Cj's Decision

Cj, cj, cj. Why would a name like that drive me up a wall? I don't know.
maybe cause she's gorgeously stunning, brilliant, and available. Well,
maybe not that all available. As i sit here in my office, wondering
about the last few happenings, i wonder. What if Cj had asked me
out first? I waould've dropped dead, probably. but then again, i have a
date to night, and even if it isn't with the White house Press Secretary,
its still pretty good.


Damn, there she is.

"H-hey," i manage to squeak.


She has that look on her face. the look i rarely see. The
kiss-me-now, or is it, the i'm-ticked-at-you- face? they're
really so alike, it's hard to tell.

"What's up?"

"I just- i-"

Speechless. that may be a good sign.

"you wanted to confess your undying love for me?"

Maybe that will make her laugh, or at least smile.
She does smile back.

"Well, close.."

Close?! Geez, it must be that new cologne.

"I wanted to ask if you would like to join me
for dinner tonight, not a business dinner,
a romantic dinner, if you say no, i understand,
but if at any chance you do want to, then please say so now
because i think i need to stop talking-"

Damn. The day i get a date, she asks me out.

"Cj, look,"

Oh shit, he's going to say no. I finally get the guts and
permission and he says no, wait he hasn't said that yet.

"cj, i can't."

There, he said it. Why couldn't he just grab me?

"Oh..that's ok, i'll just go then."

I leave, quickly. run, Cj, run.

why did he say no? i thought he liked me.
maybe i misread his signal. Damn it,
how clearer than flirting and kissing
can that be for me to ask him out! God,
i'm really taking this bad.

"Carol," i say as i enter my office.

"I need the DOD files for my meeting please."

"Sure, cj."


wow. she seems down. i wonder if its cause of that article.
Ha! that was pretty funny though, 'Great In Bed,' i thought she
was going to break the White House for sure when Leo told her
about Ainsley Hayes, but when that came out, i surely believed
that someone was going to die. Either someone or Danny...he really
poked a lot fun at her, he came in more often....but that's not what
matters. Cj seems really upset, and even thought it's not in my job
discription, we've been together since the camapain and i cant let her

"Cj," i ask as i knock gently.

"come in."

i walk a bit awkwardly as i have no idea what to tell her.

"uh, whats wrong?"

Sh asks me this now? I'm really not stable. i have half the guts to walk
down to the gaggle with absolutely nothing and just talk. I'd probably
get fired....


"Nothing's wrong, Carol."

"Cj i know you well, now, whats wrong?"

Does she really want to know? Maybe she can tell me why
Danny turned me down,.....she does know everything..

"Well," I look at her a bit suspiciously.

Carol nods, and i guess takes this as a signal that i want to open up,
and closes the door.

"It's Danny isn't it."

Damn is she good. Maybe she had a run-by with him. maybe he spilled

"Maybe," i say as i quickly start to fidget with my pen.

'White house,' wonder how they get that on there so nicely...

"He has a date tonight."

I drop my pen and it rolls but i continue to stare at Carol.

"not that i care, but how might you know?"

"Linda told Margaret who told Donna who told me."

Wow, so that's why she always know everyhting.


"you asked him out didn't you."

I notice she sits down on my couch, this is starting to get much more deeper

"I'll get back to you."

"Cj," she notices my remark quickly.

"fine fine, Carol, yes i did ask him out. Please, oh please, do not tell."

I cannot believe i just told my secretary i broke one of Leo's
10 commandments.

"Sealed. Now, want to know who he has a date with?"

What answer can i give here?

"i don't think anything i say is going to stop you," very nice, cj, very nice.

I reach down for my coffee cup as she smurks at me.

"well, i take that as a yes. Ainsley Hayes."

As if this was a movie, my coffee slips out of my hand and spills all over
the carpet.


I continue to stare at her more than before.

"uh, yeah, i should clean this up."

I reach down for my shattered cup, and i'm glad my new one's at home.
this is arcane. *my* Danny concannon has a date and i'm not it, now,
how is that fair? Wait, i didn;t mean that *my*....

"I think i'll leave you before you have a system overload."

That wasn't funny, i think as she slips thru my doorway.


6:34 Le Poutre'

"...this was very nice, Danny, thank you."

Ainsley is a good conversationalist, not as good as Cj, but good.


I quickly delete the 'we should do this again sometime' line.

AS i pay the bill and walk her to my car, i keep on thinking that
i should tell her.

"Danny, i just wanted to tell you that i had a marvelous time."

"i'm glad, have you ever eaten a french dinner?"

"Not as such, no."

Not as such? A-alright.

Quickly we enter my Nissan and i begin to drive her to her home.

(still danny's pov)

We're standing out here on her porch and i remember a joke Cj told me.

"I- i should tell you,Ainsley that i really-"

Mmm. She just reached over and kissed me on her step?! Did i say mmm?
I feel like i'm cheating on Cj.

"that you really what?"

She finishes, thank the lord, and i begin to studder out my message.

"T-that i really h-had a good time but that i dont think i-i should be doing

i hope she knows who im talking about.

