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As we last left our winged crusaders, Gotham City was being... wrong program.
12 p.m.

"sam! Can you tell us why Cj was sent home early today?"

"Uh, Cj wasn't feeling well."

"Never say 'uh' Sam!"

Cj threw another vegetable at the tv.

"Sam! Can you comment on her status?"

"thank you, thank you, they love me," Cj motioned.

"she just feels a bit dizzy. that'll be uh, full cover-
uh, lid."


Cj threw her last lettuce at the monitor.

"i swear betweeen him and Josh i'm gong to have to ask
Oregon for their entire surplus of green beans to throw."


cj sneezed rather loud.

"Maybe i am feeling a bit dizzy, Sam. Or *you*
jinxed me."

Cj moved around her kitchen trying to see if her home computer,
even as worhtless as it is, had some work files.

"Crap, crap, old, too old....aha! i shall not
be destroyed Leo! Work shall survive!"

Cj opened a file only to find an old Campaign file.

"wow, to think that was about 2 years ago."


Cj hit that key about 30 times today, and Leo sending
her home only made her get Cabin fever.

"Claudia, is that you?"

Cj heard her mother come up the stairs of her apartment.


Cj walked down to her door and saw her.

"Mom, what are you doing?"

"I just took a stroll down the mall. I didn't expect you here."

"Well, i got the day off."

"Shouldn't you be in impotant matters of the government?"

Where have we heard that before?

"no, i wasn't feeling too well."

Uh-oh. Bad move.

"Well then, we should get you up in
bed and hook you up with that red head."

"Mother, come in."

Cj's mom shook her head and entered quickly.


"now, then after that you're going to go out and get us some groceries,
then drop your suit of at the cleaners, it has a few stains..."

Cj sat in bed with her head strained against the wall.

"i knew i should've never brought you in."

"Well, i always say work at home is still work. and when you're sick-
which i've proven your not- you stay at home."

"yeah, yeah."

Cj stood looked at the list and was hustled out of her

"I wonder if i could stop by the office-"


"Carol, hurry up and get me my lap top,
briefcase, and some files. you choose i don't care."


"Yeah, yeah, now get it."

cj crouched under Carol's desk, hoping fro no one to spot her.


Cj looked from below and saw her reporter above,

"i like it from this angle."

"Daniel, be quiet you'll blow my cover."

"What cover? are we on covert operations cause
i saw all the James Bond movies and i can-"

"One more word and no dinner."

"Ok, ok, no reason to get hostile."

Danny paced around Carol's desk as Cj awaited her
imfamous files.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Cj slowly stood from under her desk and tried to make
a smooth escape. that was hard being the only person arond
6 feet.


cj had the urge to turn around, but kept on walking with Danny
in tow.

"Danny, who is it," she whispered.



She walked faster and used Danny as a shield.

"Cj, i know it's you."

"Uh- no habla ingles?"

Too bad Leo didn't buy it cause it came out real smooth.

"Cj, come."

"Alright, alright."

Danny stood in front of her and left her to receive a

"Cj what did i tell you?"


"Bless you."

"thank you,you told me to go home."


"Because you had blunt head trauma?"

"because you are sick. now go home!"

Cj walked slowly to the garage, tail between
her legs and spoke no words to Danny.

"Am i coming in?"

"if you want to," she mumbled.

"i do."

He slowly moved in and awaited for Cj to turn on the engine.

"I just realized how it would kill me if i had not been in
this job."

"Cause you wouldn't see me?"

"Aside from that, but, i love it."

"I know."

"Yeah," Cj turned her key and they left.


"where are we going?"

"To the supermarket."

"how much longer?"

"remind me not to have kids with you,"

"that has already hapenned," he said with a grin .

"ha ha."

Cj parked in her usual spot, as she had a routine for everything,
and entered into the mall of foods.




"Oh yeah," Danny threw in a couple.



"Why do you insist on behaving like
a 5 year old from hell?"

"Because i hear it's a great turn on."

"Whoever told you that is *so* wrong."


"Mom, i'm home!"

"Oh, that's great and i see you brought along Danny,
excellent choice."

Danny blushed slightly as he helped Cj with her bags.

"I couldn't find that sauce you wanted so, i guess that's off."

"Yeah, i guess. but did you try-"

"Yes, mom, i did,"


Cj turned and looked out her window and saw a few cars.

"That's odd."


"We never have that many cars out there."

