Last we left out favorite characters, Cj had watched Danny's last hoorah as
he walked out her door, for good. Cj and Josh get drunk..and they wake up

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Cj had one of eeriest days by far on friday. Waking up in Josh's
house, wearing his shirt, was just too mcuh for her social life. They were
like brothers and this was getting as screwy as the Brady Bunch. So....that
left her with nothing else to do except bury herself head-deep in papers.

"Carol," Cj chimed happily,"Are you sure there's nothing else for me to do?"

"Yeah, you've covered every briefing from now until next wednesday," Carol
sounded a bit annoyed at her boss' starvation for work.

"Next Wednesday? Ok, i'll go take a walk."

Cj finally left her office and walked cautiously, trying to wake her
sleeping leg.

"Leo," she said as she walked into her boss' office.

"Hey, Cj."

Leo stopped his signing of papers as Cj entered and sat.

"Do you have anything for me to do?"

"How bout your job."

"No, i mean i'm covered until next wednesday, unless a national disaster
so if there's anything-"

"Go home, you look like hell."

"Are you sure? Cause i could sure finish one of Sam's speeches or yell at him."

"Yell at Josh."

Cj flinched at his idea.

"I'd rather not."

"Then go home," he sighed.

Cj moved in her chair as she thought out her options.

"Fine," she said as she knew that going home only meant facing her

"G'night, Leo," she said as she left.

"before i go, are you sure-"

"Yes, now go!"

"Fine, fine. Night."

"good night, Cj."

Cj took as much time as possible on her way home, she took the Interstate, then
Pike, and just cruised, she really didn't want to go home. Finally, however, she
had to.

"Lucy, I'm home," she said to herself as she tossed her briefcase and folder

"Let's see," she said as she pressed play on her answering machine, hoping
for a disaster, anything, to get her to work.

"you have 4 messages,"

"Aren't i popular," she said outloud.

"Message 1: Hey Cj, it's Josh. I know you probably dont want to talk
about it, but i think we do, it's just really freaking me out. call me,
i'll bring take out, bye. Message 2: Hey Cj, it's Leo. Just wanted to make sure
listened to me. Call me when you get home, and then take off your ringer, you
do look like hell...(She heard leo inhale, knowing that could be taken
a very, uh, "sexy," way, you know...well, uh, bye."

Cj laughed as she heard Leo sigh just as he said bye and knew he had fumbled
over what to say.

" Message 3: Cj Cregg? This is Tom Kipling, the Editor
of the New York times, and i have here a resume that has you down as a back-up
for his accomplishments, do you know this guy? Danny Concannon, Senior White
Correspondant? Thanks, i'll call you back soon. That's all your messages."

Cj's face dropped as she heard the last message, 'Damn, she thought, she knew
she didn't want to ever hear about him again, but at the same time her mind
was screaming, telling her to pick up the phone and ask for
his number, but she knew that it was over, and she finally had regreted not
saying yes...if only, she thought.

What she needed was a night out, with someone...maybe Mallory...
Just as Cj was reaching to grab the phone and call her, she was called

"Cj Cregg," she quickly said.

"Cj, we need you back here," she heard Leo's voice, tense and nervous.\

"What happened?"

"There was a plane crash, I'll explain later."

"But doesn't someone else take care of-"

"There were a few Representatives on board, I'll explain when
you get here."


As Cj hung up, she ran into her study, grabbed her briefcase and her
coat and was almost out the door when another ring came

"Cj Cregg."

"Cj, it's Mal, i was wondering if you wanted to go out
tonight or something, my dad told me about Danny."

Cj was surprised that Leo knew about it, but then again it
was the WEst Wing, and word moves quick.

"I was going to ask you that, but your dad called and i need
to get back. Maybe tomorrow."

"Ok, bye, Cj," Mallory knew that Cj needed to get to the White House
so she didn't keep her long.

"thanks, bye."

Cj pressed the off button, threw the phone onto her sofa and
locked up.

Cj Cregg was in the building in less than 15 minutes and was had found
over 15 memos on her desk about the plane crash. She scanned the messages
seeing Leo's about a Staff Meeting in 5, and left as soon as she came in.

"Hey, Cj."

