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As they sat in his office, Toby outlined his plan. Somehow CJ managed not to interrupt him until he was finished.

"That's preposterous, there is no way..."

"Why not?"

"You want me to pretend I'm falling in love with you?" She was astonished.

"Well I'm going to be pretending I'm falling in love with you as well."

"It gives them what they want! How the hell is that supposed to teach them a lesson!?"

"Let me finish."

"Oh, this better be good."

"We pretend that we are dating for a month. They we break up."

"Toby is your brain even working?"

"My brain is working in it's normal devious manner. May I continue?"

"Go ahead."

"When we break up, we're at each other's throats. We hate each other. We do nothing but argue."

"And this teaches them a lesson how?"

"They have what they think they want, right?"


"So they are going to run around all happy, thinking they are matchmakers exordinaire."


"Then we break up. We're so angry at each other that we can't even stand to look at each other. They realize their actions have consequences."

"They think because we are friends..."

"That we'll remain friends even if..."

"Okay so we fight. When do we tell them that we outsmarted them?"

"We fight for a week or two and then tell them what we have done."

"Do you really think we'll be allowed to fight for a week or two?"

"What do you mean?" Toby asked.

"If we are fighting it's going to interfere with our work, sooner or later Leo will lock us in a room and not let us come out until we are on good terms again."

"Then we fight till Leo does that, or two weeks are up."


"So we are going to do this?"

"Sure why not? They need to be taught a lesson." CJ smiled.

"So we are agreed?"

"Yes, this could be fun."

They sealed the agreement with a handshake, and planned how they would start in the morning.


"Joshua." CJ said sweetly the next morning.

He turned around. He had been unaware of her presence until she had spoken. "Could you possibly do that again? I don't believe you scared me to death that time."

She rolled her eyes. "I just wanted to thank you."

"For what?"

"You don't remember talking to me yesterday?"

"About what?"


"You want to thank me?" Josh asked, he had been certain either she or Toby would kill him for that conversation.

"Yes, I had a long talk with Toby. A talk I never would have had if you hadn't said something."

"And you want to thank me?"

"Yes." She went over and kissed his cheek. "Because of you, Toby and I are dating. Thank you." She turned and left.

"Well that went much better than expected." Josh mumbled.


"Sam." Toby called as Sam passed by his office.


"CJ and I..."

"You are!" Sam said excitedly.


"That's great."


"Is this because of what I said yesterday?" Sam asked.


"Well that's just great. I'm sure the two of you will be very happy." Sam left Toby's office with a smile on his face.


"I was right." Sam said to Josh.

"Yes, I know that." They were sitting in the mess.

"I mean just look at them." Sam glanced across the room to where CJ and Toby sat. Anyone watching them would have thought they were a happily dating couple.

"They look happy."

"Yep, and we did this."

"Yes we did."

"We're good matchmakers. We should do this again."

Josh laughed. "I think this is something I'm only willing to do once."

Chapter 3



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