Not The Cheating Type#1- Love Triangle Gone Wrong

Summary- CJ tried to control her spinning love life....CJ/new, CJ/Danny, and CJ/????

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CJ had just finished the morning briefing and was feeling a lot more wiped out than she usually was at 9:00 in the morning. She had been bombarded with question about her and the senior staff being supoened and was treading the same line she had on the night of the shooting. It seemed as if the administration always had their worst days on the not so merry month of May. She continued her stroll back to her office.

"CJ, you have the senior staff meeting in 10."

"Yeah," she answered as she rushed to envelop herself in her office and down an asprin.

She entered, closed the doorr, knelt to her briefcase and took out the asprin.

"Seems as though I go through a bottle of these twice a month."

"Those cause liver damadge, you know."

CJ jumped to the sound of his voice.

"God, Trent, don't do that," she said finding him on her couch.

"Ok, but I brought you something."

CJ smiled as she was handed flowers.

"I heard about you being supoened, so I thought these might cheer-up your day."

He was a witty 38 year-old, around CJ's height and his brown hair was tousled with that 'I just woke-up,' look.

"Thank you," she said, placing them in a jar with the roses he had brought her a week ago.

"I, uh, I woke-up and you were gone once again, so I thought I'd pass by on my way to work."

"Yeah, sorry. Did you eat the pancakes?"


"All of them?"

"Well, no, one is going to be my lunch."


CJ ran a hand through her hair as she finally sat down behind her desk. She took a look at her first boyfriend in a long time and wondered about the upcoming weeks.

"CJ? CJ? You spaced out there, on me," he said standing once again in front of her.

"Sorry. Listen, Trent, the following weeks are going to be really hard, so I just wanted you to know-"

"CJ, are you dumping me," he said looking at her with his green eyes.

"No. No! I was just saying that if I space out it's not cause, you know, I don't want you around, it's cause of all the grand jury business," she answered putting her arms around him.

"Yeah, I understand. I mean, I'll be there for you if you need me."

CJ smiled as he kissed her.


Josh entered the office and smirked at what he saw.

"Y-Yes, Josh," she said, rather embarrassed.

"Leo sent me to get you for staff."

"Yeah. I'll be right there."

"Okey doke," he said smiling as he left.

"I'll see you later then?"

"You bet," she said giving him one last kiss.

She watched him leave and her face dropped as she saw Josh waiting for her in the hallway.

"Josh, how many times have I told you to knock?"

"CJ, how many times have I told you to put the 'I'm making out, come back later' sign?"

"It is not a time for your sarcastic jokes."

"You're lucky I came instead of Leo, God, would that have been good."

"Leo knocks Josh. He is a knocking kind of person."

"And I am not?"

"No, you are a ' I don't care, I'm here' kind of person," she answered as they entered Leo's office.

"Ok then."


"Hey, CJ, stay here a sec."

The senior staff dispersed as CJ inhaled and turned to face Leo again.

"Just wanted to tell you that Danny Concannon's returned today."


"CJ, I'm just telling you to-"

"Leo, you do know that I have been going out with someone for the past 2 weeks, and besides, why do you guys keep on thinking that-"

"He's a good looking guy, CJ. He gave you that frog you have-"

"Goldfish, Leo. Goldfish."

"See, there you go, I'm just saying-"

"Yeah, yeah. I'll see you later."

"I'm only saying that us Irish guys are pretty darn good-"

"Leo?" she asked turning around.

"You get the idea."

"Yeah," she said smirking as she left.


"CJ, will the grand jury affect the Administration in any other ways besides the ones you just described?"

"Annie, the Bartlet Administration will be continued to be focused on the issues that the American people want to be debated upon and re-election. That is all."

CJ left the podium waving off any other questions.

"Carol, you need to get me some more answers to that question cause I'm running out of them."

"Yeah," Carol said as she left CJ.

CJ slowed down her pace as she smelled something she hadn't in the past month. She entered her office nd turned quickly.



"The one and only," he answered turning the corner to her office.


"Hey back," he answered watching 'their' goldfish swim around a Christmas tree.

"Christmas is long gone, CJ."

"I've been busy, and besides, why take it out when I put it back in a few months anyway?"

