Nobody wants to be lonely-1

I am a heavy Cj/Danny author, and a heavy Cj/Toby hater, and a Cj/Josh
I know we've all been missing that particular red head, please put him back
So, i kind of wrote a little thing about the last time he asks her...
It's kind -of sad, with a little bit of humor towards the end....let me just say
Danny finally gets tired of asking Cj to go out with him. Some Cj/Danny
with some Cj/Josh towards the'll get it when you read it.
Rating-PG, some senseless breaking of the second commandment, taking the lord's
name in vain..
nothing else.


Cj tapped her pen visciously against her desk as she listned to the three star
general on
the other end.

", sir, the President will not sign!, he won't...i
guarantee it...
no not the same guarantee as the press!..he won't,
sir...not if i see you first!"

Cj threw down the receiver as the general hung up on her.

"Bad day," Carol asked as she walked in with some files.

"the worst."

Cj put her glasses on as Carol grinned at her boss.


"It's gonna get better," she said suspisciously as she began to walk out.

"Have i been fired?"

"No," she laughed," Danny's here."

Cj sighed as Carol left, grinning from ear to ear.


"Hello," Cj said as she signed papers.

"Ok, i don't want to know who you were talking to, only what they said to make
you say only
if i see you first.'"

"He/She said 'Go to hell,'" Cj replied, while briefing looking at the red-headed

"That was a good comeback."

"It would've been better if they wouldn't have hung-up."

"Oh," Danny said as he sat down on her couch.

"Which leads me to ask, Why are you here?"

"I wanted to ask if you would go to dinner with me."

"I can't."

"You can't, or you don't have time?"

"I can't," she said without looking up.

Danny nodded as he stood, quickly leaving the busy Press Secretary to her

"Danny, you forgot your-"

Cj picked up the small piece of paper he had left on her desk.

"Oh, i get it," she said, expecting another written question.

She unfolded it quickly, reading what it said.

" 'Today's the last day,' " she read aloud," '99 tries rejected...100th's the
charm.' "

Cj read the rest in her head, not wanting Carol to over hear her. She shook her
head sadly ,
knowing full well that Danny had counted every single time he had asked.

"Poor guy."

Cj shrugged and went back to work.
1 P.M

Danny was quickly putting the finishing touches on his last edition to his 3
part special,
while drinking his double mocha.

"Hey," the startled reporter looked up to see a White House Aide.


"I have a really good tip, straight from a White House Aide."

"What do you want," Danny asked, expecting a trade-off.

"I heard you're real close with Cj Cregg."

"Yeah, and?"

"Rumors have it you two are-"

"Definitely not," Danny said, silently resenting saying that.

"Ok, i was wondering if you could set up a date with her,uh, for me."

Danny hid a grin as he thought of the 30 something aide out on a date with Cj.

"I can try, but i can give no guarantees."

"Hey, it's better you than me."

Danny nodded, while saving his article.

"Ok. Now, what's the tip?"

The Aide looked around, making sure there were no other reporters around.

"I heard, that the U.S. has been selling oil to Iraq, against U.N. sanctions."

"Where'd you get this from?"

"The meeting last week, with several Senior Staffers, Josh Lyman and Toby
Ziegler, had been
attended by a friend of mine, and he told me."

"Ok, thanks."

"Remember the set-up," the aide said as he left.

"you bet," Danny chuckled.
9 P.M.

Cj had long finished her briefing, and was still doing her usual paper work as
she received a
knock on her door.

"Hey," Danny said, "I came on request of an Aide, who was hopelessly begging for
a date with


"Korey Heder, a blond."

"He's like, 29?"


"What do you think i'm going to say?"


"Right on the money, but add a thanks for me."


Cj smiled back, "you left this here."

She handed him the note he had perviously left on her desk.

"Did you read it," he asked, recognizing his penmanship.

"Yeah," she frowned, "I didn't know you counted."

"Yeah, well..."

"You know i want to go, right?"

"I guess."

"Danny, i don't make the rules."

