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"Wild Night"

Josh headed down the West Wing hall smiling to himself. He finally stopped in front of his best friend's office. "Oh, Sam."

An atrociously overworked Sam paused for a moment. "Yeah, Josh, something I can do for you?"

"Not right now." Josh still stood in Sam's doorway.

"Then go away." Sam turned his focus back to his computer screen. "I have to finish the Atlanta remarks before Leo comes to chew my head off."

Josh snorted. "You didn't finish them? They were supposed to be done yesterday."

"I got sidetracked."

"By what?"

Sam looked a bit shamefaced as he answered. "Eleanor."

"What do you mean?"

"Well..." Finally Sam spoke in a very low tone of voice. "C.J. and Eleanor got me into a discussion of what order the wedding service should be in."

Josh smiled broadly. It was the wise-ass grin that to Sam was the most annoying part of his best friend. By far. "So, the old ball and chain already has you wrapped around her little finger."

"I'll tell C.J. you called her that, Josh."

Josh debated an appropriate answer, then changed the subject. "So, what day's good for your bachelor party?"

Sam put aside his work for a moment. "Probably Friday night. I already told Leo that the two of us will want the day off afterwards."

Josh grinned. "Okay. Let me set it in motion. You, my friend, are going to have the best bachelor party in the world."

"And what would that entail, may I ask?" Sam had to pose the question. He was half excited, but he was also half dreading Josh's answer.

"Well... how does this sound?" Josh paused and lowered his voice for dramatic effect. "A limo, four cans of whipped cream, a Twister board, some floor cleaner and a mouse. And the obligatory stripper, of course."

"Of course." A small smile played on the corners of Sam's mouth. It wouldn't be *that* bad. Not even Josh was that stupid as to let it get out of hand.

"How could I be so dumb!" Josh smacked himself on the forehead. "Oh yeah. I sent Donna out for six six-packs. I figure that'll be enough."

"Fine." Sam turned back to the computer. "I leave all in your capable hands."

Josh turned to go, then lingered. "Actually, Sam, I do need one thing from you."


"Laurie's number."

Sam stopped dead and fixed his friend with a fierce glare. "Josh, what the hell do you need it for? She's not a call girl anymore. And I resent the insinuation."

"No, Sam, you've got it wrong." Josh shrugged helplessly. "I just thought... she might know someone or something."

Sam rolled his eyes. "What, Laurie's your one connection with the 'seedy Washington underworld?'" Josh didn't answer, and Sam turned back to the computer. "Find your own strippers, Joshua."

"Fine. No offense, Sam. Really."

"I know." Sam turned back to the speech, sighing. That was just the way Josh was. And he still didn't know how Donna put up with it, day in day out.

Donna and Josh were very amusing to watch. He'd bait her until she took it, then she'd turn the tables on him so neatly Josh was at a loss for an answer. Sam often wondered how Josh could be a Fulbright scholar and yet his dropout secretary could flummox him.

Not that he thought of Donna as a dropout, Sam added hastily to himself. She was one of the most naturally bright women he'd ever met. And she was brilliant in a way that Josh was not – common sense. She would point out the problems with getting drunk on a Tuesday night, while Josh would look at her as if she was speaking Farsi. And then he'd go do it, and the next morning he'd do nothing but yell at her. And she still put up with it! He gave her credit for her forbearance.

And she'd needed it lately. She and C.J. had become very close, but C.J. only grew more nervous as the wedding approached. She'd assured him that she wanted nothing more than to get married, and Sam believed her. But it wasn't good to watch her disintegrate. Thank God Eleanor was there for the small details. C.J. dealt with those enough at work. Thus the burden of keeping C.J. on an even keel had fallen to him and to Donna.

Well, Sam mused, bachelor and bachelorette parties were a great way to blow off steam. It would be incredible. Having fun was one of the things Josh did best. But first, he had to finish this speech.

Buoyed by thoughts of release, Sam got back to work.

Wild Night - 2



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