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"Donna?" Sam queried, surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same," replied Donna, mystified.

At that point Josh appeared. "Oh, good, you guys are here." He gestured to the couch and chair. "Sit down, this'll only take a minute."

C.J.'s tone was frosty. "I hope so, I have work to do."

"Don't worry about it." Josh sounded positively carefree. "Sit down." Donna took the chair, which left Sam and C.J. awkwardly perched on Josh's couch.

Josh had to suppress a grin as he began to speak. "Donna, I'll start with you, since you helped kick sense into me first." He sat on the corner of the desk, taking her hand and looking straight at her. "Look. I thought a lot about what you said last night. And you're right, unequivocally. I was being a jealous brat. I hadn't had a long-term relationship in a really long time, and I couldn't see Sam and C.J., my two best friends, having one. I felt left out."

Sam and C.J. were positively shocked. They gaped in open astonishment as Josh, normally a man who had to be threatened before he'd apologise to anything, bared his reasons to them and Donna.

He continued, staring straight into his assistant's eyes. "But you helped me see that I had my head up my ass. And I thank you for that."
Leaning forward slightly, he finished the sentence. "Because I love you
too, Donnatella." Then he added punctuation by kissing her, softly and

Donna was shocked beyond words. She leaned into the kiss, feeling her eyes burn as tears started to come. She blinked them back and beamed at her boss, her smile conveying more than anything she could say.

Sam whistled softly. "*That's* what he told me last night."

"What?" C.J. asked.

"Never mind."

Josh then gently disengaged himself from Donna and turned to Sam and C.J. "I owe you guys a huge apology."

"Damn right you do." C.J. was stubborn.

"Sam, first off, you were right," Josh said, casting a truly contrite look towards his friend. "I showed C.J. the harassment suit to scare her. I'm sorry for putting you through that, and C.J.," he said, turning his focus, "I'm really sorry for using you like that. It was really out of line."

C.J. sighed. "I guess it's all right. But Josh –"

He cut her off. "Please, C.J., let me finish. This is difficult." Josh grinned briefly, then continued. "Sam, you were the second person to kick sense into me. Last night, even though you don't remember it, you said something that really made me think."

"What was that?" Sam asked. He didn't remember anything of the sort.

"You said that if you were going to get hurt, it had better be your own damn choice." Josh smiled, addressing his next remark to the surprised press secretary. "This guy really has it bad, C.J. No matter what I did, what I said, he kept insisting that you wouldn't hurt him, never, and even if you did, it'd be all right because it was his choice to pursue you."

Sam went red in the face as C.J. chuckled fondly. Josh continued. "I was trying to save you guys from screwing up, 'cause you two are such good friends that if you broke up this whole Wing would be thrown out of whack. But I guess that's your call to make."

"Thank you, Josh." Sam smiled, the first real smile since the beginning of a few days ago.

C.J., however, still wasn't convinced. "Josh, I appreciate your apology. I really do. But you just can't get out of this that easy."

"I can't?" Josh looked crestfallen.

"No." C.J. answered definitively. "I just don't understand why you thought you could interfere like that."

"Well, because you two are my best friends."

"That's not good enough." Josh flinched at the hard tone in C.J.'s words. "You're our friend, that's true. Not someone who can make those kinds of decisions. You had *no right* whatsoever to even think about breaking us apart."

It was at that point that Sam let himself hope. This didn't sound like a woman trying to put a bad relationship behind her.

Josh, however, put it calmly. "C.J., I understand. Frankly, I'd still be pissed at me if I were you. But this is the best I can do." He shrugged. "I screwed up. Badly. I stuck my nose where I had no business being. What else can I say?"

*I know what you can say,* C.J. thought. *You can tell Sam how I really
feel!* But outwardly, she said, "Josh, you can say that you won't *ever* do this again. You can say that whoever I choose to date, I can date. Even if it's ..." She waved a hand. "I don't know. If I decide to date Vice President Hoynes, you can say you won't do a damn thing about it."

"I promise, C.J. Whoever you choose." Josh wasn't kidding. He wanted things to be all right with C.J. Suddenly, he thought of a way to ensure that all would be well. "But I want you to do one thing for me." It was so plainly obvious, now that he looked. The way Sam stared at C.J. The way C.J. waited just a bit too long to stand up from her place next to Sam. And the way neither of them spoke to the other.

C.J. raised her eyebrows. "What do you want, Josh?"

Josh said it with a smile. "I want you to tell Sam how you really feel.
And Sam, if you don't kiss her quick I will kick your ass."

Sam felt the breath catch in his chest. "C.J.?"

She turned to him, eyes alight with hope. "Sam, I'd really like to try this again," C.J. said, smile playing on the corners of her mouth. "That is, if you want to."

"Definitely." Not caring if Josh and Donna were watching, Sam caught C.J. up in a fierce hug, and then kissed her for all he was worth.

Even though he gave his wholehearted support to such a scheme, it wasn't long before Josh began to get uncomfortable. "Get a room, you guys, come on."

Instead of answering, Sam found a suitable nonverbal reply. He reached up to stroke C.J.'s hair, and in the process of moving his hand, shot Josh the middle finger, for a full five seconds.

Josh had to laugh. Besides, he'd thought of a way to pass the time. He winked at Donna, whose arms were instantly around his neck. He'd find a way to explain this to Leo, but somehow he'd do it. For now he was just happy being where he was.

The last thing he did before kissing Donna was to sidle over and close the door with his foot. It closed with a soft thump, leaving the two couples to themselves inside the office.




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