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Shortly after the engagement CJ had given him a key to her apartment, he used it to let himself into her apartment nearly a month later.

"CJ." He called.

"In here." She answered from the kitchen.

"What are doing?" He asked as he sat down at the table.

She looked up, rubbing her forehead a little bit. "I was trying to plan our wedding."

He was silent. He was certain that whatever he said would be the wrong thing so he didn't say anything.

She smiled slightly. "I think I'm just a little tired and all of this is getting to me."

"What is?"

"The planning."


She sighed. "I think I know why people elope now."


"Because there's less planning involved in that."

"Would you want to do that?"



She stood walking over to the window. "Part of me wants a big wedding, the dress, and all that stuff."


"I keep thinking that I'm forty-one so it's probably a little ridiculous."

He walked over to her and placed his hands on her shoulder. "What did I tell you when we started to talk about this?"

She laughed slightly. "To tell you the day, the place, the time and you'll be there."

"Yes, CJ I've had the big wedding. It doesn't matter to me if we have one or not."

She turned to face him. "Do you think that..."

"Think what?"

"Do you think we'll have the same ending you and Andi had?"


She nodded and started to walk away. Toby reached out and took her hand to stop her.


"We're going to make this work."

"It's not going to be easy."

"As much as I hate to resort to cliché. He sighed. "Nothing worth having is ever easy."


He hugged her tightly. "You're my best friend and I love you." He kissed her temple.

"Love you too." She murmured.

"We can elope if you want to."

She nodded. "That might be a good idea."


"I need to think about that."

"Okay." He moved away, going back to the table to sit down.

"I was thinking we could take a few days off for a honeymoon."

"Of course." He grinned.

"Looking forward to that?"

"Of course." He grinned again.

She laughed. "Get your mind out of the gutter Toby."

"You should do the same." He said as he stood and went over to her.

"Who says my mind is in the gutter?" She laughed.

He slipped his arms around her and kissed her.

"That's supposed to get my mind out of the gutter?"

"I'm thinking that since both of our minds are in the gutter, we should enjoy it."





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