"There is no god damned rule, Cj! SO for all of your life, your never going to
take a chance,
take a risk. you'd rather be at your home, alone. No one wants to be lonely,
Cj. And i think
you don't want to either."

Cj was rather surprised at his sudden out burst as she made her way to sit on
her desk.

"No, i don't. I want to have someone to grow old with, to have a family, to have
and to hold,
to always have them by and know that they're going to be there, but Jesus
Christ, no one
ever told me it was to be done before midnight!"

It was now Danny's turn to be surprised as he stood closer to her.

"No, but we're not gettting anymore younger by standing here and yelling at each
And it hurts, right here."

Danny could feel her breathe as he pointed to his heart.

"I know, i know, Danny."

Cj held back those few tears that she always got after they fought.

"And there's nothing you're going to regret after i walk out this door, cause
i'm not
coming back, not here, or that press room."

Cj looked confused as Danny made his way to the door.

"I'm leaving. I have an offer for the New York Times, and i can't stay here,
knowing i'm never
going have you to grow old with, to have a family, to have and to hold, to
always have you by
and know that you're going to be there when i need you, and to love you."

"Wha- wait, hold up."

Danny slowly turned once more as Cj looked him in the eyes, hers filled with

"You, you're going, for good."

"Yes, so don't count on me asking again."

Cj looked away as she hurt after what he said.

"I'm sorry, that came out-"

"No,that's what i need to hear."

"Cj, you know i'm always there for you, but you're always so god damned good at
hurting me.
Every day for the last, oh, 700 days, you've been saying no, so I have nothing
left to give."

"Ok, then."

Danny was quite easily shocked at her choice of words.

"If you have nothing left to give, then i guess it's my turn to give."

"What are you saying, exactly?"

Danny moved closer to her.

"this is exactly what i'm saying."

Cj grabbed his tie and kissed him hard, holding his neck.

"Cj, I, "

Danny still looked somber.


"That's not it," he said as he grabbed his coat.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, i will always love you, but it's too late, i've already made up my

"Oh," she said as he reached over to kiss her on the cheek.

"Good bye."

"Yeah, good bye."

Cj leaned back on her desk as her last breath escaped her, watching him leave.
3 A.M.

Cj Cregg and Josh Lyman were in their favorite little bar in D.C as he watched
Cj drown her

" he left."

"That sucks, you know i was rooting for you."

"Josh Lyman, rooting for me to brake the rules. So typical, my friend."

"I know, but still, you should've done it."

"Should've, could've, would've."


Josh ordered another round for himself and Cj as she played with her glass.

"I cried, you know, I didn't think i would, but i did."

"When he left? I'm gonna have to kill him, now."

"He's in New York," she said sadly as their drinks came.

"I have some connections."

"I don't think i want to see him ever again. Ever, i mean not even a picture,
not a memory,
nothing. It's just do bad, it hurts inside."

Josh nodded as Cj swallowed her shot.

"I had the same feeling in high school...."

"This is real, though, Josh. Not another of your fan clubs, it just hurts when
i'm not with

"You're in love."

"Was. Was in love, it's over," Cj added.

"How can something be over before it's begun?"

"I'm drunk, humor me."

Josh nodded again as he took Cj's hand in his.

"I love you, Cj, and i have no idea why the hell he would let go."

"How can he let go of something he never had?"

"Humor me, i'm drunk."

"I love it when you throw my words back at me," Cj laughed.

"Time is precious, Cj, and you just can't let it slip through the cracks."

"I know, but it's tooo late. I'm just going to have to exchange my pain for long
over due

"I love you, Cj."

"I know, Josh, i love you too."

Cj softly kissed him on the lips.


Cj walked around a strange house in someone else's shirt.


" head," was the only response.

"Please not Danny, please not Danny, please not Danny," she said as she made her
way backto
the bedroom she had come from.


Cj poked around the room, and found the form of a body under some sheets.

"Good morning," she said as she lifted the covers.





Nobody Wants to be Lonely - 2




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