"Soldier's Daughter"
Rated: PG
Category: Sam/Mallory
Spoilers: I'll say all Mallory eps to be safe, but
especially "Galileo."
Summary: Musings from an unexpected source.
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This one's for you Katie. I can so write Sam/Mal (though I don't want
to)! =)

It's the way he looks at you that says to me
This isn't over – from the outside looking in
You see there's nothing sacred here – nothing sacred
You can bend, but you can't break...

It was kind of fate, I guess. We went to the symphony (okay, I
confess, she dragged me) and right off the bat she saw him. She
excused herself for a minute to go talk to him, and when she came
back, well... she didn't.

I'm explaining it pretty badly. But you know what I mean. That sort
of distracted way of talking, and when I tried to make a joke to get
her to lighten up she only sort of laughed. If I didn't know better
I'd say that she was still in love with him.

Not that I'd know a whole lot about that. For all we talk about she
doesn't exactly like to talk about him. Except to call him a Fascist
or something like that. I'm not totally sure. It's weird, though.
She's only that passionate about stuff that she cares about.

We have a pretty good relationship. She's been there for me,
especially this season, when I can't seem to walk down a flight of
stairs without getting hurt. But still, when she saw him in the box
at the symphony I had to ask myself what his relationship was like
with her.

Sure, she's told me about him as a politician. How he's helped to
write the last few State of the Union addresses. How her dad once got
her mad at him because of a paper on school vouchers or something
like that. (To be honest, she's a lot more into politics than I am.
So long as we don't go to war with anyone, I let the government
handle it.)

She's told me about when she first met him, on that tour for her kids
when he blew it really badly, I guess. That story was kind of funny,
but to her it's really not. Still, she hasn't told me about him as a
person. She's never told me what he did for her, or said to her. She
didn't tell me if she made him do something on Valentine's Day the
way she sort of pressured me into it. It makes me wonder.

It's almost scary, the way she was after going to the presidential
box. She zoned, and once she called me by his name. It does worry me.
I don't want to lose her, and yet I can sort of guess that I don't
hold a candle to him. There's nothing here that she couldn't live

For the reasons out of our control
You try to make it roll like a dice – away
But you say that you're all empowered here
This is obviously not clear enough to me...

Still, if she can be a fighter, so can I – though I'm not really
known for it. I'm more of a playmaker. When I'm healthy, of course.
Still, her strength is interesting. I do know her family history. She
told me that right off. It's why she doesn't really drink, and it's
why she doesn't like me to drink. I can't imagine going through that
kind of stuff and still being here. I'd have thrown myself off a
bridge or something. And now she's so close to her dad. That's
surprising too. If my dad ever did anything like that to me I would
probably never talk to him again.

But she's really forgiving. She'd have to be, from what she told me
her dad did to her and her mom. Face down in a hotel parking lot?
Come on. That's cruelty. But she's kept going. And don't get me
wrong. I respect her dad. He's done a lot for the country. Or so she
says. And now he's totally devoted to her. He's been through so much
that he says he's turned back to his family, or at least his
daughter. Even though I wasn't dating her then, I read in the paper
about her dad's troubles. I figured it was just another politician
getting caught with his pants down. But since meeting him, I knew I
was wrong. Even if I don't know politics, I know that her father is a
good man. He's a soldier. In more ways than one. He told me he served
in Vietnam, but still, he's been a soldier here too.

And I'm just not sure that this guy is the right one for her. Her
father's a soldier. Whoever she's with should be. Or at least try to
be. I try. From what she's told me, he didn't even call her when he
got his picture in the paper with a hooker. She'd rip my tongue out
if I got in that kind of trouble. And yet she comes back from the
presidential box looking like a puppy in love. I don't get it. At
all. She tries so hard to hide him away and then she does this.

Hey, little girl – keep dancing
Hey, little girl – keep dancing alone
`Cause there's not enough time in your day
To keep you here...

I think I might tell her that this isn't working out between us. And
I wouldn't be lying. As much as I love her, and I do, I can't be with
someone who's got her eye out for someone else.

I don't want to hurt her, but even if she doesn't want this guy back
she's too much of a loner. I guess that's the way her life has shaped
her. You know? After her dad's troubles and everything. Every guy
she's really ever trusted has let her down. I don't want to do that.
But I don't want to take the risk of hurting her. I think we'd be
better friends. I don't think I'm good enough for her anyway. Plus I
wouldn't get dragged to stuff like this.

Wait... he's looking at her! I can see that head of his; she's told me
what he looks like. Dark hair, drooping in his eyes as he peers over
the railing. Thinnish. Can't tell what color his eyes are, it's too
dark. But I know he's looking over here. He's got a cell phone to his
ear, but he's not really listening. His eyes are stuck on her. It's
weird. And she, in her stupor, is sort of staring off into space. But
his eyes sort of find her in the crowd, and they lock. The look on
her face is everything. It puts the final nail in the coffin.

I'm going to tell her tonight. But I know a thing or two about
flirting, and this guy is not flirting. He's looking over here like
the contest is already won.

Hell, this will be my first point all year. Never let it be said that
Richard Andreychuk wouldn't give up the puck for the good of the
team. Because I'm not usually a selfish sort of guy. But on this one,
at the very least, I think I'll deserve an assist.



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