Not the Cheating Type #2 - Over Coffee

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CJ smirked as she read the card after placing a very depressing phone call to Danny. It read, 'Thanks for the nice evening,' and wasn't signed. Trent, she assumed, it had to be. She decided to give him a call.

"Trent? It's CJ."

"Hey, how are you," she heard him say.

"Great. Hey thanks for the flowers," she said smelling them once more. "They're great."

"Flowers? CJ, I didn't send any flowers."

CJ's mind raced into what to say. Had it been Danny, she would go over the guilt trip once again.

"Oh, sorry, that's right, it was a friend," she lied.

"O-Ok. CJ, what friend?"

", Jo- Sam."

"Joe or Sam? CJ, are you not telling me something?"

"Well....listen, can I come over after work?"

"Yeah, you bet."

"Ok, I'll tell you then."

"Great," he answered before hanging up.

"And I have just been served."



"Hey," she said as Trent answered the door.

"Hi. So, what's the deal?"

"Well," she said noticing he was just in boxers and his undershirt, "I need to confess to something."

"Go right ahead."

"Last week, an old friend stopped by my office. We chatted about his last travel and then I did something that I know was wrong. I kissed him. And, I'm sorry, but I think he sent the flowers too."

"CJ, that's just great. I mean I have been screwed over in relationships since the beginning of time and-"

"Trent," a voice said from the bedroom.

"...I think it's women like you who-"

"Trent, who else is here?"

"No one."

"Trent, come back here you sexy man."


CJ stood there as she witnessed a woman come out of his bedroom wearing one of his shirts.


CJ stood between Trent and the mystery woman.

"CJ, this is-"

"Save it. And you know what, the words 'screwed over' were plaved perfectly in sync with her appearing. Have a nice life Trent," she said as she walked out the door.

The woman stared at Trent with an evil eye.

"Who was that?"

"White House Press Secretary and my now ex."



"And so I high tailed it out of there," CJ spoke into her cellphone while driving DuPont Circle.

"That had to be an all-time high for you."

"Oh, yeah."

"Do you want to, maybe grab a cup of coffee, it's only nine."

"Uh.....sure, Josh."

CJ made a u-turn quickly and hoped no cops were around as she made her way to Josh's.


"Hey, Josh."

"Hey yourself. So, do you want to come in or shall we go now," he said as he grabbed his jacket.

"Let's just head out now."


Josh jumped down the steps as CJ waited for him on the sidewalk.

"My car or yours?"

"Well," he answered, "You have a BMW, I have a Volvo....yours!"

CJ smirked as she tossed him the keys to her precious car.

"Easy, Josh, she's not used to pedal to the metal," CJ said as Josh geared up.

"Well, Papa's taking it for a ride."

"Ok, ok, out."


"Switch me seats."


"Because I don't trust you with my car which took a long time to save up to."


Josh stayed in the driver's seat as CJ crouched and jumped over the gears to hover above Josh.


"Right, right," he said, feeling self-conscious for staying there, observing the view.

"Ok, back to business."

CJ geared up just as Josh did and made Josh raise an eye brow.

"You don't trust me?"

"No. Now put your seat belt on."


CJ sipped her double latte as Josh walked back from the cashier.

"So, we just paid double for one export which has lowered its price by 50%."

"Yeah, but we can sit here, and drink coffee in artsy chairs."

"Definitely," Josh answered as he added sugar to his coffee.

"So...we've talked about my horrendous love life, what about yours?"

"Mine, is, uh, in a limbo of sorts."


"Well, there's this one woman who I find perfect in every way, but I'm afraid of losing her as a friend and coworker if I ever told her," Josh answered.

"Ah, yes. I think I have the same problem."


"No, no. I mean, I always have the problem of becoming friends with everyone and when I finally get to see them as more than a friend, they back off. And you? Donna?"

"No. She's nothing more than a mom closer to home."


CJ and Josh stared silently at each other as CJ made circles alone her coffee cup. Suddenly, a young woman passed by, gently tapping CJ's elbow and causing CJ's coffee to spill.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"

The woman apologized to CJ over and over again as Josh jumped to his feet to clean CJ.

"It's alright," CJ said as she waved the woman off.

"Are you ok, CJ?"

"Coffee stains come out, I'll live," she answered as Josh helped cleaned her shirt.


