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"Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown"

From: "Sam Seaborn" < sseaborn@whitehouse.gov >
To: "Claudia J. Cregg"< cjcregg@whitehouse.gov >
Date: December 29, 2001 16:26 PM 06:00 +GMT

Hey C.J.,

When is your mother coming in to start planning the wedding? I ask because my mother wants to come up soon, and believe me – my mother will be more than enough to handle. I love my mother but she is a lot to deal with. She's really anxious to meet you, so be prepared for an onslaught of questions. Nothing you can't handle. J

Love, Sam

From: "Claudia J. Cregg" < cjcregg@whitehouse.gov >
To: "Sam Seaborn" < sseaborn@whitehouse.gov >
Date: December 29, 2001 18:37 PM 06:00 + GMT


My mother is coming up the weekend of January 18th and staying for that entire week. She's on a fact-finding mission for Senator Jacobs, so she actually needs to ply Josh with questions. She's really, really excited to meet you – there hasn't been a young, good-looking man in the Cregg family since my father was young. <g> But she won't harass you too much. Don't worry. She trusts her daughter's judgment, or so she says.

Love, C.J.

From: "Eleanor S. Cregg" < chickenandcregg@yahoo.com >
To: "Sam Seaborn" < sseaborn@whitehouse.gov >
Date: January 15, 2002 08:21 AM 06:00 + GMT

Dear Sam,

Just wanted to drop you a note. I'm coming at about noon on the 18th, and I'm staying until the morning of the 25th – I need to go to Tokyo with Senator Abramson. The life of a political operative is not an easy one – you should know, of course. I'll come to the White House – I need to get some information for Senator Jacobs and the commission. So I'll find you. I definitely look forward to meeting you. I want to see what kind of man is stealing my daughter away from me. J Kidding, of course. See you in a few weeks, Eleanor Cregg

Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown - 2




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