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Author's Note: This is technically the last part, but there will be an epilogue in the near future.


The last six weeks had been the longest of both CJ and Toby's respective lives. Everyone noticed how miserable they were, it was impossible not to notice it. They had barely spoken to each other during the six weeks, and no one knew how they were going to handle the upcoming trip to Spain. After watching them, Josh, Leo, Sam, and Mrs. Bartlet decided to get Toby and CJ alone so they could talk about what happened.

On the third night that they were in Spain, there was a dinner party at the Embassy. It was on that night that Josh, Leo, Sam, and Mrs. Bartlet decided to implement their plan.

"CJ." Mrs. Bartlet said

"Yes Ma'am?"

"I've left my purse upstairs. Would you care to go up and get it, please?"

"Not at all." CJ replied.

Across the room Leo was having a similar conversation with Toby, and he left the room at the same time. He reached the elevator as it was starting to close. "Could you please hold the elevator?" He shouted at whomever was in it. CJ held the doors open and Toby walked in. "Thanks." He said as the door shut.

"You're welcome."

"I'm surprised that you did that." Toby remarked.


"Because it causes you to be alone with me for awhile."

"Only as long as we are in the elevator." CJ remarked. As she was speaking, the elevator stopped moving. "What the hell?" She said.

"The elevator has stopped moving." Toby said.

"That's a very astute deduction. I never would have figured it out." CJ said.

"I'm going to call someone." Toby said as he picked up the phone that was in the box. "It's not working." He said holding the phone out.

"What?" CJ asked taking the phone from him. "No it is not."

"Not at all."

"What about your cell phone?"

"In my room. Yours?"

"In my purse, which is downstairs."

"Then I think we are stuck here until someone comes looking."



Nearly an hour had passed, they were still stuck on the elevator. CJ was sitting on the floor on one side of the elevator. Toby was sitting on the other side of it.

"Why were you coming up here?" He asked.

"Mrs. Bartlet wanted me to get her purse."

"Leo wanted me to get his phone from his room."

"Wait you don't think..."

"That they've done this deliberately?"


"Yes I do."


"So we would talk about what has happened between us." Toby said.


"Why? CJ that's all I want to know, because I really don't understand what happened." Toby asked.

"I don't know if I do either."

"You have to understand it much better than I do. I'm certain you know what the hell you were thinking that night."

"Who says I was thinking."




"I got scared."

"Of what?"

"Taking the step that you wanted me to."

"Moving in with me?"

"Yeah." CJ said softly. She couldn't look at him as she was speaking.


"You know that I've never had a long term relationship, right?"


"I always get afraid. I'll let it go so far and then I freeze up and get scared."

"So that happened when I asked you to move in with me."

"Yeah, I thought that I was over it until then. That it wasn't going to happen with you." CJ said. She was starting to cry as she was speaking.

Toby noticed she was starting to cry and got up and sat down beside her. "Here." He said as he handed her a handkerchief.


"You thought that it wasn't going to happen?"

"Yeah, I felt safe with you."

"Would you still feel safe if things were like it was before I asked you to move in?"


"We could go back."


"No let me finish." Toby said as he placed a finger on her mouth. "I won't mention it again, unless you decide you are ready to go that far. The offer is still on the table, but you have to be the one to make the first move."

"Okay. We could try that." CJ said. She looked over at him and smiled.

"I think it will work."

"So do I." CJ said.

Toby tentatively put his arms around her and gently kissed her.

"I know you can do better than that." CJ said and kissed him.

When their kisses grew a little too passionate Toby pulled away. "I think we should put this on hold for a few minutes."

"Until we get out of here?"



"Are you cold?" Toby asked as he ran his hands along her arms.

"A little." CJ said as Toby took his jacket off and placed it over her shoulders.

"I love you." Toby said.

"I love you too." CJ replied and they started to kiss again.

As they were kissing the elevator started to move.

"Toby, we're moving." CJ said.


When the doors opened Josh, Sam, Leo and Mrs. Bartlet were standing outside.

"We wondered what had happened to you two." Josh said.

"Like you didn't know." CJ replied.

"What are you talking about?" Leo asked.

"You trapped us in here." Toby said.

"Did it do any good?" Sam asked.

"Yes." CJ and Toby said at the same time.

"Thank God. We don't have to see the two of you miserable anymore." Abbey said.

"I guess you don't need your purse anymore, Mrs. Bartlet?" CJ asked.

"It was downstairs the entire time." Abbey said. "And we should go and leave them alone."

"Hey CJ?" Josh said.


"Have you worked through it?"

"Not totally." CJ answered as she took Toby's hand in hers. "But I will."



Foolish Pride - epilogue




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