The pair continued to wipe the table as they stood to leave.

"Wait, aren't you Josh Lyman?"

"Yeah," Josh answered while giving a hand out to CJ to stand.

"Awesome! I'm, like, you're biggest fan. I watched you with Mary Marsh years ago, and you were totally right in what you were saying. I prayed for you when- I'm sorry, aren't you CJ Cregg?"

"Yes," CJ said, noting that Josh wasn't the only one who had groupies.

"Wow! I'm really glad that a woman is the face of the White House. You do a great job. Could you both sign this for me," she finished handing them her notebook.


Josh signed as he passed it along to CJ.

"Here you go," CJ said as she gave the girl her notebook.

"Thanks! I didn't know you two were a couple. Anyway, I'm voting for you. Bye!"

CJ and Josh stood there as she walked away, leaving them both to analyze her last sentence.

"You're not the only one who has groupies," CJ said, stopping the silence.

"Yeah, you'd be amazed how many Toby has," Josh said as they walked out.

CJ laughed as she walked out to her car with Josh.

"I even think he has a fan club base, right?"

"You bet," Josh said while he starpped his seat belt on.

CJ turned and smiled as she drove back to Josh's house.



CJ sat on Josh couch as he ran around pushing files off his furniture.

"Sorry for the mess, I wasn't expecting company."

"Don't worry about it," CJ answered as she noticed that Josh had never cleaned up for her before.

Josh nodded as he finally picked up the final file and put it away.

"you know, maybe I should go, I mean, I know you have a breakfast meeting with Gilette and-"

"No, no. Stay, talk."


CJ smiled as Josh came out and sat next to her.

"Josh I don't think there's much more to talk about. We've talked about my life, yours, adn well, there's not much left."

"CJ, do you think Bartlet has a chance of re-election."

"Josh I'm not-"

"Cj, what do you think?"

"I, Josh, I think we're in deep shit."

"Yeah," Josh answered as rubbed a hand across his face.

"I mean, we are going to win this, but we have a whole moutain range to climb over first."

Josh laughed softly while CJ leaned back.

"We are going to win this, I know it. We are going to beat the grand jury, the republicans, and the press."

"Leave the press to me," CJ smiled.

"I'll take the republicans, then."

"Yeah. Speaking of grand jury, we should be getting ready, the 21 of May is coming and..."

Josh zoned out as he thought about what happened last May 21st.

"Josh? Josh, I'm sorry," she said finally noting he was staring at the wall behind her.

"I'm sorry."

Josh nodded and sat there silent while CJ moved over to embrace him.

"I love you, CJ."

"I love you too."

The sat on his couch silently as she began to cry.CJ dried her eyes as she let go for a minute to stand.

"Josh, it's late I should go."

"Don't, please."

Josh stood next to her as he held her hand while they looked out the window.

"When, when I was unconscious that night, I remembered different moments from the campaign. Nashua, Sam, Super tuesday. The one that I remember the most clearly was when I took you out for dinner and you lashed out at me telling me that I was nothing but a cocky liberal...."

"I was drunk, Josh, are you going to keep on blackmailing me with that?"

"That was the best night, CJ. We danced to the kareoke music and then after that we just became best friends. I'll never forget that night."

CJ smiled as she remembered parts of that night.

"Yeah, it was," she said moving into his arms.

"It was like the scene in-"

"Enough of scenes, Josh."

Josh smiled as she leaned her head against his.

"Would you mind if I kissed you," Josh asked, manner-of-factly.

CJ raised an eye-brow at his question.


"Sure, you'll mind?"

"No, now shut up and kiss me," she said while their lips connected.

CJ kept a hand on his neck and moved another to rummage through his hair. Josh rubbed her back as the kiss deepened.

"C-CJ," he said while putting a finger to her mouth momentarily.

"Yeah," she said shaken.

"This isn't a rebound."


"Ok," he said moving his mouth back to hers.



"They are so going to catch us," CJ said wearing one of Josh's shirts as she walked into his kitchen.

"I don't think so."

"Josh, my car is outside."

"You think Leo had you tailed?"

"No, but-"

"Don't worry about it, we are fine."

"You're right," she answered as she sat to eat some of the pancaked he finished cooking.

"Yes, I am. Now, sit down and eat before we are late," he answered while he rubbed the back of her neck.


CJ smiled as she took in a bite.




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