Press Room-- 7 a.m.

"C.J., are you certain you're up to doing the
briefing?" Sam asked.

C.J., who was looking through her notes one last time
answered. "Yeah, I'll be fine.


"Yeah, Sam"

"If you need me to I'll take questions."


C.J. Stepped onto the podium to do the briefing. As
the cameras flashed around her, her begun.

"Good morning. Since I realize that most of us have
had little or no sleep, I'll keep the remarks short. 
As you know there was an assassination attempt as the
President left the town hall meeting yesterday. Three
people in the crowd were wounded. All of the injuries
were taken to George Washington University Hospital. 
They are in stable condition this morning. The White
House will keep you informed of their condition
throughout the day. As for the Senior White House
staff, Communications Director Toby Ziegler and I were
treated and released from GWU Hospital last night. 
Our injuries were minor, and both of us are back at
work. Special Agent Ron Butterfield will now brief
you on the status of the investigation."

After Butterfield's statement, C.J continued with the
briefing. "The President will address the nation at
noon eastern today. I am uncertain if he will be
taking questions at that time. I believe that is all
for now, and I will see you here at noon, if not
before. Deputy Communications Director Sam Seaborn
will take your questions now." With that C.J stepped
off the podium and left the pressroom.

Leo's Office 8 a.m.

Leo looked up from the memo he was reading as
Margaret, walked through the door. "Yeah, Margaret."

"Mallory is here to see you."

"Well, send her in."

"Hey, sweetheart."

"Dad, listen I'm sorry that I was so hard on you last

" No, I should be apologizing to you. I should have
called you and Jenny to let you know I was okay."

"Yes, you should have, but I really don't want to get
into an argument with you right now. I'm just so glad
that you are okay." Mallory said with tears in her

Leo walked to his daughter and held her while she

"C.J.'s office -- 9 a.m.

"C.J., are you busy?"

"No, come in. I thought that you would be working on
the President's remarks."

"I worked on them during the night. I finished them
an hour ago." Toby told her.

"I see. What's going on?"

"I wanted to see how you were."

"Why is everyone doing this today?"


"Seeing how I am. First Leo, then Danny, then Sam,
now you. What makes all of you think I can't handle

"Speaking for Leo, Sam, and myself, maybe the
reminder of what happened to your brother."


"It's a legitimate concern. Your brother was shot
during the campaign. Now you have been shot at. Have
you spoken with Tim?"

"Yeah, I called both Tim and Alan as soon as I got
back here from the hospital. I told them that I was
fine. As for Tim's shooting, it was different from

"How was it different."

"Tim was shot during a robbery attempt. I survived
an assassination attempt on the life of the President,
were multiple shots were fired. I was just lucky that
none of those bullets had my name on it."

"Both were traumatic experiences. Listen we could
probably argue about this all day but that's not why I
am to see you."

"Why did you come?"

"To tell you to go home and get some rest. We can
handle things here for the rest of the day."

"Did Leo, send you in here to do this?"

"Yeah, listen you are running on adrenaline, which is
almost run out. You'll do no good here if you're so
tired, or in so much pain that you can't think
straight. Let the rest of us handle things today."

"You're really a nice person sometimes."

"When I'm not being an uptight pain in the ass."

"I love it when you throw my words back at me."

"I know that. Why do you think I do it?"

"To watch my face turn that color."


"You can tell Leo that I'm leaving."

"Okay, listen I'm going home after the press
conference, so if you need to talk give me a call."

"I might."

to be continued...





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