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The next day at work was interesting, to say the least.

C.J. came in at about her normal time, only to be greeted by a chorus of male whining.

"C.J., did you know Donna called in today?" Josh whined. "I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing!"

"C.J.," Sam whined, "my tux is late!"

"C.J.," Toby said in a voice that was perilously close to whining, "Danny is in my office and won't leave. Please make him go. Now."

Putting her briefcase down, C.J. faced the three men. "Josh, Donna doesn't feel well. Sam, your tux is your own damn problem. And Toby, you kick Danny out. I'm sure you can think of something sufficiently fearsome."

They looked like they wanted to bother her more, but only Sam remained. "Hey, C.J., can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead. But if you want to whine, Sam..." C.J. left the threat unfinished. They were more effective that way.

"No, I don't." Sam smiled. "I just wanted to know what you're doing tonight while Josh and I are out."

C.J. had to stop the grin. If only he knew. "Actually," she said, quickly improvising, "Donna and I are going to watch a movie."


"Yeah, it'll be a nice diversion before my bachelorette party in three days." C.J. smirked. This was going to be so good. But they had to win the bet.

Sam was about to say more, but Carol stuck her head in the room. "C.J., the First Lady wants to talk to you. She made an appointment."

"Okay. For when?"

Carol checked her watch. "Now."

C.J. cursed, trying to get everything in order. Carol had been doing that to her since the entire maid of honor thing. "Damn it," she muttered. How many times would she have to apologise?

Sam, meanwhile, was making tracks. "I'll see you later, C.J. You know me and the First Lady." Though he'd never admit it, Sam was frightened to death of the president's wife.

"Wimp," C.J. muttered.


"Nothing." C.J. gave him a patently fake smile. "Better go before Abbey gets here, sweetheart."

"Right." Sam turned and walked away without so much as a 'later.'C.J. grumbled under her breath, but she didn't have time to do much more.

Abbey Bartlet was right on time. "Hi, C.J. Got a minute?"

"Well, ma'am, since you made an appointment I would think so." Quickly C.J. ran over the past few days in her mind. Had she done anything to annoy anyone? Well, any more than usual?

"I just did that to assure myself of having your ear for a while uninterrupted." Abbey smiled. "No, I wanted to ask you about your bachelorette party."

C.J. sighed with relief. "Oh!"

However, the First Lady's words were surprising, to say the least. "So, is it true that Josh and Sam are going to strip and I'm not invited?"

After C.J. recovered her breath, she answered. She could be honest with Abbey, because if nothing else, she knew it wouldn't get to the press. "Well, Abbey," she said, closing the door, "we made a bet with them, and if they lose that's the consequence."

"How amusing." A smile twitched at Abbey's lips. "And I'm not invited?"

"Of course you're invited," C.J. said before she could think.

"Good." Abbey turned to leave. "Have a good day, C.J., and keep me posted."

"Sure." As the First Lady left C.J. found it very difficult to keep herself from cracking up. The First Lady, at her bachelorette party? Not only would the Secret Service have to be female, but she could see the looks on Josh and Sam's faces when she told them that Abbey Bartlet would be there.

Wait a second, C.J. remonstrated. Who said she had to tell them?

Chuckling to herself, C.J. sat down to finish her notes for her next briefing. Now it was official. She and Donna absolutely *had* to win the bet. If only to see Sam and Josh and Abbey.

Wild Night - 7



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