Lost in a Heartbeat
West Wing Fan Fiction
By Caroline Walsh

All Standard disclaimers apply. West Wing is the property of Aaron Sorkin and 
John Wells, along with NBC. Please don't sue me. 

Authors notes: This is what I think may happen after "What Kind of Day Has It 
Been" This is my first attempt at West Wing Fiction. All reviews are very 

Outside the Newseum, Arlington VA: After the Town Hall Meeting 

Josh tried to move from his spot behind the fence. He had to help his 
friends. A Secret Service agent held him back. "Mr. Lyman, I can't let you go 
anywhere sir. The scene isn't secure." Just as he finished the sentence, 
another shot rang out. A stray piece of concrete hit Josh on the cheek. The 
agent pulled him down and covered him. It seemed like an eternity before the 
agent got up. "All clear." He said simply and ran off. Josh was able to get 
into a sitting position. He quickly he checked all his parts, confirming that 
he hadn't been shot. The blood that he saw was coming from his cheek. 
Josh tried to get to his feet, but fell quickly. He grabbed his left 
wrist. "Damn" he said under his breath. Using his right hand, Josh stood up 
and surveyed the scene before him. He felt his heart skip a beat. The 
President's limo was gone as was the one that Zoey and Charlie had come in. 
The police and Secret Service were moving from spot to spot-checking on the 
injured members of the crowd and White House Staff. 
Josh quickly spotted Toby sitting near a fence. He ran toward his friend. 
"Toby, how are you? Are you hurt?" Toby shook his head. "I'm fine Josh. Just 
a few bumps and scrapes." Josh breathed easy. "Have you seen anyone else?" 
Toby shook his head again. The paramedics rush to Toby and began checking him 
out. Josh stood and quickly spotted Mike, head of Secret Service. Mike was 
speaking into a radio. "I don't care what the captain wants, this is a 
Federal matter. I make the call." Josh walked to him. "What do we know?" Josh 
asked with a mixture of concern and fear. 
He looked at Josh. "Mr. Lyman, we've got ten people injured. The 
President and Zoey aren't hurt and are headed back to the house." Josh 
breathed a slight sigh of relief. "What about everyone else?" Mike 
continued, "Mr. Seaborn and Ms.Cregg are fine. We're sending them back to the 
house. Mr. Ziegler is being transported to George Washington Hospital to be 
check over." Josh sensed that he was holding something back. "What about Leo 
and Charlie?" He shook his head. "They were both hit. Mr. McGarry was shot in 
the leg and Charlie was hit in the back. They've been taken to GW also. 
That's all I can't tell you." 
Josh nodded. "I've got to check on them." Mike looked at Josh holding his 
arm. "I'll get someone to take you, it looks like you could do with some 
medical attention also." He motioned for an agent. He told him to take Josh 
to the hospital. The agent put an arm on Josh's back and directed him toward 
a car. Josh stopped and looked at the scene behind him. He almost lost it all 
in a heartbeat.


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