Wild Nights-5

Rating- PG

Summary- The senior staff tries to enjoy a forced break at Camp David...CJ/Danny, some Donna/Josh, and Sam/Mallory.

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Last we were, our favorite characters were playing poker on a late night in Camp David...and now, hang over time.


CJ looked herself in the mirror one last time as Danny picked a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"I'm gonna go downstairs ad see if there's any ginger ale that I can take down," CJ said, while pulling on a robe.

"Let me come with you," he said pulling on another, "just in case you have another, you know, recycling episodes."

CJ smiled as he followed her downstairs to the kitchen.

"My head is pounding," she mentioned to Danny as they reached the kitchen counter.


Danny walked to the fridge as she leaned on the counter. He quickly found the bottle of ginger ale and took out a tall glass to pour it in.

"Thanks," she said as she slowly swallowed a few drinks.

Danny sat on one of the stools as he found a note sitting on the counter.

"Hey. Look at this," he said beginning to read it aloud.

'Dear Staff,

You're very lucky that my wife told me not to wake you guys up for a round of golf. By the way, I know Josh will be asking how I can golf when it's snowing outside, and there's an inside course, Josh. I love my job. Anyway, just take it easy, or so says Abbey, and get ready for the flight home at 6.


"Great," CJ answered as she finished her glass of ale. "I just know he'll plop on down here in an hour and start asking us if-"


CJ and Danny turned to a startling start as they saw Charlie, The President, and a few agents carrying golf clubs and accessories.

"And it starts," she murmured under her breath.

"I'm so glad you're up and about. Go upstairs, get dressed, come back down and have an apple, and let's go golf!"

"Yes, sir," they both said, as they walked up the stairs.

Just as the President bega to munch on a ripe apple nearby, Leo strolled down the stairs.

"Morning, sir," he said while he walked to the couch.

"Leo, you should come join us."

"Join you do what," he asked while sitting down.

"Play a couple rounds of golf."

"Sir, I really think I'm not your best partner when playing that game of sticks and balls."

The President shrugged it off as he continued to pitch his idea.

"Leo, Leo, Leo," he said, putting on his best face.

"Fine, sir," he said grumbling.

Leo walked over to the kitchen and grabbed an orange as he began to peel it.


"So, we have your basic 4 pound club, your-"

The President stopped as Leo and himself watched Sam and Mallory stroll down the stairs laughing like kids.

"Excuse me," Leo said as he stood to stare Sam in the face.


Sam's face turned pale as he slowly let go of her hand and Leo took it instead.

"I, uh, I, Leo-"

"You didn't sleep on the couch did you, Sam?"

Sam turned to face the President.

"Uh, no, sir."

"Then, I'd think it would be best for you to run as fast and as far as your little legs can take you," Leo said.

"Yes, sir," Sam said as he began to crawl back up the stairs.

"Wait, Sam. I want the three of you to join CJ, Danny, and myself golfing today," the President said.

"Why, well, sure."

"Good, you can be my gofl holder person- whatever you call it."

"I think it's a jockey, isn't it," Mallory put in.

"No, that's horses..."

Leo, Sam, Mallory, and the President continued to ponder that question as they stood in the living area.




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