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Cj once again turned her head over on the hospital pillow as she continued her
visual vixation on the sleeping form of Danny Concannon. Sure, she began to call
it "sleeping" when she finally had ideas that he wasn't ever going to wake up. His skull had
been thoroughly hit on the car's plastic panels, and, accordingly to his doctors, his
brain was "bruised" and therefore had increased its size. She made a small joke about his
ego trying to escape. So once again, she was bored out of her mind, C-SPAN continued to give
coverage on Stackhouse's speech at the steps of Congress. B-O-R-I-N-G. Cj Cregg, the White
House Press Secretary, had even tried the Cartoon Network or even MTV. She knew she was
pushing it by skimming MTV. So she was condemned to hours of staring at the man who she was
afraid of losing and afraid to give in to. Sure, Donna passed by on her lunch break,
but that was 2 hours ago. She just closed her eyes again and hoped that by the time she
woke up, Danny would be awake too.
3 hours later:

He opened his eyes as quickly as he had ever done before. He hadn't actually
counted how quick he could open them, but he knew he needed to look around his
sorroundings. A white room. Cj, reading a newspaper next to me. A tv. A- Cj sitting next to
me?! Danny struggled to speak, anything, he just once didn't have the words to say
it. A soft rasp came from the bottom of his throat, and he felt the dryness his
body had been feeling.


Cj was on the Global News by now, and was startled by the small noise she heard.
She quickly put down the paper, and twisted her neck to look at the man beside


He forced a smile and accepted the quick hand she reached out.

"Do you- I mean, do you want something?"

Danny sensed her nervousness around him and nodded.

"What? Water, juice-"

Danny nodded again.

"Sure, hold on."

Cj winced as she reached to get the glass of water that sat at her bedside.

"Here," she handed him the cool glass.

He couldn't yet hold it, and afraid to drop it, motioned her to help him.
Cj complied, and held the glass for him to drink from.

"T-Thanks," he finally let out.

"Thank god, I was so scared. You've been here for days."

"B-Besides that, let me just savor this moment. Now, if we took out
the needles in my arm and yours, and the hospital sorroundings, this is my

Cj smiled, and was glad he was still up to flirtation.

"You know," Cj rubbed her temples before continuing,"I have been praying for you
come back to me- us for the last 3 days. I just, I'm glad you're back."

"What happened?"

Cj waited a moment before beginning to even think about the incident. It was so

"You were taking me home-"

Danny grinned.

"Don't push your luck."

At that, he grinned more.

"Danny. You were *driving* me home, and we were fine, and then a bus, just, hit
and then, I don't know," she said.

Danny solemny nodded, and remembered the kiss she had left out.

"I'm due to get out of here tomorrow. I don't know when you can get out. You
were pretty bad, Danny. Your skull hit the sidings of the car, and you were out for
the past days. The doctor said your brain was "bruised", and I still don't know what
that means. The president came by yesterday," she pointed to the flowers on his side.

"I guess that means he likes me better."

To that, C.J. pointed to the dozen yellow roses by her side.

"Ok, maybe not."

"You want to read something? You have a lot to catch up. 3 very eventful days."

"Sure," he received the paper.

Cj reclined on her chair and rubbed the back of her neck as she went through the
press packet once more.


Cj smiled at his voice as she looked up.

"Hey back. How are ya holding up?"

"Good, good.

Cj pressed her lips for a smile as Danny closed the door.

"You've missed this haven't you," C.J. said.

"What? You in your office alone with me, or my job?"


"Yeah, but I've definitely missed you more."

Danny grinned as he kissed her softly on the cheek.

"You know, we should talk."

"Talking's never good," he said as he sat nect to her on the couch.

"When I was- we were in the hospital, I was thinking a lot about, well, us."

"There's an "us"?"

"Bear with me. Now, I was driving home yesterday, thinking about this, and then
heard this song."

Cj stood as she popped a Cd in her small stereo.

"Listen," she said hitting play.

....I love it when we're cruisin together.
The music is playin' for love
cruisin was made for love,
I love it when we're cruisin' together.
And if you want it,
you got it forever
This is not a one night stand, baby.
So, let the music take your mind.
Just relisten you will find.
You're gonna fly away
Glad you're going my way.
I love it when we're cruisin together.....

C.J. stood once more as she hit stop.

"See, now, I was thinking that maybe what happened to us, was like, a wake up

"You, thought that?"

"Well, Donna helped me out a little. So, maybe this was just, like, God telling
me to wake-up and just live my life like there's not tomorrow."


"That I've thought thoroughly and long about this, but Danny, I'm going to have
accept your offer if it still stands."

"C.J., if I think you're saying what you're saying," Danny grinned.

"Danny, I'm going out with you."


C.J. smiled and continued.

"However, I want you to know, that we will have to be extremely careful. I mean,
*extremely* careful."

"The press."

"And Leo. And Josh. And Sam, and Carol, and Donna, and the President."

"Yeah. We will."

"Ok. then, where do you want to go for our official first date?"

"How about here?"

Danny moved and hit play again.

...I love it, I love it.
Baby let's cruise.....



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