Nobody Wants To Be Lonely-3

After Danny finally giving up after 2 years of asking Cj out, he leaves D.C. for
the town that
never sleeps. In a plane accident, Cj calls after learning that he was on
board, and says
that she misses him. Danny also misses her and they talk thru the night after
making plans for
him coming over for Sunday and it is. feedback

Cj had been laying on her bed for over 2 hours, just staring at the ceiling
thinking about
Danny's return 'home.' She thought about how it would be nicer if she could pick
him up, but
she knew that the press could even spot her there and that would blow their
before any of the magic started. She finally got out of bed around 9 and began
to make coffee
as her phone rang.


Cj awaited a response as she turned on the coffee machine.

"Cj, it's Josh."

"Hi," she said quickly.

"Um...i know we have to talk about, uh, what happened."

"Yeah," she hesitated.

She put in the blend of mocha in the aparatus as she waited.

"Yeah, well, we were both pretty drunk."

"Especially me."

"Yeah. So, i don't think anything really happened."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, i was still in my boxers and i sleep nude."

"Ok, that was too much information."

"And i woke up under the bed."

"I woke up on it," she said moving around heading for the apple jacks.

"So, we can just put it behind us."

"Yeah, but you know i'm gonna bother you for the sleeping nude thing."

"It was eminent," he laughed.

Cj nodded as she pured the cereal into a bowl.

"Good, i'm glad you understand that. And we can move on, it was just a weird
thing that

"Like a sleepover."

Cj didn't answer that.

"you know, like when you girls get together and sleep at each other's houses."

"We don't do that at this age, Josh."

"Oh," he sounded disappointed.

"I mean, we have really big sleepovers in a, uh, in a big house," she said not
wanting to ruin
whatever it was.

"Yeah, and don't scare me like that."

"I won't," she laughed.

"Ok, then. I guess i'll see you on monday."

"You will," Cj replied sitting with her bowl.

"Ok then, bye."

"Bye Josh."

Cj hung up the phone as she finally sat down to her apple jacks.

As Cj finished drying her bowl there was a knock on her door.

"Who could it be," she asked as she ran to the door.


Cj stood face to face with......a rose.

"Hey Cj."

Cj grinned as she turned her head to see fishboy.

"Hey," she said as they awkwardly moved out of each others' way and entered her

"thought i'd see what you were up to," he said as he looked around.

"What are you looking for?"

"A guy," he joked.

She playfully slapped him as she took his jacket.

"How'd you know where i live?"

"I asked Josh," he said while sitting on her couch.

"so he knows that we're-"

"He was very jubiliant, to give you a mental picture."

"Uh-huh," she thought.

"Do you want anything? I have cereal, eggs, whatever," she said.

"no thanks, i ate on the plane and it was actually pretty good."

"Ok," she said putting away her display of breakfast foods.

"Anyway, i thought we could catch a movie or if you're not up to going publicly
yet, i could
rent something."

"What about both?"

Danny was surprised as he stood to face her.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I know this theatre where like only 10 people are in the movie, and we
can sit in the

"Ms. Cregg, i am surprised at your zeal."

"Be surprised, Fishboy."

Cj grinned as she stepped closer to kiss him.

"w-wow..i mean, i am surprised."

Cj grinned at him as she grabbed her jacket.

"So, what movie?"

"....that was the most adorable movie ever," Cj said as she grabbed the soda and

"Uh-huh, but i liked Jennifer Lopez more."

"More than the lady sitting next to you?"

"Of course not," he answered, leading her out.

Cj held onto his arm until the lights were put back on, and they both quickly

"We gotta get used to doing that, you know."

"Yeah, i know," Danny sighed.

"It's not that i don't want them to know that i'm falling for the man of their
it's just, i want it to be out of the news."

"You and I both," he answered while opening the door.


Cj scanned the selections as Danny cracked his knucles while following her.

"You shouldn't do that," she said.

"And why not?"

"Because i don't want to be stuck with the old Danny complaining about the
arthritis in his

"You don't wanna be stuck, or you don't want me-"

"The second one, you idiot."

"Oh," he said taking out the gum pack from his jacket.

"You shouldn't do that either," she mused.

"I'm going to here why whether or not i answer."

"Because i don't want to be stuck paying all my life savings to have to pay up
the long
dentist bills."

"Yeah, yeah, now will you just pick a movie?"

"How bout 'The American President?"

"Too much politics, let's save that for tomorrow."

"The Replacements?"

"Sure," he said grabbing a copy.

Cj heard Danny's heart beat as she fell asleep in his arms.

"Cj?" Danny softly whispered.


"Do you want me to carry you to your bed?"

"Please," she yawned.

"Sure," he grinned.

Danny held Cj in his arms as he carried her to her room.

"left," she said.

"Here we are," he said putting her in her bed.

"Thank you," she said still holding onto his neck.

"Anytime. I mean it," he smiled.

"Come here, fishboy."

Danny leaned in as she pulled him down.

"What," he laughed.

"Here," she said kissing him passionately.

"You-y-you taste good."

"I've gotten that a lot," she chuckled.


"You bet," she said while moving next to him.


"Morning," Cj said while bringing in two plates.

"Food service? I am impressed," he grinned.

"Only the best in the Cregg suite. I made scrambled eggs."

"Yum," he said accepting the plate she handed him.

"Dig in."

They both had bed n breakfast while watching MTV.

"This is really good," he said.

"My mom taught me."

"Lucky gal," he smiled.

"I'm glad you came back."

"Me too," he added.

"I mean, i don't feel this way often, you know, when you're by me i fell like
i've been
electrocuted with 300 volts. that's a good thing, and i just don't want you to

"The feeling's mutual," he said holding her hand.


"So, i'm not going anywhere without you by my side."

"Good," she said munching on some toast.

"Hey, you knwo when i hear this song, i think of you," he said pointing to the

there you are
in a darkened room
and you're all alone
looking out the window
your heart is cold
and lost the will to love
like a broken arrow
Here i stand in the shadows
come to me
come to me
can't you see that
Nobody wants to be lonely
nobody wants to cry
my body's longing to hold you
so bad it hurts inside

"That's a sad song," Cj said.

"Wait, this is the part that reminds me of you."'s a serenade
so your heart can find me
and suddenly you're
flying down the stairs
into my arms baby
before i start going crazy
run to me
run to me
cause i'm dying

"Well i didn't exactly fly down stairs."

"No, but if there were staris you would've."

"Yeah, i would," she said smiling.



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