"It's probably cause of the street closings."


Cj sneezed again, and took some more ibuprofen.

"That really damages your liver."

"Is there something you have?"

"Actually," Danny said as looked in his briefcase.

"I had to ask."


"What's this?"

"It's a natural herb i got it at-"

"Mom, mom, i'm allergic to this stuff."


Cj put down the herbal remedy and drank some water.

"you want some pizza?"


Danny dialeda fwe numbers and got ne of his favorites pizzas ordered.

"you guys are going to love this."


Cj's mother quickly dispensed of the herbal remedies and put them aside in
the pantry.

"Today is really turning out good."

"that's cause i'm here."

"Why'd you ditch the briefings?"

"I can watch them at home. IT's no use when you get a
day off."


cj sat on her couch as Danny flipped through
the channels.

"How can yo do that?"

"Channel surf?"

"yeah, it gets me all..dizzy."


Danny and Cj finally decided on C-Span as they watched Sam do another

"I swear he's also banned from my room."

"...and so that'll be all."

"Sam! Why was Cj spotted at a local supermarket?"

"Who asked that?"

"Mark," Danny responded.

"I guess because all people need food everyone once
ina while, even Cj."

"With Danny Concannon, tossing vegetables into a cart?"

"because Danny needs to eat too?"

Cj and Danny sat astonished at the reporter's questions.

"how the hell did they know that?"

"I guess those cameras."

"Listen. Cj will be back for the nxt briefing,she'll clear that up."

"Sam! when you said clear that up, did you pick up
that they might think that there's something to 'pick up on'?"

"I'm sure they didn't understand it that way, Cj-"

"sam, they did. I did, America did. Now i'm going to leave you alone so that
Toby can bug you in 3- 2 and- bye."


"How the hell did she know that?"

"Sam, when did we last yell at you?"

Leo now stood at his doorway too.

"About a week ago."

"that's too long ago. Now's a good time to freshen up."

"Toby i don't think-"

"That's right! you don't think!"

"I think that they picked it up as a weekness, yes, but
i don't think that they took it as something to be cleared up."

"yeah, but,see there's nothing between Cj and Danny, why would they ask

Dear god, there better not be, thought Leo.

"Cause they have nothing better to do?"

"Sam, please understand that this is not going to look good
even if there's nothing there, so you already screwed us there."

"IF?! there's nothing there, for christ's sake. Cj will tell you. Look,
i'll call her."

Danny stood anciously by the phone waiting for his pizza boy to call.


"Hello? yeah i did want those-"



"Is Cj around?"

"Uh- yeah," Danny held the phone as if it was a hot potatoe.

"Cj, cj, cj, cj, cj, cj, cj,cj, cj, cj, cj, cj, cj, cj, cj...."


cj stood up from the couch and looked at Danny's face.

"that's the 'dear-god-i-answered-it's-leo-face,' right?"

"uh-huh," Danny held up the phone.

cj had to think of something fast to cover her trails.

"Danny, i said you'll have to wait till tomorrow morning for the damn
press jackets! Leo? sorry."

"Nice try...."

"We didn't do anything, we were just shopping and he tagged along'cause
i was his ride home till i got 'sick'."

"You never were 'sick,' so Cj, tell me what's up."


"cj, please."

Damn it how this reminded her of her first boyfriend. Too bad she couldn't
bring him over for dinner.

"Ok, ok. We've been seeing eachother for a few weeks..."

Toby, Sam, Josh, and Leo's faces dropped.


"Months?! Cj, could you at least have given us a heads-up?!"

"I was today, but you guys sent me home."

"Cj, you've been with him for a few months?"

"5 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days."

"How do you know that?"

Leo stared at Josh with a little hint of anger and confusion.

"I know everything," Josh replied.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Leo swiveled his attention to his deputy.

"Because i thought it'd be good for Cj."

"Leo, i'll tell them. A ton of press secretaries have dated reporters."

"What happened to ' i have a thing about dating reporters.'?"

"WEll, i guess, i changed my mind."

"How are we going to explain you haven't leaked anything?"

"1: i haven't. 2: he hasn't gotten any unusual or special

"Except for the 4 part with the President."

"Which i argued not to happen."

Leo nodded as Cj stated her points.

"So, that's all i'm going to say."

"You should talk to the President."

"Yeah," cj nodded.

"And you should take the next briefing now that you're here."


Cj held on to her leather folder as Leo dismissed the others.



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