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Author's Note: Thanks to AJ for beta reading this, and telling me it makes sense.

One Year Later

CJ looked at her watch, she had five minutes before it began. It was the one year anniversary of the day Toby had been shot. Many news organizations had expressed interest in doing an interview with him to be aired that night. Prepping him for the interview had been a real nightmare, but she had survived it. She was certain he hadn't screwed up too much. Now all she had to do was wait and see what editing had done to the piece.

"Also tonight," CJ heard the announcer say as she reached for the crackers she kept on her desk, "an interview with White House Communications Director on the one year anniversary of the assassination attempt in Egypt. We will examine how his life has changed in the last year."

CJ sat at her desk and waited through the first segment for the interview to air. She turned the volume up as it begun. "One year ago today, there was an assassination attempt against Former Israeli Prime Minister Baruch, while he was attending a peace summit in Egypt. White House Communications Director Toby Ziegler was one of the victims of the attempt. Tonight we will sit down with Mr. Ziegler to talk about the changes that have taken place in his life over the last year." As the introduction was spoken, file pictures were shown. Some stills of Toby with the President. A video of CJ and Toby leaving a fundraiser. Finally, there was a shot of CJ reading the first official statement about the attempt. Finally they went to the actual interview footage. "It was not known at that time that you and Ms. Cregg were romantically involved, was it Mr. Ziegler?" The reporter said. "No, it was still secret at that time." Toby said.

"I wish I could say I was surprised they led off with that." CJ said as she watched the interview. She then turned her attention back to the TV.

"How much do you remember about that time?" The reporter asked. "Not much at all." Toby replied. "I was out of it for quite a while. I don't remember much until I was brought back to the States." The next question was, "Who was the first person you saw?" Toby answered. "Leo McGarry, Josh Lyman and Sam Seaborn came to see me on the first day I was home." Toby almost smiled as he was answering. "What about Ms. Cregg."

CJ sat back in her chair, knowing that she was getting ready to make her first appearance.

"I came to see him that night after leaving work. Of course he was asleep." CJ answered. It was the first indication that she was doing the interview also. "When did you talk for the first time?" The reporter asked. "A week later." CJ replied. "And he stayed with you while he was recuperating?", was the next question. "Yes, he did."

"I don't know why you are watching that." Toby said from the door.

"To make certain it goes okay."

"It went okay when we were filming it."

"I know but it could have changed with the editing."

"Do you really think she would do that?"

"Not really but..."

"Okay. Oh, here comes the good part." Toby said as he sat down on the side of her desk.

They were now showing a still photo of CJ and Toby on their wedding day. It was the only photo of the day that had been made public. "You were married in August." The reporter said. "You work closely together, in fact Toby you are CJ's boss. How does that effect your marriage?" They exchanged a glance before CJ answered. "We've never let it bother us." The reporter looked incredulous. "Are you kidding. You've never taken work problems home?" CJ glanced at Toby as she said. "It's something that we know won't last forever. Have we argued over work related stuff? Yes, but we did that before we were married, and before we were ever involved." The reporter then turned to Toby. "How has being married effected your working relationship?" Toby almost smiled as he answered. "It hasn't. We still disagree on issues. We just try not to take it home."

CJ placed her hand on Toby's knee. "Try would be the key word in that sentence."

"Yeah, every time we've taken the problem home I've slept on the couch."

"I didn't enjoy those nights." CJ said softly.

"I know that."

They turned their attention back to the TV for the end of the interview. "What does the future hold for you?" Toby answered. "We try not to think of
that." CJ interrupted, "Obviously we hope for a long and happy marriage, but none of us are promised that we will be here tomorrow. I guess we are just grateful for everyday." "And what about children?" Toby answered. "We've talked about it."

"I'm not surprised they ended with that." CJ said.

"Neither am I." Toby replied as he reached for the crackers on her desk. "These are so bland I don't know how you stand them."

"Toby, it's late. Let's just go home."

"Of course."


"I love you Mrs. Ziegler." Toby said quietly.

"I love it when you call me that."

"I know you do." Toby said as they walked toward the door.

"I love you too." CJ said softly as they walked out of her office.

The end.



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