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Author's Note: I am notoriously forgotten in thanking people. So I would like to thank cherryice for the idea and for letting me write it.



I looked up from my computer when I heard the soft knock on my closed office door.

"Yeah." I answered.

"You really are burning the midnight oil." I hear CJ say from the doorway.

"It appears you are too."

"Not really."

"How is Michael?"

"He's fine. In fact he is in Josh's office if you would like to see him later."

"Okay. What did you need?"

"I thought we needed to talk again."


"Actually Josh told me something a couple of days ago."

"What did he tell you?"

"That you decided it was over between us *after* you found out I was pregnant."



"I believed that if the child were mine, you would have already told me."

"I see. Toby, I had only just found out about the pregnancy. I was still adjusting to the idea. And I had already made my decision."

"And that decision was?"

"I was going to come back here. I was going to tell you that we were going to have a child. And I hoped that we would find a way to work it out." CJ says softly, she doesn't look at me as she is speaking.

"Why didn't you anyway?"

"Because I thought it would be bad for Michael if his parents were together only for his sake. And if I was in your life it had to be because you wanted me there, not because I'm the mother of your child."

"That would not have been the only reason I would have wanted you in my life." I said softly.

"What was the other reason?"

I didn't know if I wanted to admit the truth to her or not. I waited a moment before responding. Then I said. "Because I loved you."



I couldn't believe what Toby said. It was unbelievable to me, that he had still loved me then.

"What did you say?" I ask

Toby walked closer to me and caressed my cheek as he spoke. " I said I loved you."

"That's what I thought you said. I just wanted to know if I was hearing you correctly."

"You did."

"Okay." I say and move away from him.


"Yeah." I say turning around to look at him again.

"I still love you."

There was nothing else he could have said that would have shocked me so much. It was very hard for me to admit how much I still loved him. And after everything that had happened I couldn't believe that he still loved me.

"I can hardly believe you."

"It's true."

"I know you are not lying."

Toby walks back over to me. "I do love you CJ."

After a moment I look at him. I reach up and touch his cheek and he puts his arms around me. We stand in each other's arms for what seems like hours.

"Why does this feel so right?" I whisper.

"Because it is right."

"Yeah. Toby?"


"I love you."

Toby places a hand under my chin and moves my head until I was looking at him. "I love you too." He says and then gently kissed me.

"I guess this makes it easier to tell Michael."

"Yeah, but he needs to get used to me first." Toby says.

"I know. I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am about that."

"Shh..don't say it again." He says and kisses me. "It's over. We won't say anything about it anymore."


"Why don't I take you and Michael out to dinner."

"Are you certain you want to do that?"



"It will be our first dinner as a family." Toby says.

"Yeah it will be."

Toby pulls me back to him again, and kisses me. He takes my hand and we walk from his office to our future.


Future In The Past - Epilogue



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