Leo greeted his last staff member as she sat down to listen.

"Ok, as you probably all know by now, there has been a plane crash. This plane
was carrying around 50 people, on a flight from D.C. to New York City. As little
as we know, we do know that Illinois Rep., Richey Kneller was on board. Also on
board was his aide, and various press members to dig a story on New York's
So, we have a Rep, press corps, and over 30 americans."

Leo stopped and gazed over at Josh.

"How did this happen?"

"WE're not sure yet, they're thinking something with an engine since fire was
seen by witnesses."

"What should i tell the press?"

"WE're doing our best with the information that we know, and
we'll keep them updated."

"ok, who are we going to be talking to?"

"The National Security advisor, several people who know about planes."

"People who know about planes," Josh teases.

"I forgot the department name."

"That's the-"

"Shut up."


"Now get out," leo said.

The senior staff went out rushing to their bullpens to try to get work done.

"Cj, do you know at all the number of victims?"

"Yes, because when i said i didn't know the number of victims
i meant everyone except, you. Arthur."

"Cj, do we have any reason to think of this as a terrorsit attack?"

"I really have no information on why or how this happened, yet. Katie."

"Did you know that Danny Concannon was onboard?"

"The Danny we know?"

Some of the press corps chuckled as Cj tried to brush away her shock.

"Yes, he recently left for an offer in New York."

"No, but i'm sure we all hope that he is un-injured. That's all
for now."

"Damn," Josh said as he turned off CNN to rush to the Press
Briefing Room.

"Cj," he as he paced repidly to get to her

"Hey, why didn't i know that-"

"I was going to tell you when you came back."

"You should've told me before," she said as she handed off a folder.

"I didn't think they knew-"

"Well, they did."

Cj made her way to her office as she sat down.

"I mean, it was a plane crash. 2. It's Danny, he's Irish, he'll be ok.
3. this was meant only for god to screw me once again. 4. Why the hell
would she tell me that? Does she really think that i care?"

"Cj, i know, ok, i heard it."

"Yes, you and another 10 million people!"

"You should call him."

Cj gave Josh a look.

"I don't know his number, Joshua. And why would you think
i would?"

"Cause he's a member of the press corps."

Josh tried to clean up his mess. Cj reclined back in the
chair as she stood up to adress him.

"No, that's not what you meant."

"Cj, that's exactly what i meant!"

Josh looked at his feet as he knew he had taken it too far.

"Sorry," he said.

"Me too, i just need some air."

Cj left Josh alone in her office as she went to take a walk.

Cj was finally on her way back from her walk when she
heard someone call her name.


Cj turned to see Ainsley Hayes behind her.

'just who i need to see,' she thought.

"Hi Ainsley."

"I heard about Danny, i hope he's ok."

'Why would she think i care?'

"Me too, anyway i got to go," she said as Ainsley turned
back to her trunk distribution steam pipe revenue office.

Cj swiveled her heel and headed back to her office.

"Cj," she heard Leo say.

"What's up?"

"I have some new information," he said as they continued to walk the
West Wing hallway.

"Ok," she said walking faster to reach her office.

Leo breathed heavier as he tried to keep up with her.

"Slow down," he said," you have longer legs," he puffed.

"I'm sorry," she said, walking into her office.

"So, what do we have?"

"Ok, we know that there were no fatalities, and that only
a few minor injuries, his aide, i think, and a few passengers."

"Should i get that out in the next briefing," she asked.

"Yeah, also let them know that the authorities are
checking the black box to see what happened, and they're
thinking a fuse of somesort."

"Uh-huh," she said as she scribbled notes.

"You know what time it is?"

"It's about 10 minutes till my next briefing i take it."

"Yeah. I want you to do this briefing and go home."

"Leo we need to-"

"Go home, please, we can't have you if you're
not a hundred percent."

"Why wouldn't i be?"

"Danny left, and even though i know there was nothing-"

"Leo, i'm not having you guys feel pity for me. He left,
nothing happened, i don't need to take the day off, and leave you
guys all the work."

"Fine," he said comprimising," but you leave early."

"What time?"

"What time do you usually get home," he asked.

Cj thought as she sat down in her chair and watched Leo sit
on her sofa.

