Wild Nights-1

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Rating: PG
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"CJ, how may I-"

"My office, NOW!"


Looking as ashamed as possible, CJ dragged Josh in her office.

"What do you think you're doing?! Better yet, Why?!"

"See, this is funny. I was being sarcastic and the President-"

"One of the two times sarcastic has gotten you in trouble!"

"thought I was for real."

Josh sat down on the couchas CJ sat on the edge of her desk.

"Yeah! You should pray that Leo didn't here yet or-"


CJ peered through her window to see a fuming Leo McGaryy look back at her as she
raised and eyebrow.

"Could you help me, CJ? Just hide me in your closet?"

"I would think not!"

CJ shook her head as Leo swung open the door.

"We ALL have to?! What were you thinking?!"

"CJ already said that," Josh said head down.

"Well, it's worth repeating into the thick head of yours!"

Leo paced the floor as CJ clicked her pen. Josh was being torn into by both
staffers left
and right. He was only lucky enough that Toby was on vacation.

"Well," Josh began, "Maybe Camp David would be educational."

"Josh, I can assure you it will be as educational for *you* as possible," CJ


Leo stood and pointed at him with something else to say on the tip of his
tongue, but just
bit his lip. Suddenly, Carol opened the door.

"Yeah," CJ looked up from the floor.

"The President wants all of you in the oval office."


CJ gave Josh one last cold stare and left. Leo just stood for a moment and
walked behind her as Sam joined him.


CJ and Leo were talking when Sam and Josh walked ina few moments late. Suddenly,
CJ gave one of her trademark laughs, and Leo grinned brightly.

"What are they laughing at?"

"Probably you," Sam answered.

"Thanks, Sherlock."

The President walked in from the patio as everyone stopped their conversations
and stood at attention.

"Keep your seats."

The senior staff nodded as they sat down once more.

"Now, I've heard something about a few of you not wanting to go to Camp David
me. Is that true?"

The Senior staff sat their, each one fiddling differently, as they remained

"Well, sir, in all honesty, Josh, Sam, and I had triple dates this weekend. And
we've tried
over 3 times to find something to fit each person's schedule but-"

"Excellent. They can all join us."

"Sir, I really don't think-"

"Why not? I sure would like to meet your future husband and wives."

"Leo, I really don't think that's a good idea," CJ said hinting at something.

"You guys have nothing to hide so-"

"Well, actually sir-"

"Good. Settled, bring them along. See, Josh, this was a great idea. I'm glad
you thought of it."

The trio once more glared at the deputy chief of staff.


Part 2



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