Disclaimers- All characters belong to Aaron Sorkin and NBC.

Summary- The senior staff bring along their current other half as they head off
Disney Land. Cj/Danny, Sam/Mallory, some Josh/Donna.

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They were led deep into the restaurant to a cozier little corner in the back.


Cj sat down, facing the rest of the people to be on guard.

"Hey, are you sure you don't want to take something to go?"

"Cj, relax, do you really think they'l have reporters stationed in every
checking for us?"

"No, but-"

"Fine. Just relax and have fun."

"Ok, but if-"

"Nothing will happen."

"That was actually one of the best dinners I have ever had," Cj said while
making breakfast.

"You should've ordered the Chilean sea bass, it was really the best."

"I had enough off of yours," Cj said smiling.

"That's what I'm saying, you should've ordered your own."

"Hey," Cj said tossing him a pillow.

"Ok, ok, I surrender. Now, what's cooking?"

"Cheerios," she said grinning, "with milk."

"No more gourmet pancakes?" he said, posing showing his muscles.

"No," she said laughing, "it really makes you too healthy."

Cj poured the milk in both bowls as she heard a knock.

"Get that, will you?"

Danny opened the door to face a bed head Leo.

"What's up?"

"This," he said handing him U.S. Weekly.

"It says, 'Senior Staff Taking a Breather,'."

Danny closed the door as Leo entered to see Cj making breakfast.

"Hey Leo, you want some?"

"No thanks, come here."

"Ok," cj put down the bowl and strode to him.

"Page fifteen."

Cj flipped as she quickly read the article and the accompanying photos.


"I know!"

Suddenly, Danny watched one of the rarest events, Leo jumped and gave her a hug.

"I never knew they would-"

"Call Sam and Josh, they have got to read this."

Cj tossed the article back to Danny.

"I didn't see this. 'America's Cutest Couples'?!"

Danny dropped the magazine as he himself hugged Leo.

"See, I may be your re-election."

"Not so fast, Danny," Leo said grinning.

"...yeah, get down here will ya! Yes, I'll make breakfast Josh, now will you
come? Good, bye."

"They're on their way."

"And they're here," Danny said opening the door.

"Read," he said handing them the magazine.

"...the couple has been spotted over various sites including disney world.....Cj
Cregg has
had no reaction.....uh-huh....cutest couple?"

Josh handed the magazine off to a yawning Sam behind him.

"Congrats! Finally, we have America's hunk and the cutest couple together," Josh
said grinning.

"Wow, what a way to change Leo's mood," Sam said, and then noticed Leo ,"I

"Drop it," Leo said, "Now go wake my daughter. Now."

"Yes, sir," he said pacing.

"Hey, omlets around?"

"You bet," Josh said smiling.


President Bartlet and his Senior staff were finally finishing up Bartlet's
photo-op after their trip.

"Ok, that's all for now," Cj said while stepping in and retrieving a President

"Oh, come on Cj, i was just getting onto my good poses."

"We all know how you love to send out your pictures, Sir, but we are late for
our flight back home."

President Bartlet smiled as Leo moved over to chat.

"Hey, Cj, Sam has some info for your briefing, I think," Leo said.

Cj nodded as she moved up the stairs to Air Force One.

"Sam, you got something for me?"

"Yeah, yeah, I do."

Sam handed over a framed wrapped gift.

"What's this?"

Danny and Mallory walked over to see a grinning Josh.

"Watch," Josh answered as Cj ripped the paper.

She smiled as she saw framed version of the cover of U.S. weekly , which had a
inlet with the picture of herself with Danny.

"This is really nice, guys, thanks," she said hugging both men.

"No prob."

"That actually wasn't as bad as i thought it would be," Danny said while taking
out Cj's keys.

"As bad as you thought it would be?" Cj mimicked.

"Cause i thought it tould be, you know, Walt Disney started out his theme park,
yada, yada."

"Oh, trivial pursuit? You were lucky, he didn't even start on this trip."

"It was a great trip though, I mean, the press was could've been nicer to us,

"Nicer? They practically hailed you," Cj said.

"I know, but they didn't even touch on you."

Cj blushed as Danny pulled her in for a kiss.

"mmmmm. How bout dinner?"

"Are you on the menu?"

"No, but I'm sure the chef could fix up a little thing with yours truly," she
said kissing
him softly.

"What kind of chef is this?"

"Only the best."



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