help I can fix it, just give me the list of the order."

"I don't have the list anymore...I" Josh shook his head in frustration. "Sam you helped a lot, now just leave." His voice lowered with each word.

Sam took a step back. "Sorry Josh, just trying to help. I'll see you tomorrow." He said as he inched his way to the door, Josh looked furious and he did not want to stick around to see what was going to happen.

Five minutes later, Sam was in the parking garage heading for his car. He carried his briefcase and coat over his arm. He had forgotten that it was fall and still quite warm out.
In the car he rolled down the windows and let the warm air do its trick. He passed by a small café and bookstore. The bookstore sounded familiar. Then he remembered an e-mail he had received from a friend, he had decided to open his own bookstore and there it was. Sam parked his car and walked back to the bookstore. Upon entering he saw it was small but cozy.

Sam walked over to the counter where a teenage girl sat doing her homework.

"Excuse me, is Alex Wheaton working today?" Sam asked the girl.

"No, I'm sorry sir, he takes every Wednesday off. Can I take a message?"

Sam thought a minute. "Yeah, can you make sure he gets this," He asked holding out his business card. He set it down and scribbled on the back, 'sorry I missed you, better luck next time. Nice place. Sam'

He handed the card to the girl and wandered deeper into the store. He hadn't read a book since the president had gotten elected, he wasn't even sure what was popular anymore.

Finally he picked up a book and walked to a chair he had seen when he entered. Backing in he didn't even look to see where he was going. Next he knew was something had pushed him. He had almost sat on somebody.

Sam whirled around his face already flushed.

"I am so...Mallory?"

The women's head jerked up. "Sam?" Then she started laughing as she dusted off her suit.

"Mallory, I am so sorry. What are you doing here?"

"Probably the same thing you are? Why aren't you at work? It's a little early to be out, isn't it?

Sam smiled and Mallory felt her knees weaken. "My friend own this bookstore so I thought I would stop by and see him. Josh got made at me and kicked me out of the office for the day."

"Hmmm, so you decided to visit you friend and pick up...Harry Potter?" Mallory asked as she saw the title of the book he was holding.

"Hey, I am a little behind the times, I heard it was a good book."

"It is, but why don't you just go the easy way and see the movie?"

"They already made a movie of it!?"

"Yes, Sam. I tell ya you and my father, it's like you live in a cave!"

"I would hardly call the White House a cave." Sam mused. "I was just going to get some dinner at the café would you like to join me?"

"Sure, lead the way."

Sam paid for the book and they headed out.

During there small dinner, Mallory's cell rang interrupting there argument over school vouchers. She held up her finger, signaling one minute and answered the phone.

"Mallory O'Brian. Hello Daddy... no, I am not doing much.... I eating dinner...who with...." She glanced at Sam and he shook his head no, he did not want Leo to know he was with his daughter. "Brad Pitt, daddy.... Never mind dad." Mallory again thought of Sam and her father living in a cave, her father didn't even know who Brad Pitt was! "What movie is the president playing?" Mallory asked returning to the conservation, Sam glanced up interested. "Murder By Numbers again! Can't he play Harry Potter or something." Sam laughed and covered it with a cough, she smiled and teasingly ran her leg up his making him turn red and glance away. She laughed when her father asked Harry Who? "Never mind daddy, I would love to see the movie again.... I'll meet you at your office in few, k...Love you too, dad.... Bye." Mallory folded her cell up and looked at Sam.

"Well I gotta go, thanks for dinner. Do you want to come back and see Murder by Numbers again?"

"No, that's okay. I have some reading to catch up on." Sam smiled and got up to leave when Mallory spoke and he agreed to meet her the next night to see Harry Potter the movie.

In Mallory's mind it was a test, a test to see if he would show or call and cancel or just not show at all. She had too much experience when it came to workaholics and she did not want to take another chance.

Sam scrambled around finishing the mundane things that lay around his office, he still didn't have much to do but just enough small items that kept him busy until sunset.
Within a half an hour until he had to meet Mallory, Sam was running out the door.

"Toby, I'll see you tomorrow. Call if you need, but don't otherwise!!"

"Bye Sam..." but it was too late, by the time Toby uttered bye, Sam was already out the door at a run. Toby growled and shook his head, young ones!

"Sam!' Josh yelled, but Sam was already out of the bullpen and down the hall. Josh smiled he had wanted to apologize to Sam for yelling at him last night for alphabetizing the folders. It actually worked out better the way Sam had organized it. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Sam was doing good, by his calculation he could stop by to get flowers and still be early to the cafe.

Flowers sat at his passenger seat along with Harry Potter the book he bought last night with Mallory. Seeing the light ahead of him turn green Sam stepped on the gas to get through it before it turned yellow.

Sam passed through the light easily but glancing to the other street a thought passed mind, now that's going to put a cramp in my time.

And that was it.



Chapter 2


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