"Uh-huh. I bet you still have your christmas lights at your house hanging off the windows."

"I actually never got to hanging them up."

"Someone needs to teach you how."

"And I'm sure you're going to offer me how."

"I wasn't but now that you mention it."

CJ smiled as he closed the door behind him.

"CJ, I've missed you. I mean, France was nice and all, but I did miss you."

"I'm sure it was nice," she said trying to drop the subject.

"CJ, I'm thinking of being an editor, again."

"That won't change my-"

"Come on, CJ," he asked taking her hand to make her stand.

"Danny there are several reasons why and a couple new ones I've added."

"Let me remind you why, you shouldn't pay attention to those reasons."

"What do you intend to-"

Danny pressed his lips against hers as she was quickly silenced. She was shocked, then her mind took off without her. She accepted the kiss, and began to put her hands through his hair as she once had a long time ago. She felt his hand run alongside her back and then was awakened sharply. She pushed him away as he began to run a hand through her hair.

"Danny, I-I need to tell you-"

"Don't tell me anything," he said feeling a sense of triumph after feeling she needing him too. "Just think about us and I'll see you at the end of the day."


"End of the day," he said leaving.

"Oh crap."


CJ's day had passed slow, and she was accused of spacing out on meeting several times. Of course she was spacing out, she told herself. She had just successfully topped Sam's scandal with Laurie. She was now cheating on the Senate Minority's deputy chief of staff with the Washington's Post Senior Correspondant to the White House. Talk about a love triangle. She didn't love Danny, it was more of a reaction, she convinced herself. She really liked Trent. So why the hell did she make out with Danny? That was the question that needed an answer, and the question that could ruin it all.

"CJ? CJ?"

"Yeah, I'm here," she answered as she looked upon a worried Josh in her office.

"CJ, what's wrong?"


"CJ, I've known you for a long time, now, what's wrong?"



"Listen, on my list of what's wrong, there's 12 chapters, and footnotes to make Toby jealous."

"CJ, I'm your friend, now, tell me."

"Josh, I really can't."

"CJ," he said looking her in the eyes, "Tell me."

"Josh, today Trent came over, right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Well, after that. Leo told me that Danny was back again and to watch out."


"So, after my briefing Danny stops by and somehow I end up in his arms."


"Kissing him, Josh. I kissed, him."

Josh shook his head as he sat next to his best friend and held her as he saw her glassy eyes.

"I'm not the cheating type, Josh. I didn't set out to kiss Danny, you know. It just, like happened."

"I know you're not. Thing is, will Trent trust you enough to know that too."

"Josh, I'm going to lose him. That's what always happens. When I need someone, they all run away."

"I'm here, CJ. And I'm not running away."

CJ smiled as he wiped her tears.

"Listen, you know what you should do. Go to Trent's tonight, and tell him what you told me. Then fix Danny. Hopefully, he'll see that it didn't mean anything, right?"

"Josh, it didn't mean anything. I think."

"CJ, you gotta do better than I think."

"I don't know. I need to just think.To do just that."

"Ok. Then scratch out going to Trent's until you find out. Hey, and pass by my office later, Donna has the kind of coffee that you like."

"Yes, Joshua."

"Anytime," he said heading to go out.

"And aren't you surprised how good I got at this? I mean I can basically be Dr. Love by now."

"Get out of here, Josh," she said chuckling.




CJ had called Danny's house twice and left a message explaining that he shouldn't see her tomorrow. That she needed to think about what he said, and hoped that would get him off her back. She lounged in her townhome in pajamas as she held a picture of Trent and her taken one week ago and thought about what would happen next. She was finally beginning to figure it all out when the doorbell rang.

"Trent, hi," she said finding him at her door.

"Hey CJ. Mind if I come in? I called but you weren't at your office."

"No, come on in."

CJ hung up his jacket and noticed his new spiked hair.

"Nice spikes," she said smiling at him.

"Thank you," he said taking her hand in his.

"So? Do I get a tour? I mean, I was here last night, but I really didn't look around."

"Yeah. Well, as you can see, here's my messy living room, full of reports," she said.

"And then my kitchen. Notice the hanging food utensils. Next the den, my laptop, and stereo. And last but definitely not least, my bedroom."

She extended her arm out as Trent entered the bedroom with her.

