Rating: PG-13 (Romantic Situations and Mild Language)

The song "Some Kind of Somethin' " is the property of Chelly Wright and her record company No copyright infringement is intended.


No one in the West Wing had a clue that Toby and CJ were tentatively dating. So far, they had managed to keep the change in their relationship a secret for three weeks. It was a Saturday, and they planned to spend the day together.

ĎThings have been going wellí, CJ thought as she was getting ready. As she came back into the living room, she couldnít help but smile over the lyrics of the song she was listening to. And how appropriate they were to how she was feeling.

I wouldnít bet the farm on it yet But I find myself on this dangerous ledge Donít know if Iím falliní Donít know what to call it But itís like a red, red wine Goin to my head... Itís

Some kind of somethiní Iíve never seen nothiní That made me feel like this Itís too soon to say forever But weíre over sayiní never Loveís a definite maybe when we kiss... And Iíve been passin up every what if For some kind of somethiní like this

As she was listening to the song her doorbell rang. She went to answer, and as she opened the door used the remote to turn off the CD player.

"Good morning, Toby." She said as he came in.

"Good morning. Um what did you turn off as I came in?"

"Nothing." She replied, as she hid the remote behind her back.

"Nothing, so why are you hiding something from me?" He said as he put his arms around her.

"Toby..." She said as he pried the remote from her hand.

"Okay, this appears to be a remote. Probably a remote to a CD player. Which would mean that you were listening to something earlier, that you really didnít want me to hear. Now I wonder what it could be." He said as he turned the CD player on.

"Well, it definitely sounds like it is a country song. You listen to country music? Iím sorry Iím just getting you back for the Ďyou watched cooking shows remarkí."

"Yes, occasionally. Now youíve had your fun, would you please turn it off."

"No, itís just starting to get fun. So, do you think the lyrics of the song are true?"

"Which part?" She asked looking him in the eye.

"The part about love being a definite maybe when we kiss."

"Yeah, it could be."

"So, if we kissed more often do you think it would grow to love faster?"

"Maybe." She said as she kissed him.

"Then I think we should do this more often." Toby said as he kissed her back.


The President had decided that it would be wise to leave for Florida at 5 oíclock in the morning. Of course the President always thought it was wise to leave very early in the morning for any trip. Most of the senior staff had been at the White House the entire night making last minute preparations for the trip, which included a fundraiser in Palm Springs that night. Toby and Sam had finished the last of the Presidentís speeches just before getting on the plane. Now, Sam and Josh were sitting on the other side of the plane asleep. Toby glanced over at CJ, who was sitting beside him, and saw that she too was asleep. At that moment he wanted nothing more than to put his arm around her and draw her against him. But since their relationship was still a secret, that probably was not the wisest idea. The weeks since they had begun dating, had been some of the happiest he had spent in years. Although, he had not taken the time to analyze his feelings for her, he knew his feelings were quickly becoming very serious. He decided that it might be a good idea to try to get a little sleep and closed his eyes.

A few minutes later CJ woke up. She glanced around the cabin and saw that everyone else was still asleep. There were still a few hours until they landed, and she thought she should probably go back to sleep. She looked over at Toby, who was asleep beside her. She knew that she was starting to have very deep feelings for him. It worried her because she didnít have the best track record with relationships. And this was one relationship she really wanted to work.


All of the days events, including the fundraiser had gone well. The itinerary for the trip had included spending the night in Florida. So the staff was housed in a beach front hotel for the night. While at the fundraiser, Toby and CJ had decided that they would go for a walk on the beach.

"Itís been so long since Iíve been to the beach." CJ said as she and Toby were walking hand-in-hand on the beach.

"You grew up in California, right?"

"Yeah, my friends and I went to the beach often when I was growing up. I loved it. Iíve just been too busy in the last few years to go anywhere."

"Yeah, I know what you mean about being busy. Itís just going to get worse with the reelection campaign, next year."

"Yeah, it will."

"You know Iím actually enjoying being outside for once."

"Not exactly, the outdoor type, are you Toby?"

"No Iím not. But I am enjoying the company tonight."

"Oh, so itís the company you like, not the place."

"The beach is fine, for a place that is outdoors."

"Okay." CJ laughed. She stopped walking and turned until she was facing Toby.

"Youíre laughing at me!" Toby said as he sat down on the beach and pulled CJ down beside him.

"You have to admit that it was a funny statement."

"No, I donít."


Toby put his arm around her and drew his closer to him. "You looked wonderful tonight. I donít remember if Iíve told you that already, but you did."

"Thank you." She replied softly.

Toby then kissed her passionately. CJ broke the kiss, and asked, "Didnít we say we werenít going to do this when anyone was around?"

"We are on a deserted beach, at one oíclock in the morning. No one will see us." Toby said and kissed her again.



"Hey, CJ." Josh said as he sat down beside her on the plane. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"


"You know Sam and I went out for a while last night. And we thought we saw the strangest thing. We saw two people on the beach kissing. Guess who it looked like?"

"Who?" CJ asked, starting to get worried about what Josh was saying.

"You and Toby. So, was it the two of you and if so what is going on between you two?"

"Josh, look..."

"Okay, you really donít want to talk about this do you?"

"Itís a little bit two personal, and there is someone else involved."

"One question for you."


"Are you happy?"


"Good, Iím glad Claudia Jean. I really am."

"Thanks Josh."

At the same time, Sam and Toby were getting out of the second limousine.

"So, Toby, whatís going on with you and CJ?" Sam asked his boss.

"I um I donít know what you are talking about." Toby replied.

"So you werenít on the beach with her last night. It was just two people that look amazingly like you and CJ that Josh and I saw kissing last night. Okay if you say so. I donít believe you, but if you say so."

Before Toby could reply he heard Leo say. "Whatís all of this about Toby and CJ?"

to be continued...





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