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Epilogue-------------------------Six Months Later

Toby and CJ had managed to get their relationship back to where it had been very quickly. They were spending most of their time outside of work together. It was nice to just quietly spend time together.

"Toby." CJ said from just outside of his door.

"Yeah. Come in." He said.

"I'm getting ready to leave."

"Okay, what time is it?"

"A little after six."

"I'm going to finish this speech and then I'm going to leave."

"Okay, I was thinking that I would stay with you tonight?" CJ said.

"You know that is fine with me."

"Okay." CJ said and then kissed his cheek. "I'll see you later."

"Yeah." Toby said. He watched CJ as she left the office. She hadn't mentioned anything about what today was, and he was glad. He didn't want her to fuss over his birthday.


It was nearly an hour later when Toby finally got to his apartment. It was completely dark when he opened the door. He wondered where CJ was, or what she was up to. He turned one of the lights on, and was shocked by what greeted him.

"Surprise!" He heard CJ, Josh, Sam, and Leo shout.

"What the hell!"

"CJ told us it was your birthday, and she wanted to throw a surprise party for you." Sam said.

"I'm definitely surprised." Toby said drily as he walked into the kitchen. He returned a few minutes later with a beer and sat down on the arm of the chair CJ was sitting in. "I thought I told you I didn't want a fuss over my birthday."

"You tell me a lot of things, the vast majority of which I never listen to." CJ replied.

"What made you think that was something you shouldn't listen to?"

"I don't know." CJ said looking up at him and smiling.

He leaned down and kissed her. "So what exactly did you plan for us to eat at this little party?"

"Ginger called just after you left and we ordered a couple of pizzas." Josh replied. "They should be here any moment."


Josh went to the door when the pizza came. "Okay we have one pepperoni one and one with everything but sausage." He said as he sat the pizzas down on the table.


After shutting the door behind Josh and Sam, CJ turned back to Toby.

"I was beginning to think that they were never going to leave." Toby said as he put his arms around her.

"You wouldn't want to be alone with me or something would you?" She teased.

"Being alone with you. Now that's the best idea you've had all evening." Toby said.

"Really, and I thought you enjoyed the dinner party."

"What made you think that?"

"You weren't acting like you totally hated it."

"You're right."

"Oh, I know I am."

"So did you get me anything for my birthday?"

"Now why would I do that? You told me that you didn't want me to fuss over your birthday."

"You already told me that you didn't listen to that."

"Well I listened to some of it. I thought a dinner party would not be a fuss."

"But a present would be?"

"Yes." She laughed.

"Okay, I don't understand your reasoning with that, but okay."

"I don't think I'm going to be able to keep this up." CJ laughed.

"Ah, so you did get me something?"



"What makes you think I'll tell you so easily?"

"I don't know."

"Me either." CJ said. "The lease on my apartment is almost up."


"The lease on my apartment is almost up." CJ repeated.

"What are you saying?"

"I seem to remember you telling me that a certain offer was still on the table, but I would have to be the one to mention it."


"I'm mentioning it to you now."


"If the offer is still on the table, I'd like to take you up on it."

"You would?"


"It's still on the table."


"So will you move in with me?" Toby asked.

"Yes." CJ answered and as soon as the word was out of her mouth, Toby kissed her.

"You're certain of this?" He asked.

"Yes, I wouldn't have mentioned it if I wasn't."

"Okay, I just wanted to make sure..." Toby said.

"It's okay, I'm fine with it. I want to live with you." CJ said and kissed him.

As they were kissing, Toby laid back against the couch pulling her with him. "You know that we are completely alone now?"

"I certainly hope so." CJ laughed.

"I'm thinking that we should make the most of that."

CJ just laughed a little in response. Toby reached up and traced her lips with his thumb. "I love you." He whispered just before pulling her down for another kiss.


Toby watched CJ as she was sleeping later that night. He felt that they were completely back to where they had been before everything happened. He tightened his arms around her, kissed her, and then fell asleep.

The end.




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