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Toby opened the door to the room, and was greeted with what was
probably the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. CJ was sitting on the
bed holding their infant daughter. He stood watching his wife, although
they were not married yet he still thought of CJ as his wife, and his
daughter. He sat the roses he was carrying on the table, and went to sit
beside her.

"Good morning." She whispered when he sat down beside her on the bed.

"Good morning."

"She's perfect isn't she?"

"If she's anything like her mother yes."


"I'm serious."

"That's the part that scares me."

About an hour later a nurse came into to take the baby back to the nursery.
Toby kissed CJ's forehead and held her against him. He could tell that she
was starting to get tired.

"We have to name her." He said.

"Tell me we are not getting into this again."

"CJ, she has to have a name."

"I know and we have decided that she will be named Melanie."

"But we are not agreeing on the middle name. Don't you think Melanie
Claudia Ziegler is a beautiful name?"

"Toby you aren't going to give up on this are you?"


"Okay." CJ said sleepily. "I guess I'll agree to that."

"You will?"

"Yeah." CJ said as she started to fall asleep.


CJ looked at her reflection in the mirror. Sometimes it was unbelievable to
her how happy she was. As she raised the brush to her hair, she noticed the
ring on her finger. Toby had placed it on her finger two weeks after Melanie
was born. She had promised herself that she would not cry. She really had
tried not to, but she had started to cry almost as soon as Toby took her
hand. She smiled as she remembered how he had held her. She glanced at her
hand again, and looked at the gold band he had slipped on her finger that
afternoon. She had managed not to cry then. Maybe it was because she didn't
want to cry in front of all of their friends. She wondered if anyone other
than Toby knew that she had cried as they were dancing. She took one last
look in the mirror and got up.

She walked steadily towards the living room of the hotel suite they were
spending the night in. As she got closer she could see he was sitting on the
couch, on the phone. She fervently hoped that he was not talking to anyone
from work. She would never hear the end of it from Josh if he were. When she
could finally hear what Toby was saying she found she couldn't move.

"She's asleep?" CJ heard him say. "When did she go to sleep?" There was a
pause as the person on the other end answered. "She should wake up around
three then." Another pause. "I know, it's just...this is the first time CJ
and I have been away from her." CJ leaned against the wall listening to the
rest of his conversation with Donna. "I know Melanie is fine. I just had to
check on her." Another pause. "Yeah, we'll be there tomorrow morning. I
don't know three I think. Okay, tomorrow afternoon then. Bye." CJ stood
there for a moment after he had hung up the phone.

She walked behind him and placed her hands on his shoulders. "Have I ever
told you how sweet you are?"

"CJ." Toby said as he drew her arms around his neck.


"I am not sweet."

"Really? Then what would you call it?"

"Call what?"

"You called to check on Melanie. I heard you talking to Donna. I thought
calling to check on our daughter on our wedding night was very sweet."

"CJ, you could come over here." Toby suggested.

"Yes, I could." CJ said. She moved around the side of the couch.

Once Toby realized she was not going to sit down beside him, he looked up.
"I didn't think it was possible."

"What was possible?"

"You look more beautiful now than you did in your wedding gown." Toby said
as he drew her onto his lap.

"And you wonder why I think you are sweet. " CJ said as they started to

The end.