"Oh," she looks a bit used. Lady, i didn't kiss you, you kissed me.

"this is about a certain Press Secretary, we know, is it?"

I nod.

"right. WEll, friends?"

"You bet."

As i reach over to hug her as a 'friend' i emphasize on the friend, a hear a
lense snap.

Shit. I look over and there's a car speeding away.

"god, i should make some calls."

"Me too," i add.


I practically zoomed to my house, and immediately reached for the phone.
No, i wasn't going to call my editor, although she would definitely be on
my list, but Cj. I think she's already drowning her sorrows, as she sometimes
does with
Josh on bad days, but now would be a specially bad day. She had gotten more
for the F-16 Pilot and when another oil question came up, she didn't have a
good enough save, at least not for Leo.

"Please, be home, Cj."

"Hey, you've reached Cj, and i'm out for the moment, so please leave a message
the beep. BEEP."

"cj, it's Danny i need you to call me."


"...i need you to call me."

"Too bad. It'll have to wait," I said as i put down my file and made
myself a drink.

this is really no good for me. I've had a bad day, i get turned down by
Danny,and now
Leo had called to tell me to go to this website where there's all this flac
the administration. Now, it's my job to clean it up.

I start to download a file from this site where i see pictures of the President
us at Rossyln. How the hell did they get this? It takes place a few seconds
before the
shots were fired. I'm standing by Sam, and Leo, Toby, and the President are
Amazing, how they could snap this...i wonder if this site ha anything to do with
White Pride? Nah, they seem sympathetic. Either way, i need to e-mail them and
give Ron
Butterfield a call.

I wonder why Ainsley asked Danny out. I mean, i think she knows, as well the
rest of them,
that we're sort of like a 'thing.' Then again, she's a republican, so she
probably doesn't
know that much. Not that i'm coming down on her, but we had a few talks, and she
drives me
up a wall. I tried, i really did, to be 'friends,' with her...that didn't work
When i asked Sam if i should give Danny coverage with the PResident, which is
wrong, she said i should because he's 'cute.' Now, that should've been


I wake up and hit my head off the stool that i crashed under last night.
Quickly, i reach for the phone.


"cj, it's Josh."


"you told me to wake you up at 6."

"I did?- i mean, yeah thanks."

I quickly hang up and got to the shower. As i pass the mirror i check
out blood dripping down my forehead.

"I must've hit my head harder than i thought," i say as i put a bandage
on it.

"that's going to be a shiner, Cj."



I quickly drive to the White House so i can get to Cj before the
cover of the Post does.. i hope she doesn't get it at her house.

"Carol?" i ask breathless.

"Cj's not in yet, you can wait in her office."

"thanks," i say as i grab Cj's copy of the post and read the article.

There's the picture. Caption: WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL WITH WHITE HOUSE

'I ask myself, why does a democratic administration put a republican
lawyer in their counsel? why, to seduce the reporters! Ainsley Hayes,
a vocal oppenent was asked to serve last month by Chief Of Staff Leo
McGarry, who she wrote several op-eds about, calling him,' a drunk...
should resign.' as well as much more. She is now Associate White House
Counsel, and appears to be dating Senior White House Correspondant,
Danny Concannon. this seems much more friendlier than what Mr. Concannon
has called Press Secretary Cj Cregg with her press room. Rumors have
been heard about the Press Secretary and Correspondant being linked
romantically, but that seems to be highly unusual, as seen in this
Post Editorials:
Francis McRads'

That was very strong. this isn't as what my editor thought it was going
to be. Cj is going to be pissed. Not about the picture, but about rumors
of myself and her. She'as bound to have questions about that and Ainsley.

"...Cj, Danny's in your office."


She's coming.

This cut is giving me a headache.

"Danny," i say as i open the door.

He looks somber.

"Hey, cj. I just wanted to talk about the picture...."

I close the door and the shades.

"go ahead."

I sit downin my chair.

"Listen, Cj, about it, i swear she made the move on me. I didn't want
it, cj you know i want you."

then why thew hell did you go out with her?!

"uh-huh," i say as i grab the POst from his hands.

I gasp at the picture and i quickly read the article.

"...rumors?! What the hell-"

"cj, i swear, i have no idea where this came from."

"Neither do i, but in about 10 minutes i'm going to get a talk
to by Leo and about 20 questions about it and i have to talk to
Ainsley. I swear today would be a good day to quit."

"W-what happened to your head?"

Danny points at my head.

"I-i hit it."

"Never quit, cj. That'll give em victory. Keep on fighting.
Go to the matresses."

"What's that?" I ask, having no idea what that meant.

"the Godfather, it means, go to war."

That has to be a guy thing.

"yeah, ok," i faintly smile.

"i'm sorry."

"For what?"

"The picture."

"Forget about it," i can't believe i just said that.

"cj, i never meant to hurt you."

"you haven't."

He seems hurt. What was i supposed to say? the picture hurt me? It didn't.

"Listen, can i make it up to you?"

"sure," Damn, i cant believe i said that either.

"Let me take you out to dinner."


"then, my house."

Uh-oh. this could be trouble. Then again....


~~~~~~~~~End part 1