Author's note: If this actually happens to be anyone's email addresses, I'm sorry, nothing intended.
As always, Eleanor Cregg = mine. Everyone else = Sorkin's.
From: "Donnatella Moss" < >
To: "C.J. Cregg" < >
Date: January 18, 2002 20:32 PM 06:00 + GMT

Hi C.J. J

I was just curious, and I don't mean to bother you. But have you picked anyone else for your wedding? I know you've chosen all the groomsmen, and Sam asked Josh to be his best man. But I don't know who my fellow bridesmaids are going to be. Or have you picked your maid of honor yet? Hint hint. <g> Just wanted to ask. I know the wedding's coming soon!


p.s. – Are you going with lavender or green for the dresses?

From: "Carol McTavish" < >
To: "C.J. Cregg" < >
Date: January 18, 2002 22:02 PM 06:00 + GMT

C.J.~ have you picked your maid of honor yet? i was just wondering. i thought you were supposed to pick everything first before you get to the dress and i've seen bridal catalogs on your desk! J just let me know please. thanks! ~Carol

From: "Abigail Bartlet" < >
To: "C.J. Cregg" < >
Date: January 18, 2002 22:28 PM 06:00 + GMT

Dear C.J.,

I couldn't help but wonder if you've chosen your maid of honor yet. I hate to be loud-mouthed, but I think seniority's got to count for something, right? J Just let me know what you're going to decide. This is cutting it close as it is. But you and Sam are so perfect together I know you'll pull it off!

Abbey Bartlet


Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown - 6




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