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This entire part is written from CJ's POV

A week had passed since my confrontation with Toby. I had not heard anything from him, and that scared me. I had no idea what he planned to do about Michael. I looked up from the papers I was reading when my secretary told me that Toby wanted to see me.

"Hello." I said when he came into the office.

"I thought we needed to talk." He said and sat down in one of the chairs in front of my desk.

"Youíre probably right."

"Yeah." He paused for a moment and then said. "I have one question."


"Why didnít you tell me?"

"I donít know if I even know the answer to that question." I said softly.

"You do know. Youíre the one who made the decision."

"Yeah, you asked me if I remembered the last night I was in DC. Now Iím asking if you do?"


"Do you remember the next morning?"


"Well, I would say that our memories of that morning are very different, since you left before I woke up!"

"Yes I did."


"You remember what it was like when we were together. It was so hard on both of us, especially when we couldnít make it work."


"I didnít want to risk my heart again."

"Okay." I said turning and looking out the window for a moment. "I knew I was pregnant when I was in the car wreck."

"So you knew when Josh came out to see you?"

"Yes, and it was something that Josh told me that caused me to make the final decision."

"And that was?"

"You had told Josh that it was over between you and me."


"Yes, I know you would have done what you considered to be the right thing. But you wouldnít have stopped to think that maybe, just maybe that wouldnít have been the right thing for *me* at that time."

"And keeping Michael from his father for three years was the right thing?"

"Raising your voice to me is not going to do you any good. In fact itís only going to make me angry."

"Then maybe youíll know a little about how I am feeling right now."

"Iím not going to say that you donít have the right to be angry with me."

"Thank you for acknowledging that right. You still really have not answered my question."

"If we had gotten back together because of my pregnancy, it wouldnít have worked."

"Thatís something we will never know."

I sighed and started to speak, but I was interrupted when my secretary knocked on the door and came in.

"Yes Marion." I said.

"Iím sorry to disturb you, but Iím afraid that I have some bad news for you."

"What?" I asked.

"Michaelís nanny called a few minutes ago. He has been having severe abdominal pain She has taken him to the hospital. She think it is his appendix."

"Which hospital?"

"George Washington University." Marion said.

"I really should be going to the hospital." I said to Toby.

"Did you drive this morning?" He asked.


"Do you really think you are in any shape to drive now?"

"I donít have a choice."

"Yes you do. Iíll drive you and Iím not taking no for an answer."



to be continued...


Future In The Past - 5



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