"Nice. So, Ms. Tour guide anything else you'd like to show me?"

"I don't know, anything you want to see? I didn't think you wanted to see the bathroom."

Trent laughed as he brushed away a hair from her face.

"Can I touch?" she asked, pointing to his spikes.

"Go right ahead."

He watched her feel the spikes the hair dresser had made and then she lowered her hand to his face.

"I really need to tell you something."

"Me too. Can I go first?"

"Yeah," she said noting his dimples.

"Ok, I am in love with the smartest, sexiest woman alive. And one more thing," he said pulling her in as he kissed her.

She once again forgot about the announcement she was yet to make as his hands rubbed her back.

"Trent," she said as he began to kiss her neck.


He rose back up as he kissed her once again silencing her as he began to unbutton her blouse. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

CJ lay in bed as she stared at the ceiling and wondered about how she had been able to completely forget about her announcement. His hand was outstretched around her and she couldn't sleep. Not only was she now beginning to think that she was 'the cheathing type,' but that she actually enjoyed it. That was the worst thing that she could have done, next to make out with Danny. She didn't know what to do. She could take her college roomate's advice, and "Play them." Or, she could take what her brother had told her after he found out what his then girlfriend did, "Stick to one, it sucks to be the other guy." She didn't know what to do. Tomorrow, she told herself, she would tell the one person who could understand her mind.....



CJ buried herself in work, and received various dirty looks from Josh after she had told him that she had in a way, forgotten, about her announcement to Trent and ended up with him spending the night. She could tell that this was probably a flashback from one of Josh's past relationships, and wanted to get his out of the way faster. So, she sped up her work pace and counted down to lunch time, when she could talk to the one who understood her.



CJ sat in her office with her back to her explaining her ordeal.

"So, I kissed him, the I tried to tell him about Trent, but he told me to tell him tomorrow and to think about 'us'

and all that. So, I gave myself the guilt trip, and went home. After that, Trent stopped by, and he.....uh, somehow ended up spending the night. So the question is what to do."



"I mean, oh my god."

"That's all you have for me?"

"I'm just saying , oh my god."

"We covered that area of vocabulary already."

"CJ, you are so not the cheating type! I mean, I am, but you? God, that's a real shocker."

"What's so unbelievable?"

"That two guys would-"

"What? They would what?"

"Would you know, I mean....Is there a way for me to get out of this conversation?"

"Not now, particularly."

CJ stood to face her as her visitor tried to come up with something.

"Well, I mean, you'rewhat, fort- uh, late twenties?"

"You are really screwing up left and right here, you know that?"

"Well, however chronologically gifted you may be, I'm trying to say...."

"Say what? God, just spit it out!"

"Well, hear ye, hear ye, play them."

"Donna? Donna? Tell you you said tell them."

"No," the secretary said, rubbing her temples, "I said play them. I mean, have a fling with Danny, have one with Trent. Then say, that it's not working out and it's over."

"What if, I, let's say, am in love with both of them?"

"Then, chose the hottest one to keep."


"That way I can have the other."

"Donna, you truly are amazing. I mean, would you do this?"

"Well, no, but this is you! Not me."

"Well, that's a penny's worth of advice."

CJ paced in her office as Donna watched her strides.

"I think I should keep Trent. I mean, think about, what if the press smells blood and goes after me when they find out that I have 2! It would basically mean my head for lunch. Let's just say I keep Danny, that would have my head for lunch. It would so totally kill me. Trent, on the other hand, is a Chief of Staff for the minority leader, and a democrat. No conflict of interest. No pain."

"That is true. But Danny has that very nice-"

"Donna. Please. Control yourself."

Donna blushed as she stopped day dreaming.

"So, that's it. I'm going to call Danny and explain it was a mistake and it won't happen again."

"Good. Do just that."

"Thank you, Donna. Oh, and don't tell Josh you were here."


"He'll ask you for *all* the details, trust me."

"Ok. I'll see you later then?"

"Yup. Thanks," she said while dialing Danny's number.

"CJ," she called out as she re-opened the door, "These just came for you."

"Oh, thanks," she said as Donna placed a boquet on her desk.

"Danny? Hey, it's CJ. About last evening....."


Chapter 2


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