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Rating: G

Summary: Toby remembers a day that was happy, but in
the intervening years has become sad for him.

We were somethin' you and me
Yeah we had 'em rollin' in the aisles
We got it right once, didn't we
We had our shot and missed it by a mile
Forget the bitter end
Can you remember when

He walked into the apartment and set his briefcase
down. He looked around the still darkened apartment.
He had always heard that it was a sign your house was
a home, if you didn't need the lights on to find your
way around it. He didn't need a single light to find
his way through the apartment, but he turned one on
anyway. This day was never an easy one for him, today
he and Andi would have been married ten years.

He didn't know why he let it cross his mind, but Toby
had been thinking about their wedding all day. He
picked up a framed photo. He didn't have to look at it
to know what it was, he and Andi on their wedding day.
It almost hurt to think about how happy they had been
on that day. He closed his eyes and could almost
picture them dancing at the wedding.

We sang, we laughed
They all watched us dance
They circled around us
And toasted to forever
We played to win
We never gave in
And we threw it all away
Like your rose bouquet

He could remember holding her tightly in his arms at
their wedding reception. Toby wondered if he had even
been as happy as he was then, or if he would be as
happy again. He looked at the wedding band, which was
still on his finger. He had not taken it off since the
day Andi had slipped it on his finger, not even during
the five intervening years since their divorce. It was
ironic that he had worn the ring as a divorced man,
almost as long as he had worn it as a married man. He
twisted it around on his finger. Maybe the timing was
a sign, maybe it was finally time to take the ring

Passion flows like a long white gown
But it ain't easy to keep your love alive
We hoped each other would come around
We'll use the lessons for better luck next time
But how sweet it was back then
Do you remember when

For awhile, they had been very happy. Then things had
started to change. They had started to fight more
often, and the fights were lasting longer. They had
tried to work it out, but in the end that hadn't
worked. Toby and Andi finally decided it wasn't
working, and it would be better to end the marriage.
He could only hope they both had learned from the
experience. It seemed that Andi had, but he wondered
if he had learned anything.

We sang, we laughed
They all watched us dance
They circled around us
And toasted to forever
We played to win
We never gave in
And we threw it all away
Like your rose bouquet

He was putting everything into a box. Maybe it was
time to pack the memories up. It was perhaps time to
move on. He looked at each photo as he put it away.
Once he had finished with them Toby took an envelope
out of the box. He starred at the ring on his finger.
He wondered if he would be able to take it off. It had
been on his finger for so long. It was completely
possible that it would be stuck on his finger. He
pulled slowly at it. It wasn't easy, but eventually
the ring came off. He rolled in around in his finger
for several minutes. It was strange not to feel the
ring on his finger. He was certain he would get used
to it's absence, just as he had gotten used to it's
presence. Toby dropped the ring in the envelope and
then placed the envelope in the box. He put the box in
the back of the highest shelf in one of the closets.
It was time for him to move on.

The end.



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