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Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's
Going to Jail. Also a minor one from Galileo.

Summary: Post-ep for SGTE-SGTJ

Category: CJ/Toby

CJ opened the door to her apartment and shut the door
behind her. It had been a long day, and she was
monumentally glad to be home. The guys had invited
her to go out with them, but she had decided against
it. She took her jacket off and laid it on the chair.
She then sat down on the couch. She couldn't believe
what she had sat during the staff meeting that
morning. It had probably happened because she and Toby
had been making out quite frequently as of late.
Sighing she laid down on the couch and fell asleep.

She was awakened a couple of hours later, by the
sound of someone knocking on her door. She stumbled
towards the door, and opened it.



She stepped aside and let him in. "To what do I owe
this honor?"

He shrugged. "I wanted to see you."

"You wanted to see me?"


"Toby you see me all day."

"Yes, I do."


"You had a small Freudian slip today, didn't you?"

She laughed. "Are you referring to when I said you
wanted to make out with me?"

"Yes I am."

"Wonder why I said that?"

"Because we have been making out a lot lately."

"That would be one of the other reasons."


"You had the same in your eyes that you have just
before you kiss me."

"Do I have that look now?"

"I think you know the answer to that." She smiled.

"Yeah." He said stepping towards her.

She watched him walk towards her. She reached her
hands out to him, and he took them in his for a
minute. He then put his hands on her waist and pulled
her to him. He kissed her gently. She deepened the
kiss as they moved towards the couch. They kissed for
several minutes, before Toby broke it off.

"I should go." He whispered, but he didn't move away
from her at all.

"If you say so." She didn't move away from him

"We have to stop doing this."

"I don't see why."


CJ moved slightly leaning against the cushions of the
couch. "We don't have to stop doing this. In fact I
don't think we should stop."

"CJ we both know what will happen if we don't stop."

"I should certainly hope so!" She said getting up.
"What would be so bad about that?"

"CJ we are friends..."

"Yes we are."

"Our friendship means a lot to me. I don't want to
ruin it."

"Who says this would ruin it?"

"CJ there is a possibility..."

"Yes, I'll agree there is a possibility..."

"I'm glad you agree..."

"Will you let me finish!"

"You didn't let me!" Toby cried.

"I knew what you were going to say!"

"Go ahead."

"Thank you." She said. "Yes, there is a possibility
that we could lose our friendship. I think we already
know that we are more than friends. I don't want to
look back and wonder what might have been."

"I don't want us to become lovers and then hate each

"I don't think we could ever hate each other."

Toby stared at her without saying anything.

"I told you months ago that I was great in bed." CJ
said. "Aren't you even mildly curious about that?"

"I would say that I'm more than curious."

"Okay." She said as she put her hands behind her

He stood and went to her, moving her hands from
behind her back just before he kissed her. As they
were kissing she could feel Toby pulling her shirt out
of her pants.

"So," He said as his fingers rested on the top
button, "which way is it to your bedroom?"

She laughed and pulled him back for another kiss as
he slipped the shirt from her shoulders.


CJ woke the next morning and stretched her arm across
the bed. She realized she was in bed alone. Groaning,
she turned over and opened her eyes as Toby walked out
of the bathroom.

"What time is it?" She asked.

"A little after seven."

"It's Saturday."


"We can sleep in."

"It's Saturday."

"Oh." She said. "I'm sorry my brain doesn't seem to
be functioning at the moment. Of course last night
could have something to do with my brain's current
nonfunctioning state."

"Are you certain it wasn't this morning that did
that?" Toby grinned.

"It could have been. You could come back here later,
and I'll fix us a brunch."


"About what time will you be back?"

"Around noon."

"Then I'm going back to sleep."


"You were going to tell me you were leaving?"

He sat down on the bed and kissed her forehead. "I
was going to tell you I was leaving."

"Okay." She murmured sleepily.


When Toby came back around noon, he found CJ sitting
at the kitchen table. He sat down in one of the other
chairs. "I though you were going to fix brunch?"

"I am."

"And it doesn't require you being in the kitchen?"


"Were did you order it from?"

"For your information I am fixing a coffee cake."


"Okay." She said as she got up to check on it.

He followed her. "You were right."

"I know I am usually right, but what was I right
about this time?"

"When you said we were more than friends."

"So last night and this morning gave you that idea?"


She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.
"We're still friends, but we are also..."

"We are also lovers." He finished.

"Yeah." She smiled.

He kissed her passionately for several minutes until
she moved away. "What?"

"You're distracting me. I don't want the cake to


"It comes out of the oven in a couple of minutes."


"It will have to cool off for awhile before we can
eat it."


"I'm certain we can find something to do while it's
cooling off."

"Come here."

"As soon as I take this out." She said as the timer
went off. She took the cake out of the oven, sat it on
the cooling rack, and then moved into his arms.

The End.



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