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The next day at the White House, C.J. and Donna came in together, with Donna pinning her hair up inside a kerchief. "How great is this going to be?" Donna couldn't keep the grin off her face.

"I think Josh will have a coronary when he sees your hair," C.J. joked, "never mind the bet."

"You never know."

The Wing was relatively uncrowded for the start of a workday. C.J. and Donna could hear Sam and Josh stumbling in, moaning, from halfway down the hall. "Let's get to my office," C.J. said. "They'll most likely look here, after that nice wake-up call."

Donna giggled. "Definitely." The two of them had taken great pleasure in turning up the stereo that morning. Not as loud as it would go, but loud enough to make the two hung-over men howl in protest. Donna had ducked out before Josh could see her hair, but C.J. had assured her on the way over that it had all been extremely worth it.

C.J. was proved right as Carol knocked on the door not five minutes after the two women entered. "C.J., Sam and Josh are here."

"Send them in," C.J. called. To Donna she hissed, "Put your hair back up!" Donna hastily did so, just as the door flung open.

There they were, looking godawful. "All right," Josh said, speaking slowly and carefully. "I want to know who's coming to your bachelorette party, C.J. I need time before I gird myself for this humiliation."

Barely containing her laughter, C.J. passed him the handwritten list. He and Sam perused it together, at intervals exclaiming in protests as loud as their pounding heads would allow.

"Ainsley?" Josh whined.

"Zoey and Ellie Bartlet?" Sam griped.

Their complaints paled when they saw the last name on the list: the First Lady. Josh threw the paper down, eyes blazing with anger, yet fear. "C.J., please! Please, tell me the First Lady is not coming to your bachelorette party!"

Donna and C.J. couldn't hold it in anymore. "She stopped by and asked me specifically," C.J. said in between spurts of laughter. "I couldn't exactly say no."

"This is going to be so good!" Donna threw back her head and laughed. Unfortunately, at that moment her kerchief decided to loose itself. It flew onto the floor, leaving her chocolate-colored hair for all to see.

Sam and Josh's mouths dropped open in unison as they remembered what they could of the following night. "You!" Sam's eyes were so wide they resembled blue ping-pong balls. "You were her!"

Josh was quicker. "Donna, you were there last night!"

"Was I?" Donna couldn't exactly deny it.

Josh's face went red with poorly-concealed fury as he remembered some of the things that his girlfriend had done last night – and who she had done them to. "Donna!" He sputtered through his anger. "What – I – you – why the hell –"

Donna cut him off. Staring him straight in the face, she said evenly, "Guess I'm not 'dull Donna' anymore, am I Josh?"

Josh couldn't speak. He tried to come up with words, but couldn't. "Take a picture," C.J. cracked. "Josh speechless is a once-in-a-lifetime thing."

Donna merely stared at him with utter satisfaction. Finally he would respect her, as well as love her. This, as she well knew, took guts. He wouldn't break up with her; she knew that. This would change their relationship, but for the better.

Sam, meanwhile, had processed this. "Donna, if you were there, that means you cheated. Which means," he said with relief, "that we don't have to strip at the bachelorette party!"

C.J. held up a hand. "Whoa there, Spanky. Who says we cheated?"

"Well... if Donna was there, she could have easily given us alcohol," Sam said, a trifle hesitantly. He didn't want to call his fiancée a liar, but... this wasn't exactly an argument he could just let her win.

Still, C.J.'s smile never left her face. "Oh, she didn't."

"How do you know?" Josh said, finally having recovered the power of speech.

"Easy." Donna turned away and yelled, "Toby!"

He arrived momentarily, with a look almost as black as Josh and Sam's. "Yes, Donna?"

"Would you mind telling Sam and Josh what you told me last night?"

"Sure. Then I can go sleep." Toby faced the guys and spoke, shortly and declaratively. "Last night, to the best of my knowledge, Donna did not give either of you anything to drink."

C.J. and Donna smiled smugly, and Toby was about to leave when Josh's voice stopped him. "Just a second, Toby. Weren't you drunk too?"

Toby fixed him with a glare. "I was not strictly sober, but I wasn't drunk enough to forget everything. Ask me something that happened last night."

"Okay." Sam thought for a moment and finally spoke. "Toby, what did Abby – er – Donna do to Senator Dawes last night?"

With a glance for Donna that could only be described as evil, Toby leaned over and whispered in Sam's ear. Sam flushed bright red, then leaned over and whispered to Josh.

After the confab, of sorts, Sam faced the women. Speaking quietly, he said, "What time is your party, C.J.?"

"Yes!" C.J. and Donna high-fived. "So you admit defeat?" Donna said, slightly mocking.

"Yeah, yeah," Josh muttered. "Just let me get really drunk before I do it, so at least I won't *feel* the humiliation."

Toby wasn't moved. "Yeah, yeah. Take pictures. Can I go now?"

"Yeah." Donna smiled at Toby. "Thanks a lot."

"Sure, whatever." Even as he spoke, however, there was a mischievous gleam in Toby's eyes as he left.

Sam groaned. "If you take pictures, C.J., so help me..."

C.J. ignored him. In an ostentatiously loud voice she said, "Hey, Josh, can you wear that leopard-print speedo that you have concealed in your underwear drawer? I think it'd be a big hit."

Josh couldn't look at her. "Please," he said to no one in particular, "tell me this isn't going to happen."

Two nights later, Donna patted her boyfriend on the back as he and Sam prepared. "Don't worry, Josh!" she said, already a bit giggly. "You'll do fine!"

Sam was hunched back in a corner. "I feel naked already."

C.J. was laughing too hard to comment, so Donna did so. "Sam, it'll be fine. We told everyone no cameras." *Except for the one I have in my pocket,* she added silently.

Josh had been about to say something snarky, but changed his mind. "Sam, you know what?" he said, grabbing Donna's tequila. "Let's just get it over with."

Sam didn't reply, but he didn't have a chance to. He found himself having fun as Josh yanked him out center stage. Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff" began to play. Abbey, Zoey, Ellie, Ainsley, Cathy, Gina, Carol and the rest of the women yelled and catcalled and whistled.

But Donna, C.J., Sam and Josh were the only ones laughing.




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