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Cj and Danny *were* just cruisin'....

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Josh and Sam arrived minutes later, awaiting the worst fomr what the press
had been able to tell them. When they walked into GW, it was packed.


"Mr Seaborne," came a voice from behind.


"I'm Dr. Kelaway, i took care of your friend, Ms. Cregg."

"Where is she," Josh asked impatiently.

"Room 12A, second floor straight ahead."

"Thanks," they said as they both ran up the stairs.

They softly knocked, even though they knew they were not going to
receive an answer. The duo entered, took their hats off, and sat next to her.


Josh held her hand as he talked to her.

"Cj, it's Josh. I know you can hear me, cause i could hear you when
i was here. I guess it's my turn to pay you back. Anyway," Josh was nervous.

"Sam here too, cj," sam put in.

"We're worried about you, Cj, and well, wake up, like, now. We all need you.
Come on, cj, wake up. Please. Come on, you know i still owe you those 100
dollars from poker since like forever. You knwo you're just waiting to get them. Here's
what I'm gonna do. Wake up in the next 20 minutes and i'll give you 200 dollars,
starting now."


"......starting now...come on.....Cj......"

Cj's mind raced. Pictures of her family, the administration, people
she's never seen before, a goldfish, flashes....she could hear the voice
of two friends, but not exactly who. She screamed, kicked, and yelled at them.
Nothing happened. Maybe if she opened her mouth......



That voice again. Who could it be, she didn't know. Someone close, that's for
sure.  Someone young and compassionate. A he, it's a he. Jim. No, John. No, Josh. Yeah,
that's it Josh!


"Cj, it's me, Josh, you're right. Now open your eyes."

Eyes? That was a good idea, she thought.

Cj's eyes fluttered and her expression changed as she slowly opened her eyes.

"Where am I?"

"Cj, you were in an accident. It was pretty bad. You and Danny were driving home
and a bus ran a light and hit you. There are about another 13 people downstairs who
were on the bus. We still don't know how Danny is."

"We were just cruisin...."

Cj's eye flipped back into her head.

"And off to sleep she goes."

"..yes, sir. Of course. I can see her from where i'm standing. I will call you
as soomn as i know anything. yes, that;s a promise. good bye."

Sam flipped his cell phone off as he as saw Cj stir.


"Sam," she answered.

"Cj, you're back with us."

"W-what do you mean, back?"

"You were out of it for 36 hours."

"Leo's gonna be pissed."

"Nah, he's just glad you're ok."

"What d-do you mean ok?"

"Don't you remember?"


"Josh and I came in 2 days ago and we told you, and then you were out of

"I forgot."

"Anyway, I'll tell you again. You and Danny were in a car accident and you were
hit on the passenger side by a bus. Danny's condition has been upgraded to serious
condition and you're on fair condition. "

"H-how is serious being upgraded?"

"It was at criticial," Sam sighed.

Sam played around with his pen as she looked him in the eye.

"I scared you again, didn't I?"

"Yeah, you did," he said holding her hand, " and don't you ever do it again."

"I'll t-try not to."

Sam nodded as he passed hre a few pills and some water.

"You need to take these now."

Cj held the two pills as sam held the water. She quickly swallowed the pills and
drank some water.

"Thank you. H-how's the West wing?"

"Hell. Toby's been yelling how you decide to take injury time when the gun
control bill is being passed, Josh is really mad and is getting really ticked at
Donna, Toby takes it out on me, Leo's been taking it out on Josh and the
president's taken it out on us by telling us the most lethal weapons and where and why they
are produced."


"But, all in all, we're ok."

"When can i get out of here," Cj complained.

"as soon as you are seriously feeling better and the first lady says so."

"She's been here too?"

"Everyone, except maybe gail," Sam joked.

"Have you fed her?"

Cj looked panicked.

"Oh no! Just kidding, Carol has been feeding her and i think she's been seen
to her too."

"Remind me to tell her to stop doing that."

"Yeah," Sam smiled. "I'm just glad you're better."

"I am too."

Cruisin - 2




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