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That evening after all of the dayís work was finished, Leo called both Toby and CJ to his office.

"Have a seat." Leo said as Margaret let them in. "Margaret, you can go home now."

Margaret flashed Toby and CJ a sympathetic smile as she closed the door.

"Okay, I guess that both of you know why I wanted to talk to you. I heard what Sam said to you today, Toby, in fact I heard the entire conversation. So I have one question for the two of you. Is it true?"

"Yeah, Leo itís true. Toby answered.

"How *long* has this been going on?" Leo asked.

"Six weeks." CJ replied.

"Six weeks, SIX WEEKS. And Iím just now finding this out!"

"Leo," CJ said, "we wanted to see exactly what this was before we told anyone."

"Yes, we thought it was better no one knew. If it didnít work out then we could handle this ourselves." Toby said.

"How serious is it?" Leo asked.

Toby and CJ glanced at each other before answering. "I think that it has the potential to be very serious." Toby answered.

"Yes it does." CJ said quietly.

"I see. You know I thought both of you were a hell of a lot smarter then this." Leo said.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Toby asked.

"We have a re election campaign to fight next year. We DONíT need any soap operatic situations among the staff. The press will have a damn field day with this. I hate to say this, but youíve got to end it."

"Leo..." CJ said in disbelief. Toby just glared at Leo.

"Iím giving you forty-eight hours to end it. No arguments. You can go now."


CJ had spent the entire day in disbelief after the meeting with Leo the night before. It was eight oíclock and she found herself at the door to Tobyís apartment afraid to ring the bell. They had not spoken all day, and she didnít know what to make of Leoís ultimatum or Tobyís reaction to it. She finally worked her courage up and rang the doorbell.

"I know I probably shouldnít be here, but we need to talk." She said when he opened the door.

"No, itís okay. Come in."


"Would you like something to drink or anything."

"No I really just wanted to talk to you about everything."

"I donít even know where to start." Toby said.

"Neither do I. There are a few things Iím certain of, I donít want to lose you." CJ choked on the tears she was trying hard not to shed.

Toby walked to where she was standing, and put his arms around her. "Okay, lets get one thing clear. Whatever happens you are not going to lose me completely."

"Are you saying we should continue to date secretly?"

"No, if Leo found out... I would like nothing more than to tell him that our personal lives are none of his, or anyone elseís damn business."

"So would I. What are we going to do?"

"I donít know. Forty-eight hours is not enough damn time. Especially when itís something you really donít want to face."

"Yeah, I know. The only thing I can think of is..."

"NO! I know what you are thinking. Neither of us is going to give Leo or anyone else the satisfaction of resigning."

"Okay. Then weíre back at square one."

"And no real choice but to obey Leoís idiotic proclamation."

"Yeah. Oh, I hate this."

"So do I." Toby said caressing her face as he spoke.

"Then I guess this is goodbye."

Toby was silent for a moment. He closed his eyes and replied. "I guess so."

"Goodbye." CJ whispered and then leaned over to kiss him. He pulled her closer to him as they kissed.

"This probably isnít wise is it?" She said.

"Probably not. But I donít care, do you?"


"Shh," he said, covering her lips with is fingers, "no more words. Tonight we can shut the world out. I donít want to think about anything else." With that he held his hand out to her. She put her hand in his and they walked into the bedroom.


When CJ woke she found herself still tightly wrapped in Tobyís arms. She turned and saw that he was still sleeping. She slipped quietly from the bed, and prepared to leave. When she reached the door, she heard Toby quietly call her name.

"Yeah." She said as she turned around to face him.

"We need to talk. What happened tonight is between us. We kept everything else secret, and weíll keep tonight secret. Okay?"


"Listen, when all of this is over. Oh, what Iím trying to say...Iím not doing any damn good at this but, one last dance. I want to say goodbye." Toby held his hand out to her.

"Toby, I donít know..."



Toby turned his CD player on and took CJ into his arms. She put her arms tightly around him and rested her head on his shoulder. As the song started to play, they just held each other. As she listened to the lyrics, CJ fought to keep the tears from falling.

Kiss me once for the good times baby Kiss me twice for goodbye You canít help how you donít feel And it doesnít matter why Give me a chance to bow out gracefully ĎCause thatís how I want you to remember me

Iím gonna smile ĎCause I want to make you happy Laugh, so you canít see me cry Iím gonna let you go in style And even if it kills me Iím gonna smile

Iím gonna smile ĎCause I want to make you happy Laugh, so you canít see me cry Iím gonna let you go in style And even if it kills me Iím gonna smile

"CJ," Toby said softly as they were dancing, "when all of this is over..."

"No, please donít say it. Donít make a promise neither of us knows if we can keep. Itís already painful enough. I just canít take hearing what I know youíre going to say. Goodbye." She broke away from him. She walked to the door, as she opened the door she turned and gave him one last tear-filled look, then she left. Toby stared at the closed door for a long time. He then sat down on the couch, and dropped his head into his hands. CJ was still in tears when she reached her car. She sat for some time trying to compose herself so she could drive. Finally, she calmed down some, and put the key into the ignition.


As Toby was getting ready to leave to go to work, he glanced down at his hand and caught sight of the gold band on his left hand. He had worn it for so long, most of the time he even forgot it was there. This morning to stuck out to him as a remnant of the past that was no longer necessary. He had mourned the end of his marriage, probably much longer than he should have. On this of all mornings, one fact stood out to him. There was someone other than Andrea that he was in love with. She had walked out of this apartment, and probably out of his life two hours earlier. Although, CJ had not allowed him to say it, he knew that when the administration was over that he would seek her out again. He would try to pick up the fractured pieces of their relationship. Hopefully, it would not be too late for a second chance then. He looked at the ring again, and then removed it from his finger.

to be continued...





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