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The title comes from the song "Iris" by the Goo Goo
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Everything's Made to Be Broken---Part 2/?

George Washington University Hospital--2 Hours Later

"Hey C.J." Toby said, as he walked into the cubicle
she was in.

"Is it broken?" She asked him.

"No, it's a severe sprain. The doctor wants me to
use crutches for three weeks. If it is still not
broken by then, I can lose these damn things. What
about you?"

"Well, my wrist is broken. They are going to come
back and set it. Then I can leave. By the way you
haven't seen my glasses have you?"


"Okay. Any word from the White House?"



The White House--Same Time

"Abby, are you certain it is another MS attack?" Leo
asked. They were standing in the hallway outside the
President's bedroom.

"Yes" Dr. Abigail Bartlet replied. "I have given
him the injection that he spoke to you about. Now we
have to wait and see."

"I'll tell the staff that he is resting."

"How are they holding up?"

"They are all pretty shaken up. They're trying like
hell to hide it, but they are. I think it will set in
for all of us in a few days."

"Have you heard from Toby and C.J at the hospital?"


George Washington University Hospital

"Claudia Jean"

"Yeah, Toby."

"Looks like they are starting the briefing."

"Who's doing it?"


"At least it's not Josh."


"What's he saying?"

"C.J., you'll see a transcript when we get back..."

"Humor me. I'm in pain"

"And I'm NOT!!" 

"You have a sprain. I have a fracture. Now who do
you think is in more pain?"

"All right , would you please tell me what Sam is

"Okay, one of the shooters has been apprehended. 
He's announcing that three people in the crowd were
wounded. The President is resting, but fine." 

"Resting, but fine?"

"That's what Sam said."

"Okay, then what's going on?"

"I don't know. Do you?"

"No earthly idea. What else has he said?"

"He just announced that you and I were slightly
injured and are at the hospital. We are expected to
return to the White House once we are released from
the ER. He's not expecting much more information
before tomorrow, and is calling a full lid. He's not
taking questions either. That's it. Now since the
doctor has released both of us, we should go back to

"Yeah, it's going to be a long night."

"It's going to be a long week."

"What do you think is going on with POTUS?"

"Do you think it's his back again"

"Probably, but he didn't look well today."


"He looked like he did just before the State of the



"Yeah, Donna"

"Toby just called. He said he and C.J were on their
way back here."

Just then White House reporter Danny Concannon walked
into Josh's office. 
"Danny you know you are not supposed to be back here,

"Josh, I don't care." Danny replied. "How's C.J.?"

"She has a broken wrist, and is on her way back here
with Toby."

"Thank God, when Sam came out to do the briefing, I
was afraid that..."

"She had been wounded?"


"She's fine Danny"

"I know that now."

To be continued....




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