"Around 12:40."

"You're leaving at 10."

"Leo," she whined.

Leo shook his head as he played with her mints on the

"10 or go home now."

"Fine," she said sighing.

Leo nodded as he stood up to leave.

"Good. That's all."

"Ok," she said as she opened a file.

"Cj," Leo said as he wondered into her office.

"Yeah," she said under her desk.

"What are you doing?"

Leo bent over to se his press secretary on hands and
knees under the desk.

"I'm looking for- for my pen."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, i'm sure."

Cj finally picked her pen up as she cracked her knuckles to

"Ow," she said hitting her head on the desk.

"I don't think that was made to crawl under."

"Neither do i," she said rubbing her head.

"Anyway, it's closing time."

"It's 10 already?"

"Yup," he said handing her her coat.

"Thank you," she said grabbing her briefcase to leave.

"I'll see you tomorrow."

"Unless a national emergency occurs or something."


They stood there for a moment, each wondering what the other was thinking.

"Leo nothing happened," she finally said.

"I know...i'm just not sure that's what i wanted to happen," he said softly.

"Yeah," she said buttoning her jacket.

"WEll, g'night."

"You too, Leo."

Cj walked out of the west wing still wondering about
what Leo said.
11 P.M.

When Cj arrived at her house around 11, she immediately turned to her
phone to see if there were any messages.

"You have 1 message. Message 1: Cj, it's Danny."

Cj stared at the phone as there was a pause.

"Uh, i just wanted to say that i'm ok, even though you probably don't
care....well, i just wanted to say that i miss you....even
though you probably don't miss me,"

"I do," she whispered.

"Anyway, here's my number. 773, then 243 1643. Just call me
when you get home, please. Thanks bye, say hi to gail for me.
End message. You have no other messages."

As soon as the message ended, cj reached for the phone.

Danny sat on his sofa, watching Cj on CSPAN.

"...and i have no other information for tonight. I'll
see you tomorrow."

"that was press secretary Cj Cregg, re stating that therre have been
no fatalities on the small plane that crashed near albany this past

Danny turned off the tv as he headed to the bathroom.


Danny made a quick turn as he heded for the phone, hoping for Cj.



Danny heard a familiar voice.

"Cj, hey."

"Hi Daniel. How are you?"

"I'm fine, nothing really happened, just some really
bad turbulence."

"Yeah. Did you see me-"

"Yeah, i could tell you didn't know when Katie told you."

"I didn't."

"you probably beat Josh for not telling you."

"That i did," she mused.

"Yeah," he laughed.

then again there was one of those awkward pauses, each thinking
of what to say.

"I miss you-"
"I miss you-"

They both said together, and then they paused again.

"I miss you, Danny."

"I know that's hard for you to say."


"I, i miss you too."

"Then come back."

"Cj, the rules-"

"Forget about the rules. Leo said he wasn't sure it was what
he wanted to happen, he made me go home early today and yesterday,
and i don't want pity..i want you."

"you're probably going to get left out of the loop," he argued.

"I've been left out of it several times."

"Cj, are you sure?"

Cj played with the phone cord as she thought.


"Yeah, I'm sure, are you?"

"I've been this sure for over 2 years."

"Yeah," she sighed.

"So what's next?"

"You tell me, you've wanted this all along."

Danny sat on his couch as it finally hit him.

"What about your and my job?"

"I'm not quittting, and i don't think Leo will make me."

"I mean, i live in New York."

Cj caught on immediately as she thought about her last long distatnce

"I don't want long distance," she said calmly.

"Me either," Danny exaled," So i'll take the editor job
in the Post."

"They still have that open?"

"Yeah, lucky us."

Cj stood for a moment as she walked to her kitchen to make a drink.

"And your apartment?"

"Not on rent yet."

"We are lucky," she said to him.

"So, what do we do?"

"Tomorrow's Saturday, so maybe i can swing by."

"Are you sure, that'll be too obvious."

"Nah, i think i can pull it off."

"I'd rather it be me stopping by for sunday and monday."

"You'd do that?"

"you bet," he said softly.

"What are you gonna tell the New York Times for a reason for

"Personal obligations."

Nobody Wants to be Lonely - 3




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