Wild Nights-3

Summary- The staff try to enjoy a forced break at Camp David..CJ/Danny, Josh/Donna, Sam/ Mallory

Rating: PG

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Leo huffed air in and out of his lungs as he casually reaached over the table to get an apple after his long speech. Sam and Mallory just continued to stare at the wall, while Josh tried to stifle a laugh.

"Josh, you should be the *last* to laugh right now!"

Josh turned red again, and everyone got the feeling that this was going to be a long flight.



"Okey dokey! Everyone, we're here!"

"Thank God, Mr. President," Josh added as he stepped off the plane.


The staff unloaded and took the motorcade to Camp David.

"Aah," Bartlet sighed, "Can't you smell it? The wind, the birds..."

"Sir, all due respect, we can't smell the birds. At least my mother wouldn't let us."

"Don't be a smart ass."


A while later, the staff was shown to their rooms. Leo's blod pressure sky rocketed once again.

"I demand that my daughter get her own room!"

Leo's face was red as he stood in front of Mallory and Sam in their room.

"Mr. McGarry," the service agent calmly explained, "there's only enough rooms for us in this set-up."

"Leo, do you think I'd sleep with her? My boss's daughter? I'm not that stupid."

CJ passed by the room just long enough to hear Sam's line.

"Well, Sam, "she explained, "you were stupid enough to sleep with a call girl and not call me."

She grinned and quickly left before Sam could react.

"I'll sleep on the couch, Leo."

"Sam you'll-"

"Leo, I swear."

"You better," he said walking out.



"Oh my God, Josh."


"I mean- Oh..... My..... God."

"I already heard you."

Josh and Donna stood in front of the Queen bed as he held their luggage.


"What're we gonna do."

" 'k. First off, it's 'What are we going to do,' and we'll have to share the bed."

"Whatever. You mean, like a sleepover?"

"Yeah," Josh ran a hand through his hair.



The staff was split in what they were going to do. after half-an-hour oif arguing, they finally agreed on going skiiing.

"CJ! Could you hurry-up? Leo, Mal, and Sam are already down on the slope!"

Danny paced in the small log cabin on the side of the hills as he waited for CJ to come down the stairs.

"Ok, ok, I'm here."

CJ came down wearing her skiing attire.

"God, CJ. You could wear nothing and you'd still be absolutely gorgeous."

"You should know," she blushed.

"Yeah," he smiled, "let's go."

CJ and Danny walked out hand in hand as they saw Sam practicing on a small slope. Sam tried to jump but instead fell on Leo.

"Uh- Leo, I'm sorry, uh-"

"Sam, shut-up and get off my lap."

Everyone was holding their sides, and Mallory could hardly breathe.

"To think those are the two guys I love the most," she mentioned to CJ.

"Aw, Mal."

Sam got up and took her hand and softly kissed her.

"TWO GUYS?! You mean, you love him the same as your own father?!"

"Leo, calm down, I don't think she meant-"

"Sam, shut-up!"

"Mal," Sam croaked fomr behind her.

Now CJ was violently laughing from the past series of events that she was slowly losing her grip on the snow. She was now sliding rather quickly down the slope.

"Uh, Danny," Sam pointed out.


"Keep an eye on your girlfriend."

"CJ's right- CJ?"

He turned to see her zooming down the slope backwards without poles.


Danny's eyes widened as he directed her.

"Go straight! Right! Right! My right! CJ watch out for-"

CJ sped over a rock and did a small leap, and Danny smiled as he watched her go over the rock with no problems, but sighed too soon. She smiled and later sped over a rock 10% the size of the other and flipped and fell miserably into the snow.

"The rocks," he sighed, skiing down the slope to her.


Danny skiied to her and kneeled down as he cradled her head in his arms.

"Hi- who are you? Danny? Where am I?"


"Could you just tell the President to take his-"

CJ stopped mid-sentence and passed out. Danny smiled as he picked her up and took her back up the slope.

"What happened," Mallory asked as she watched Danny bring her up.

"She hit her head on the rock. She'll be fine.....hopefully."


Part 4



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