"You're So Vain"

Rating: PG-13, language, "adult themes"

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It was a Monday morning in February. People grumbled ceaselessly about having to go into work. The metros were crammed full of commuters, and the traffic was, as usual, terrible. But for Sam Seaborn, all was right with the world.

He practically danced into work. Sam was a pretty easygoing guy – some even said happy-go-lucky was a better word. But today was a cheerfulness that even for Sam was out of the ordinary. He waved to the Secret Service men, skipped up the stairs and strode down the hallway, whistling a Frank Sinatra tune.

In the bullpen, Josh Lyman picked up on it first. Turning to Donna Moss, his assistant, he asked in a whisper, "Is that Sam?"

"Yeah," Donna answered. Appraising him critically, she murmured back to her boss, "He looks even happier than normal." *And I know why,* she thought. *It has to be. It's women's intuition.*

"Morning, Josh!" Sam had a smile for his best friend as he came by. "Donna, you look as lovely as ever."

"Uh... thanks." Josh was a bit unnerved, though Donna merely grinned idiotically at the compliment. "Sam, is everything all right?" he asked.

"Things are better than all right!" Sam dropped his briefcase and dropped into Donna's chair. Feet up on her desk, he said, "It really doesn't get much better than this, you guys."

Donna smiled. She was right; now she was sure of it. "Have a good weekend, Sam?"

"The best." Sam winked at her. Donna had played a large part in his present happiness, and he wouldn't forget it. Now if only he could do something for her ...

Josh, however, was still in the dark. "What happened to you, buddy? You get a raise or something?"

"Nope." Sam folded his hands behind his head and leaned back. Of course, the chair tilted too far and Sam went flying. But on this occasion he didn't even blush; he just picked himself and the chair up and went back to smiling at Josh.

"Wow, this *had* to have been good," Josh mumbled. Aloud he said, "Lemme think... you finally put things to rest with Mallory?"

"Well, that's part of it," Sam answered. "We had a long talk, and we finally agreed to stay friends. She needs someone who can give her more attention, and I need someone who understands that my job is my life."

"There's your problem, Sam," Josh riposted. "But I'm glad for you." He applied himself to the task at hand. "If you set things right with Mal, it can only mean there's another woman in the picture."

Donna had to bite her lip to keep from laughing. She could only imagine the teasing Josh would throw his friend's way when he guessed.

Sam was about to answer when the three were greeted by the sounds of more whistling – another Sinatra tune. Josh stuck his head out into the hallway and was treated to an extraordinary sight.

C.J. Cregg, by nature a very calm, easygoing person, was extremely happy. She was practically hopping down the hall, bobbing her head to some crazy inaudible tune – another Sinatra. Assorted words came out of the melange – "I've got you under my skin, I've got you deep in the heart of me..."

She passed the bullpen. "Hey, Josh. Hi Donna." But what flabbergasted Josh most of all was the way she bid Sam good morning. "Hey, you," C.J. said, letting her hand softly caress the side of his face for just a brief instant. Then she passed on, but not before Sam returned the fond look.

The only possible solution to Sam's mystery elbowed its way to the front of his mind. Like a man struck by lightning, Josh blurted, "You got some last night, didn't you!!?!"

C.J. stopped as if shocked by an electric fence. "Sam!" she hissed, coming back to the bullpen. "You *told* him?"

"No," Sam answered, spontaneously turning pink, "*you* just did."

Josh was stunned. There was no other word for it. Donna couldn't stop a giggle, but otherwise remained silent. C.J. and Sam waited patiently for Josh to speak.

At length he did. "I can't believe you two!" Josh spluttered, rising to his feet. "How long has it been since you got together, and you're already to this point?"

"It's been thirteen days since Valentine's Day," Sam answered, "and if you must know, one thing just led to another. It's not a habitual thing." He winked evilly at C.J. "However..."

"Sam, shut up." C.J. flushed and spoke to Josh. "I'm a grown woman, Josh, and Sam is a grown man. It's our call. *Not* yours." *Besides,* she added in her head, *our relationship is progressing to heights I didn't think were possible. I'm not about to screw it up now.*

"But are you thinking of anyone else?" Josh said snidely. "What about the press problems that will happen if this gets out?"

"What about them?" Sam answered. "It's none of their business."

"Hmph." Josh folded his arms in a remarkably childish way. "Well fine, then. Go right ahead. By the way, Sam, the 589 meeting starts in ten minutes."

"But I thought you had that."

"I did. But Leo gave it to you." Josh still faced the wall as he spoke. "Or were you not listening?"

Sam merely sighed. "Fine. See you later, C.J., Donna." He ostentatiously ignored Josh, figuring it might shock him. He didn't like to do that to people, especially not his best friend, but what other way would he get Josh out of this childish little funk? His love life was, quite frankly, his own damn business. And in the past few days, he'd become convinced that he and C.J. had something really special. He'd be damned if he'd lose it now, especially because of his own best friend.


Chapter 2



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