Wild Nights-2
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Rating: PG
Summary: Josh's sarcastic mouth gets the senior staff in trouble...again.
CJ/Danny, Sam/ Mal, and some Josh/Donna.

Sam, Josh, and Leo left, while mumbling a few lingering last words as
they exited the oval office.

"CJ," the President said just as she began to casually exit.

"Yes, sir?"

CJ swung on her heel and made her way back in.

"Well, I have ahunch that the person you're going to bring might raise Leo's blood pressure, and maybe yours too, so I just wanted to let you know that he's ok by me."

"Sir, what are you trying to-"

The President raised a hand as he noticed CJ's fiddling.

"You're lying."

"Sir I-"

"You are. You fiddle when you're standing and lying."

"I don't fiddle on the podium, do I?"

The President shook his head as she looked concerned.

"No, you're in professional mode," he said smiling.

She sighed as he began to speak again.

"So, now that you tried to change the subject, CJ, he's fine by me. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Hasta manana, Mr. President."

CJ chuckled as she made her way out of the office while accepting a cookie from Mrs. Landingham.



CJ stood in her office as she suddenly remembered one key item to tomorrow.

"Carol! I need you to, uh, cancel tomorrow's briefings. I am going to Camp David."

"Good, CJ. It'll really help you to have fun."

"Wait, Carol. I'm going with the President."

Carol rubbed the back of her head as CJ smiled.

"Oh,and could you get Danny into my office, please," she said while looking at Gail.


CJ tapped the fish's glass and looked at the newly aquirred object in her bowl.

"Who gave you this, Gail?"

"I did."

"God! Danny, don't ever, ever, do that again."

CJ rubbed her forehead as he came up to her from behind the door.


Danny walked to the door and shut it quietly.

"Ready for our date tomorrow?"

"Speaking of that, there's a change in plans."


"We won't be going to see The Mummy Returns after all."

"What do you mean," he said closing the distance between them.

"I mean we're going to Camp David and-"

"Great! That all?"

"No," she said clicking her pen, "we're going witn everyone."

"Oh. Well, if I'm with you, who cares?"

Danny flashed a grin as she blushed.

"Also, we'll be there for the weekend."

"Good, you can teach me what you learned in the sex ed report."


"Ok, ok, just kidding. I mean unless-"


Danny smiled again as she sat on the bridge of her desk.

"Hey, need a ride home," he asked.

"Actually, I do."

"Ok. I'll give you a ride."

CJ smiled as he went off to gather his things as she packed hers.


CJ cracked her neck for the second time in the drive as Danny pulled into her driveway.

"Okey dokey. My lady, we are here."

Danny unbuckled as CJ did and continued to help her out of the car.

"Thanks for the ride, Danny," she said retrieving her briefcase.

"No prob. I guess you need one tomorrow, too?"

"Yes, please. Could you pick me up around 6:30," she said jingling her keys.

"You bet."

CJ walked up her stairs and unlocked the door.

"thanks again, Danny."

"No problem."

CJ smiled as Danny gave her kiss.

"I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah," he said watching her enter her house.

CJ rubbed her cheek on the other side of the door and noticed her face was red.

"God, I need to get a life."



CJ awoke this morning to a different sound. Not a cellphone, pager, or home phone. It was the doorbell.

"Coming," she managed to yell from under her sheets.

She washed her face, pulled a robe on, and calmed her raging hair.

"Yeah," CJ answered groggily to her secret service agent.

"this man claims that he needs to give you a ride to Air Force One, Ms. Cregg."

"Yeah, he is actually. Thanks, Annie."

"Ok. Here you go," she said releasing her grip on his arm.

CJ smiled as the agent walked away and left Danny in front of her door.

"What do you want, fishboy?"

"I wanted to see you."

"And you couldn't wait, what, an hour?"

"No," Danny answered putting his puupy dog face on.



"Sam! Is my Dad coming with us, too," Mal asked from the bathroom.

"Yeah. So is CJ, Danny, Josh and Donna."

"You know that disasters are going to happen, right?"


Sam buttoned his shirt as Mallory towel dried her hair in the bedroom.

"Did you call CJ?"


"So you can come up with a plan to give the cause of this trip pain!"

"Oh, Josh."

"Yeah,"she answered.

"No, I will now."

Sam ran a quick hand through his hair as he dialed her number.



"Ring. Ring. "

"Could you get that?!"

CJ yelled from the shower to Danny.

"Yeah," he picked up the phone, "Hello?"

(other line)

"Uh- Danny?"


"Oh. Well, could you tell CJ that I called?"


"Ok, thanks."

"Hey, Sam? Don't get the wrong idea. I'm giving CJ a ride-...and I'm talking to myself."

"Who was that," CJ asked drying her hair.

"You look good wet."

"I know, who was that?"

"I mean you look-"

CJ shook her head and grabbed and kissed him.

"There.Now who called?"

"S-Sam," he said stunned.

"You answered to Sam," she said cracking her knuckles.

"Uh- yeah."

"They think we're-"

"Yeah," he grinned, "but what else is new?"

"Danny," she said smiling.

"Did you eat?"

CJ shuffled through the kitchen wearing a towel as Danny pulled some fruits out of fridge.

"No, I'm hoping to catch something on the plane."


Danny nodded as CJ smiled and went to her room to change.


"CJ! Charlie! My flying friends! Show me your date, CJ," he said grinning.

"Sir, Leo is coming right behind us," she said.

"Come on, CJ. Either now or never."

"More like now or 10 minutes from now."



CJ nodded as Danny finally picked up his and her luggage.

"Danny," he said unsurprised.

"Hello, sir. How are you?"

"Just fine, Danny. You?"

"Great," he said smiling.

"Danny, can I give you one tip?"

"Of course sir," he said walking up the final stairs to the plane.

"I wouldn't hurt CJ or you'll have the air force,me and my-"

"Jed! Did you eat your breakfast yet?"

"...wife. Uh..yeah," he said walking in Air Force One.


"No, ok? Happy?"

"Extremely. Now come and eat. You too, CJ and Danny."

CJ caught a wink as she said Danny to her while walking towards the couple.

Danny and CJ made their way through Air Force ONe and were guided into the
conference room which was filled with breakfast foods.

"Hey, CJ. Hi, *Danny*," Josh said while looking up at his best friend
and her companion.

"Hello CJ," Leo grumbled to her."

"Hi guys," she said sitting next to Josh.

"Leo, why so blue," Danny said while sitting down.

"Danny, I don't recommend," Josh whispered.

"Because my daughter's staying overnight with Sam, I didn't sleep at all
last night, Josh has been cracking his neck over 5 times already, and I don't want to go!"

"Oh," Danny said, reaching for an apple.

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