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Toby had dropped her off at her apartment over an hour ago, and CJ had still not moved from the couch. When she had agreed to allow Toby to kiss her, she hadn't believed it would effect her at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. She still didn't know why she had kissed him again. She wondered how she was going to face him tomorrow. She was starting to wonder if there was any truth in what Josh had said earlier. Was it even possible that she had a thing for Toby? There was no way it was possible. She would have known if she had a thing for him, but as the hours of the night dragged on, she became more willing to admit it was possible .


It was late the next day before she had a chance to speak to Toby alone.

"Hello." Toby said when she walked into his office.

"Hi." She had no idea how to start this conversation.

"I was thinking that we should have dinner tonight."


"Because we need to discuss some things."

"What things?"

"The month is almost up. We need to discuss the next step."


"So we'll do that over dinner."

"That's fine." She swallowed. "We need to talk about yesterday as well."

"What about yesterday?"

"The kiss."

"We probably shouldn't have done that." He said. "I'm sorry."



"I wouldn't mind doing that again."

"You wouldn't?"

"Not at all."

"So if I kissed you right now, you would..."

"I would probably put my arms around you and kiss you back."

He got up and walked to where she was. A few weeks ago, he had no idea that he had feelings for her, but now he knew he did. "That's what you would do?"

"Yes." She nodded as she felt his hands touch her waist. He pulled her to him and then kissed her gently. Her arms slipped around him as they stood in the middle of his office kissing.

"You did what you said."

"Yes I did." She smiled. "We still need to talk though."


"I'm...I'm beginning to think that maybe there is some truth in what Josh has said."

"That you and I have a thing for each other?"

"Yes. I'm almost positive that I have feelings of a romantic nature for you." She admitted.

"I'm positive those feelings are returned."

She looked at him. "What are we going to do about this?"

"About what?"

"The feelings, your plan to get even..."

"Our plan."

"Well you're the one that came up with it, so it's your plan."


"So we'll start dating when it is over with?"

"What's wrong with right now?"

"In a week we're going to be acting like we hate each other."

"Yes, how would that prevent us from dating."

"We couldn't go out."

"We could stay in our apartments."

"Yes..." CJ said.

"Then no one would know we weren't fighting."

"That would work."

"After that is over, we tell Sam and Josh that we were just fooling them."

"And we admit we really are dating."


"Okay." She turned to go. "I'm going to go get my things."


She stopped at the door. "Oh, if you...if you want to stay with me tonight..."


She swallowed. "I'm saying I want you to stay with me tonight."

"Maybe we should wait."

"We've been dating for weeks. I don't want to wait any longer."

He nodded. "I'll stay."

Chapter 5



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